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Now the site's safely ensconced in its new nest, here's a delightful wildlife short, courtesy of the wonderful BBC Bristol: The Rabbits of Skomer (22.7MB, 8m40s). Skomer's a small island off the southwestern Welsh coast, now with no human inhabitants - just lots of rabbits and puffins. And apparently accessible to twoleggers.

(BTW, if it turns out you can't fetch the file, let me know - there appears to be some wierdness within SBC's internal routing, so some pacbell.net customers can't reach the site)

Yes, I'm a PowerBook addict. I hadn't quite expected that to be the defining characteristic in letting everyone else recognise me at Magnolia.. but brigus wisely informed toraneko that the fur with the 'book would be me. ^_^; (Now, if everyone had been "in the fur", I'd have had no problems :) And a well-brewed time was had by all: Toraneko & Jeremy, Eunos, Pyro, Super Jayhawk, Dizzy, Megan, and myself - the Stout of Circumstance was particularly well-received, and the Proving Ground on cask remains a personal favorite.

James Doohan's widow has invited fans to attend the launch of (some of) his ashes, at Vandenberg AFB, sometime in February or March.

It's high time for a Cute Cat Pic™! Needs a handle, though.

If Fox News had existed through history..

Saw some two-wheeled rollerblades the other day, down on 14th & Market. Rather larger wheels than usual. Is this some "pro" tweak, or just personal preference?

Beer for the day: Anderson Valley's Winter Solstice. Of the various West Coast seasonal ales I've tried, I'd say this is probably the pick of the bunch - richly malty, but supremely well balanced. (For the hoppier side, though, Full Sail's Wassail is rather tasty)
I'm glad you could make it out. We will definatly have to do it again. Dizzy wasn't there. I believe you are thinking of TreyCat, who is bouncy and twitchy and could be easily mistaken for his Purpleness. Megan is Pyro. *L* It's all confusing and don't worry, we'll not have the test for a few weeks yet.

I still think it speaks well of us that we don't stand out in a group as "furs" and can blend in so well with the rest of the wacky population of the Haight. *grin*

Ahhh, okay. I am duly enlightened. ^_^

Definitely, we need to try that again! Thanks for getting it all coordinated. (And I'll have to remember to let tgeller know next time, too!) It's a pretty cozy venue, the beer's good, and indeed, if you like the sort of food available, that's all highly competently prepared - the 1/2lb Neiman Ranch burgers as cheap as McBurgers, but then again, these ones are ones to savor, and actually contain meat. :) The garlic sausage pizza's very good, too - but if you're in the mood for steak, their hanger steak will fit the bill, and if you ask for it rare, that's how it'll be. :-9

Furs, Haight folk - definitely kindred spirits. :) All part of what I love about the City. ^_^