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Outpost Gallifrey notes that this year's Doctor Who special airs on BBC1 at 7.00pm on Christmas Day, and on CBC at 8.00pm the following day. For anyone in the UK who missed the first season, BBC3's going to be starting a week of repeats thereof on Dec 26, two episodes a night, finishing with three on Saturday. And this present certainly beats a pair of socks.. meanwhile, there's unconfirmed word that the show will finally air in the US, on the Sci-Fi Channel, in a rare fit of relevant programming.

Meanwhile, the Christmas Invasion trailers can be downloaded here. ("Aliens" is the main teaser - leave that for last :)

And in the spirit of the season, a Flying Spaghetti Monster tree topper.

More Telus Mobility bunnies! (All only as streaming Flash video, unfortunately)

befrafa stumbled upon this site. ^_^; (TMI warning!) Apparently via Scientific American, of all places..

Yakitate Japan informs me that in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, there's a restaurant, "Asa", which specialises in dishes utilising hemp. Mmm, hemp seeds.. positively nummy.

And today's soundtrack can be found here (4.5MB), originally from the composer's own site - the Paranoia Agent soundtrack was only a single CD, and he had several tracks left over, which he kindly provided free on the web. Finestkind!
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