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In which we pay homage to digital video

Prompted by loganberrybunny alerting me to the clip's existence, here's a small Doctor Who nugget (19.5MB, 7m14s), as aired on Friday, as part of the BBC's annual "Children in Need" telethon. Spoilerish warning: it begins with a brief recap of Parting of the Ways' ending. It's a bridging scene between the recent season and the imminent (yay!) Christmas special, wherein we see some post-regeneration happenings..

A name dear to the heart of many gamers, Jack Thompson, recently encountered something of a setback: "It appeared at that point that Thompson's longtime colleague Ray Reiser would take over for him in Strickland. Today, however, in a blistering 18-page decision, Judge Moore excoriated Thompson's professional conduct, and rejected his attempt to withdraw from the case. Instead, the Judge revoked Thompson's Pro Hac Vice admission, essentially removing him from the case."

w00t! I finally got to see some episodes of "Oh! Mikey", aka "Meet the Fuccons", a series of 2.5 minute shorts about a family of American mannequins who move to Japan. So, here's the first (2.5MB). ^_^

A much better quality copy of the video for Bathtime in Clerkenwell - as the animator notes, "This animation is based on Stephen Coates' composition under the same title. This film is about The Great Revolution of the British Cuckoos, who bravely took over London, forcing all the people to move inside the cuckoo clocks." - can be found over here, along with a couple other music videos he's created.

Beer for the day: a new, extraordinary creation from the good people of Lagunitas Brewing, "Brown, Shugga". I'm not saying a word about how it tastes, but I'm very pleased I picked up two bottles. ^_^
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