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And that session by Rabbit in the Moon can temporarily be found over here (29.2MB).

For your historical delectation and delight, please enjoy this modest spread of British TV ads from 10-15 years ago:

Access, "Your Flexible Friend"; Bradford & Bingley Building Society; a fun ad for .. well, you'll find out. Then there's
Polo, "The Mint with the Hole". (Originally typed as "Mind"..) A magnificently dated ad for Sodastream; one example of Tango's campaign for their orange soda; a genuinely "WTF?" moment in this, for Twix ice cream .. and a more amusing one for Vauxhall cars. (6.2MB in total)

And as for the season.. well, it just doesn't get any better than this. ^_^

(Courtesy of keihound, over in this entry)
I used to live like 45 minutes from Walla Walla Washington, they have really good tasting onions ^^ And Ceeute Ratties
No, I don't think onions and rats would go together. :)