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Cheney/Rumsfeld slashfic. O.o;; (Blame mycroftb) .. I think my brain just broke.

The zodiac, represented by bunnies:

(Click for full size version)

I wish I had a camera.. I'm going to have to remedy that at some point. (Any recommendations or warnings? I'm not too bothered about resolution, but I would like a good optical zoom. Slimness would be an advantage, too, as I'd like to be able to slip it in a pocket without feeling like I'm stowing a grapefruit) Then, I could've taken a pic of perhaps the coolest Christmas tree topper evar - the Burning Man logo, perhaps about 4' tall. ^_^ (On a house just above one of the taquerias on Church St, just up from Market)

Does anyone know why some countries use "." as a decimal point in currency, and others use ","? I'm curious as to the origin of the different practices.

And to make up for that first link, have a bunny-packed fchan thread. No, not even remotely work-safe. Yay!
LOVE LOVE LOVE the bunnies!!! I have to print that out!

Ouch...Cheney/Rumsfeld slashfic makes my brain hurt....or explode...I haven't decided yet...ugh...I like boy porn, but man...that's as bad as the Wesley/Bev Crusher slash I read a long time ago...
(Deleted comment)
Like the unfortunate bosn above, I couldn't get more than the first couple paragraphs in before having to concede defeat for the sake of brain intactness. ^_^;

I think I'm going to have to check fchan a little more often. Oh, that was quite the happy discovery.. :-9

Eep! You've forsaken your laptop? Or forgotten? (Definitely, one of the great joys of a laptop is not having to bother logging into all four thousand and three sites one routinely visits)