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Now the site's safely ensconced in its new nest, here's a delightful wildlife short, courtesy of the wonderful BBC Bristol: The Rabbits of Skomer (22.7MB, 8m40s). Skomer's a small island off the southwestern Welsh coast, now with no human inhabitants - just lots of rabbits and puffins. And apparently accessible to twoleggers.

(BTW, if it turns out you can't fetch the file, let me know - there appears to be some wierdness within SBC's internal routing, so some pacbell.net customers can't reach the site)

Yes, I'm a PowerBook addict. I hadn't quite expected that to be the defining characteristic in letting everyone else recognise me at Magnolia.. but brigus wisely informed toraneko that the fur with the 'book would be me. ^_^; (Now, if everyone had been "in the fur", I'd have had no problems :) And a well-brewed time was had by all: Toraneko & Jeremy, Eunos, Pyro, Super Jayhawk, Dizzy, Megan, and myself - the Stout of Circumstance was particularly well-received, and the Proving Ground on cask remains a personal favorite.

James Doohan's widow has invited fans to attend the launch of (some of) his ashes, at Vandenberg AFB, sometime in February or March.

It's high time for a Cute Cat Pic™! Needs a handle, though.

If Fox News had existed through history..

Saw some two-wheeled rollerblades the other day, down on 14th & Market. Rather larger wheels than usual. Is this some "pro" tweak, or just personal preference?

Beer for the day: Anderson Valley's Winter Solstice. Of the various West Coast seasonal ales I've tried, I'd say this is probably the pick of the bunch - richly malty, but supremely well balanced. (For the hoppier side, though, Full Sail's Wassail is rather tasty)
Ahhh, okay. I am duly enlightened. ^_^

Definitely, we need to try that again! Thanks for getting it all coordinated. (And I'll have to remember to let tgeller know next time, too!) It's a pretty cozy venue, the beer's good, and indeed, if you like the sort of food available, that's all highly competently prepared - the 1/2lb Neiman Ranch burgers as cheap as McBurgers, but then again, these ones are ones to savor, and actually contain meat. :) The garlic sausage pizza's very good, too - but if you're in the mood for steak, their hanger steak will fit the bill, and if you ask for it rare, that's how it'll be. :-9

Furs, Haight folk - definitely kindred spirits. :) All part of what I love about the City. ^_^