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You might like to look into the music offered by sumatrae, in giving thanks - and funds - to the hospital which has been treating his daughter's early-diagnosed leukaemia without charge. Make a donation, and he'll match it, plus the CD of your choice.

Ooh. A little leak brings us (finally) Google Earth for OS X. It does appear to work. ^_^

By way of ibneko: The end of the period? 'In 2006, a new oral contraceptive called Anya, developed to "put women in control of when or if they want to menstruate," is expected to hit the Canadian and U.S. markets. [...] Early findings report that Anya is just as effective in preventing pregnancy as traditional oral contraceptives (98 per cent). And as an added bonus, since Anya provides a steady stream of hormones, it promises to quash a woman's usual cyclical fluctuations, virtually wiping out all the irksome symptoms of PMS.'

AP Photo/Stockton Record, Michael McCollum :: A riparian brush rabbit is released on Faith Ranch along the San Joaquin River Wildlife Refuge Thursday, Dec. 8, 2005, near Vernalis, Calif.

Advocates within the American Psychiatric Association are considering whether homophobia, racism, and similar extreme bias may qualify as a diagnosable condition.

Via ducktapeddonkey, Eastpak's cautionary tale against disturbing giant pandas in lust (1.6MB).
Google Earth for OS X. It does appear to work. ^_^

Nothing happens when I double-click on it. Am I missing something? :-/
Erf? You should be presented with their comparison of a "premium" vs free download, with two buttons at the bottom of their respective columns - click on free, if you're so inclined, and you should be taken to another "weeelllll, if you're really sure.." page, leaving a bit of a pause until the download actually commences. They appear to have some serious bandwidth, so there shouldn't be any (ultimate :) problem obtaining the file - it's not terribly small, though, at (as I recall) something like 12MB, expanding to closer to 40MB once on the drive. (Did you say you were (finally! :) on DSL now?)
*smiles* The download went fine, it's when I double-clicked on the Google Earth icon, I'd see the OS's app-opening animation, then... nothing...
When I tried the Google Earth file, I got an dialog box that the file had been deleted due to some complaints. Crap!