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Fancy an eight foot long Lego Rebel Attack Cruiser, as pointed out by murries? You might need to enjoy a few ramen meals to make up for it, though. ^_^;

What do you think - are artistic talents absolutely innate, or learned? Can anyone, with diligent practice, become a genuinely decent musician or artist?

By way of kaputotter, an absolutely unmissable tale of one man and his six-month long date over the net. [Edit: verified false, though; but a wonderful yarn all the same]

Elton John and David Furnish prepare for their wedding. Ah, they do look so happy..

The Rude Pundit's take on Bush's recent press conference is amusing. (Not at all work-safe, if your proxy scans for naughty words. Should give quite an impressive ranking, though)

Well, that flight went easily.. flew by, even. As is required of United, the movie selection was fairly turgid - X2 was a reasonable enough slice of eye candy. Toss in some snoozing, and a stimulating conversation with a Portuguese mathematics professor, sparked by the various bits of anime I'd been watching, including Yakitate Japan, evolving through other subjects, including life and politics in the US and EU.

Why am I fascinated by the incidental detail that the can of Pepsi Light came with a ringpull that detaches from the can? It's been something like 140 years since those were around in mass circulation. (It was apparently from Hong Kong, fwiw. Yes, I made sure I found out)

Now that was a weird bug.. I'd found Hyzenthlay wasn't playing audio for any flash files. Some googling turned up this thread on Macromedia's site, noting similar problems across multiple OSs, including one suggested OS X fix: open the Audio MIDI Setup application, and set the output sample frequency to 48kHz or less. (Hyzenthlay's hardware apparently defaults to 96kHz) Did that, and it's perfect.

When I first read of PowerBooks gaining underlit keyboards, I knew that was a tweak I'd find really handy. I now know this to be true. ^_^ (And it looks really cool, too :)

And new icons, yay!
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