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The Truth about Wonderland - the sad tale of the White Rabbit and Alice. "But soon he went solo and bleached his fur, because he considered himself the most talented of the litter, and of course deserved more attention. That time a white fur was a fancy and rare thing in Wonderland. And so became Rabbit popular, and he danced and sang to the creatures, and many girls fell in love with him. Rabbit caused a lot of worries for the girls' parents, because they wanted a decent man for their daughters, and not somebody who had grown in the circus and lived a bad life."

Amongst the many awards and accolades Memphis Minnie's displays on the wall is one from the Bay Guardian's "Best of the Bay" one year: "Best Macaroni and Cheese with sake in a barbecue joint". San Francisco is a wonderful place. ^_^ (I'd recommend the Texas brisket and the St Louis ribs with either the cole slaw or the potato salad, and the pit beans)

Want a 50€ Hello Kitty coin?

I had the rare privilege of watching someone on the L the other day, animated by Terry Gilliam. At least, his lower teeth seemed quite enthusiastic about being shown off, so I was treated to seeing this fine gentleman's jaw open and close repeatedly, in time to some melody I've yet to identify (but a spirited ditty it was), always giving the lower teeth absolute exposure.

This bear photo deserves captioning. ^_^

For a bit of a change, how about the Arroyo HS band's 2004 Winter Percussion performance (25MB, 6m37)? It's surprisingly good. And how often do you hear Powerhouse A, as well as its more famous sibling?

Ahh, there we go.. indeed, Reason Adapted is a (lightly) hobbled version, inasmuch as the set of processors it comes with is fixed - can't add any new devices. Viz:

In this specific instance of Reason Adapted, the following devices are available:

• A Redrum drum machine device
• A Dr.Rex loop player device
• Two Subtractor synthesizer devices
• An NN-19 sampler device
• An RV7000 advanced reverb device
• A DDL-1 digital delay device
• A Comp-01 compressor device
• A Mixer 14:2 device

This device configuration is fixed - you cannot add additional devices or remove devices. However, you can freely reorder devices and route signals as you like.

Quote for the day, courtesy of savak: "Went to a "Chicago-style" hotdog place for lunch. Took 30 mins for my order. Pop was flat, had to ask twice for the stuff they forgot to put on, pretzle was cold, cheese was over nuked, fries were burnt, and food was over priced. Except for the fact they never forgot I was there, it -really- was like being in Chicago."

Well, that worked out pretty well - I wanted some noise-cancelling headphone, given the amount of time my PowerBook and I are on the move, so I dropped by CompUSA, where a Manager's Special had some of their own-brand ones for $18. They're not particularly well constructed, and take 2xAAA compared to others' one cell, but - what do you know? They really work. Even in the transbay tunnel, I can listen to Have I Got News For You comfortably, not missing a word. Cool going!
Aww, the Hello Kitty coin isn't going to be circulated. They could make the designs of money so much more interesting.
Especially with the Euro, whose coins are, frankly, a bit on the dull side, even if not to the extreme of the US Dollar. I think Australia counts as having the most fun currency, with the coins featuring kangaroos, platypi, and echidnas. The notes are plastic, rather than paper, with a small area left transparent - quite a funky effect. ^_^ British notes aren't usually terribly unorthodox in design, but beautifully ornate.
Bear Photo caption = 'Bet Brother Bear TWO is gonna SUCK !'

See = http://www.geocities.jp/pochi650127_1/brotherbear2.htm
"The pair's past friendship collides with the present as Kenai and Nita embark on a journey as bear and woman."

I'm not saying a word. ^_^

(Other than the obvious rejoinder: "There should have been only one". But it'll probably sell enough to make their money back. Disney's fallen into being one of those companies that continues despite itself, even if they're maybe not quite as bad as Warner. And Fox makes some bizarre decisions too, of course.. Futurama was too good to die so young)

So we went to West L.A. Music ("we" being my brother and I) yesterday and bought a
Digidesign MBox 2 (not to be confused with the Microsoft XBox 360) and also an
Alesis Photon 25. So much for the 3 free M-Audio refills...
Pascal liked the Alesis better.
So anyway, I've installed Pro-Tools on my machine, along with Reason Adapted
and Ableton Live (or whatever the cut-down version is called).
The MBox seems to work okay.
Of course, at this point, I have absolutely no idea of what I'm doing.
I'm going to have to learn Pro-Tools from absolute utter scratch.
Oh boy...

If you can handle Live, you candle ProTools easy!
"you candle".. was that an intentional abbreviation? ^_^ I vote for its inclusion in English.
Wow. Look what my brain did to the language! *boggle*