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Outpost Gallifrey notes that this year's Doctor Who special airs on BBC1 at 7.00pm on Christmas Day, and on CBC at 8.00pm the following day. For anyone in the UK who missed the first season, BBC3's going to be starting a week of repeats thereof on Dec 26, two episodes a night, finishing with three on Saturday. And this present certainly beats a pair of socks.. meanwhile, there's unconfirmed word that the show will finally air in the US, on the Sci-Fi Channel, in a rare fit of relevant programming.

Meanwhile, the Christmas Invasion trailers can be downloaded here. ("Aliens" is the main teaser - leave that for last :)

And in the spirit of the season, a Flying Spaghetti Monster tree topper.

More Telus Mobility bunnies! (All only as streaming Flash video, unfortunately)

befrafa stumbled upon this site. ^_^; (TMI warning!) Apparently via Scientific American, of all places..

Yakitate Japan informs me that in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, there's a restaurant, "Asa", which specialises in dishes utilising hemp. Mmm, hemp seeds.. positively nummy.

And today's soundtrack can be found here (4.5MB), originally from the composer's own site - the Paranoia Agent soundtrack was only a single CD, and he had several tracks left over, which he kindly provided free on the web. Finestkind!
(Deleted comment)
Though perhaps the cutest has to be in that animated icon you have, a sort of bunny dance.. ^_^

(I'm going to have to think on the matter a bit.. I'm definitely feeling a resurgence of lapinity)
Nice bunny icon. :)

I do have a thing for bunnies, I must admit.
I can't believe the years I watched Bugs Bunny and barely even noticed that tail.. ^_^

I gave myself a little treat of extra icons recently, and thought I should actually make use of the space. I kept feeling 15 weren't really enough to have just the right icon for the occasion. (Still, I wish LJ sold permanent accounts routinely, rather than keeping them as some special every-few-years thing)
I found a video you have to see, from last Saturday's SNL: A Beastie Boys-esque music video about going to see The Chronicles of Narnia. Go here and click on the top video sample link (which'll probably disappear really soon... direct URL most welcome.) It's a stitch.

Mr. Pibb plus Red Vines equals crazy delicious!
Ah, poo! NBC doesn't like me. :-P I'll apparently have to resort to subterfuge to view this. Or maybe use Safari.
Oh, duh, I forgot: It doesn't work on Firefox. It likes IE, though.
Well, I suppose IE under OS X isn't quite the pustule of security that people know and love under Windows. But still.. they're an IE-only site? Egad. I thought those had been positively banished in the last couple years, aside from experimental pages deliberately exploiting special browser abilities. (austin_dern may choose to note otherwise at this point :) I can try Safari easily enough, but if OmniWeb gets nowhere beyond the "loading" imagine, I'd imagine that'll have similar results, given the nigh identical rendering cores.

Mind you, I did come across a site the other day with the date declared proudly as "December 20, 105", so maybe new web innovations do take some time to propagate.
Actually, it's worse than that: I found that it didn't work on IE on Mac, on PC. :( Sorry to lead you down the primrose path.
Yay! Here's a plain QuickTime version. ^_^

(Does Dr Pibb exist on the West Coast? Don't think I've ever seen a real live can. So to speak)
Yay! Thanks for posting the link. As it happens, I'm sitting here with Joanne, who just said, "Damn, I wish I could play that Narnia video on my Mac! It's been driving me crazy!" So here we are, stoned, laughing our asses off. Thanks again.
That you call the soft drink "Dr. Pibb" is a symptom of our national confusion about the two drinks, Dr. Pepper and Mr. Pibb. (I believe Dr. Pepper is from the Pepsi Corporation in suburban New York, and Mr. Pibb is from Coca-Cola in Atlanta.)

While we have both in San Francisco, there was only Dr. Pepper in my hometown. Meanwhile, the summer camp in Michigan I attended in the early '80s had only Mr. Pibb.

I think in those two regions, either Coca-Cola or Pepsi was so dominant, that it was economically unfeasable for the other to market their prune-flavored drink in that region. They still battle it out for cola dominance, though. (We had both Coca-Cola and Pepsi in my hometown.)

And there you have it! I think there aren't as many regional soda monopolies as there used to be, since transportation costs have gone way down.
Sadly, it looks like those candles may be a hoax; oh well... =;P
Very likely - I've not perused their medical literature, but I don't quite see how a vacuum would be produced, given it's burning outside. (Which is, one imagines, better than the alternative) Then the mention of them being fully soluble, which isn't a word I'd normally associate with wax, unless one's toilet is flushed with phenol or xylene. (And even then, I'm not sure.. remember that Peeps experiment site, wherein Peeps were subjected to all manner of scientific abuse? One was attempting to dissolve a Peep in xylene, or some similarly nasty solvent, and even then, the little wax eyes were left floating pitiously)

And while our minds are in the gutter, how about this? ^_^
They might be a hoax, but it's a hoax based on real principles. Ear candles are sold at Rainbow Grocery here in SF.
Well, a hoax based on snake oil. Ear candles don't do anything but hoover cash from your wallet.
So they do work. :)
Yes, by "real principles" I meant, "principles accepted by some as real". I don't have a strong position on it, myself, mostly because I don't care. Q-Tips (TM) work fine for me. *shrug*

(On the ear, that is. The ass is another story.)
And while our minds are in the gutter, how about this? ^_^

Having seen some of the trailers actually on broadcast on BBC One, I'm really looking forward to the Christmas Special... though then again I was already. =:P
Ah, that probably means you have one of these "television" things I've heard so much about. ^_^ I was only recently reminded of the special when I started watching The Empty Child on the flight, and thought I'd check when said special was actually airing.

Now.. do I take my chances with the horde downstairs, where the TV is to be found, or wait until a more convenient hour to watch the torrented digitisation? Probably not much of a contest, much as I'd love to be able to watch it "live". (Effects would be a royal pain, but I wonder if a genuinely live production of Doctor Who could work? Maybe - after all, there seems to be thought being given to another stage production.. !)

Does sound like it's going to be one to look forward to, in any event!

Now, if only the BBC could show some anime that's not aimed squarely at the CITV crowd.. but then, I'd probably have seen it already anyway, so it wouldn't make much difference personally. Still, an airing of, say, Haibane Renmei and Paranoia Agent might help disperse the stereotypical perceptions; though animation in the UK and US still seems to be largely regarded as something for kids, despite all the Looney Tune shorts being produced as shorts for general adult audiences, and so on. Memories are often fleeting..
I have to admit to be lazy. I was going to look for links to the Telus bunnies several weeks ago. Its been a phenominally cute campaign.

Telus has been going with animals quite a while now. Piglets were in last Christmas I think.
I recall seeing some other Telus bunny spots a while back - it's very encouraging to see they've kept with the theme. ^_^ I wonder if they'd be willing to send along a DVD of them on request? Couldn't hurt to ask, I suppose. (Why do companies go to such trouble and expense in making genuinely enjoyable commercials, and then seemingly do everything possible to prevent you from having a copy to keep? Though I suppose their rationale for Flash video could easily be the ease of deployment, though I'm not sure what *BSD/Linux support on that front is like)