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New visual treats

A somewhat more upbeat day today, I'm pleased to say. ^_^ Not one the historians will be recording, I'll grant, but I finally got around to dropping by the library, and picking up two DVDs I'd had my eye on: Divine Intervention, and Mr Nice - the DVD, recording one night of his tour.

Then, I called in to make a long overdue visit to the local wine merchant, to see what cask ales they had this weekend - not just the usual one offering, not even two, but three to choose from! Happy panda. ^_^ I'd intended to return one of the jugs, but instead left with four pints of Rebellion's "Roasted Nuts", and four of Adnam's Broadside, literally an entirely different creation to the bottles of the same name - rather less potent, but with an even more well-rounded malt nature.. superb. And as always, straight from the cask, on gravity - it doesn't come any better than this.

Finally, a quick (well, for me. I'm never one to rush shopping, when I can weigh up possible combinations of ingredients, and see what appeals to me on the day, or indeed, what's on sale at the time, such as four baby avocados at half the usual price - those'll make some very pleasant salads, either just finely diced or sliced on their own, or made into a very coarse guacamole, with some freshly crushed garlic and cilantro, perhaps with some highly spiced ground beef, atop a bed of romaine and a little spinach) visit to one of the supermarkets, for a good spread of vegetables, including some more bell peppers for further adventures in chile relleno (and this time, I have cheese! Nothing can stop me now!), and some almost fat-free pork escalopes, which are sure to meet their match in a Thai curry soon enough. But not tonight, as the roomie surprised me with a spread of delivered Chinese. ^_^ The crispy duck was very good, and the sweet and sour king prawns were tasty, though we agreed the sauce was improved by the addition of some extra malt vinegar. The black bean chicken was up to par, whilst the chow mein was somewhat lacking in flavor. A hearty spread indeed, and accompanied well by two episodes of Futurama.

Also read through the latest issue of Develop, a games industry magazine, which also contains no small number of employment leads. But maybe it's time to pursue rabitguy's suggestion of looking into GameBoy Advance coding - simple enough hardware to not require six feet of shelf space for printed manuals, but complex enough to be able to yield interesting results. It's also ARM based, one of the family of processors I'm particularly familiar with, along with the MPC74xx and PPC970 (aka G4 and G5). But then, if I can instead head off to East Asia instead, even if in an entirely different field.. the lure is strong.

I wonder how much lung capacity one needs in order to be proficient with a blowpipe? Why don't they teach these kinds of things?

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