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Ah, the little things in life.. like watching the 6 Parnassus taking the corner off Haight, and the little sparks that result, as its electrodes - like the feelers of some cyborg insect - shift from the path straight ahead, and take the corner too. (Sometime, I need to try the N up here - coming from the salt mine, it'd be a pretty easy walk, with 4th & King only a couple blocks away)

T-day here? I ambled over to the East Bay, armed with a St Feuilleur, Lagunitas' Brown Shugga, and Kiuchi Red Rice Ale. Just a hearty turkey dinner and luscious pumpkin pie, lacking extravagance, graciously. ^_^

Take a look at this (safe for work) picture, at normal distance from the screen. Then move a few feet back.

I have no idea. ^_^ (Safe for managers and maiden aunts) [Edit: URL updated]

As discovered by foofers, the grandmaster of "Iron Crotch" demonstrates pulling a truck with.. a part of his anatomy not generally used in that manner.

Canvascape is a proof-of-concept using the <canvas> tag found in Firefox, Safari, and Opera - a 3D walkaround in Javascript.

With the recent switch of LJ's server farm from the winterlands of Seattle to the halcyon fields of San Francisco, you may well have noticed some oddities, like some comments not triggering notification emails - this LJ tool lists recent comments in your journal.

Now that a dream machine is in my life, I've been peeking in on a few game demos again, for the first time in a few years.. ^_^; Carrying on from the original, I think I'll probably wind up getting a code for Nanosaur 2.

Damn! I'm always cautious about customising a computer, as most such results bear rather too much similarity to poor translations of tacky Honda mods. But this laser etching that rabitguy noted is really rather cool.

I like this Mitsubishi's paint job. ^_^

w00t! Pages 138-144 of Fur-Piled are up!

Well, that was a little out of the ordinary, at least for me - the sound system for Harry Potter chose to give out around the point where Snape cautioned Harry about stealing from his supplies, leaving us with only the stereo mix; nothing from the surround channels at all. Not enough to spoil what was, after all, a very good film (and one worthy of seeing theatrically), but a bit of a dampener. Still, the eight or so who wound up wandering along to Guest Services at the Metreon received a free pass, so it works out well enough. (Though one there noted this was the second time she'd had that happen there) It's easily the darkest of the Potter movies thus far - and I'm led to understand the books continue that trend.

Beer for the day: St Feuillien's Cuvée de Noël, as elegant a Belgian seasonal ale as you'll find, owing both to its original recipe, and the cellar aging for several months. Highly recommended. (Found at Whole Foods Market - a very dangerous place)

Bunny photo for the day. ^_^

And the raccoons are not what they seem.

Second beer for the week: Kuichi Brewery's Red Rice Ale. Tricky to describe, it's perhaps vaguely reminiscent of German rye beers.

So I now know what the fire alarms sound like here: just a solid, monotonous blare. Response time wasn't bad, on the order of five minutes. We were a little surprised to see them go up in the elevator, though. And it rained, too. Still, 4th & King's not far, and I'm waterproof.

I'm not sure whence this came, but still.. ^_^

As much as I hate that game, I really like that photo. Why can't I think of stuff like that? *pout*

We used to get raccoons on our back deck when I was a kid. They came to eat the cat food we put out for the cats. Since lighting was poor, photos we took without a flash involved long shutter speeds and since raccoons aren't known for remaining stationary for photos, we'd get ghostly images of transparent raccoons when they'd wander away.
I've still yet to get to play KD - I think if there were a PSP pack including a version of said title, I'd probably wind up with one sooner or later. (But there's a lot on that shopping list, including getting some new furry shirts, at long last. But almost all of the ones available at Rabbit Valley are just pinups.. wish I'd been able to get hold of one of that recent Circles design. Or spares of the ASB ones. And MFM 2004's was particularly good, too)

It's really rather well put together, ne? The reactions seem to fit so well.

we'd get ghostly images of transparent raccoons when they'd wander away.

Ooh, do you have any of those photos around for scanning, perchance?

I did have the pleasure of some close-up time with some raccoons back in 1995, on my way back from Duckon, up in Arcata. My host put out some kibble on the porch, and we waited as night arrived. Before long, we heard little scratchings outside, and there they were - about six of them, merrily munching through the tasties, cute lil' 'coon noses bobbing up and down as they ate. Being occupied and becoming fed, they were quite happy with us looking on from a couple feet away, inside the door.
No idea if I still have them. I'll have to hunt.