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Now the site's safely ensconced in its new nest, here's a delightful wildlife short, courtesy of the wonderful BBC Bristol: The Rabbits of Skomer (22.7MB, 8m40s). Skomer's a small island off the southwestern Welsh coast, now with no human inhabitants - just lots of rabbits and puffins. And apparently accessible to twoleggers.

(BTW, if it turns out you can't fetch the file, let me know - there appears to be some wierdness within SBC's internal routing, so some pacbell.net customers can't reach the site)

Yes, I'm a PowerBook addict. I hadn't quite expected that to be the defining characteristic in letting everyone else recognise me at Magnolia.. but brigus wisely informed toraneko that the fur with the 'book would be me. ^_^; (Now, if everyone had been "in the fur", I'd have had no problems :) And a well-brewed time was had by all: Toraneko & Jeremy, Eunos, Pyro, Super Jayhawk, Dizzy, Megan, and myself - the Stout of Circumstance was particularly well-received, and the Proving Ground on cask remains a personal favorite.

James Doohan's widow has invited fans to attend the launch of (some of) his ashes, at Vandenberg AFB, sometime in February or March.

It's high time for a Cute Cat Pic™! Needs a handle, though.

If Fox News had existed through history..

Saw some two-wheeled rollerblades the other day, down on 14th & Market. Rather larger wheels than usual. Is this some "pro" tweak, or just personal preference?

Beer for the day: Anderson Valley's Winter Solstice. Of the various West Coast seasonal ales I've tried, I'd say this is probably the pick of the bunch - richly malty, but supremely well balanced. (For the hoppier side, though, Full Sail's Wassail is rather tasty)
Dang, let me know the next time you put together a gathering at Magnolia. I *do* have to go there someday.
Eep! You've not been? ^_^;

It was actually one of toraneko's enterprises, but certainly, if there's another in the offing, I'll be sure to give you a shout. I just don't have You + Beer all that closely associated. :) Though they do offer some house-brewed sodas, such as ginger ale, if that tickles your fancy. They seem to take great care with their beers, so I'd hope the same would be true there also.

And I'd never realised there was a back room at Toronado! Bill and I were visiting Memphis Minnie's last week, and took their advice of bringing our barbecue in there. (Bill, having spent a few years in Nashville, is well acquainted with Tennessee barbecue. He pronounces it not as good as what you'll find there, but a very good start, and will be returning) Indeed, I may see if he's up for such a venture tonight, if you feel so inclined.

BTW, do you have any thoughts on where to find good furry t-shirts, other than Rabbit Valley? I'd love to find one of the recent Circles ones, but by the time I had the money, they didn't have the shirts. :-P One of MFM 2004's would go down well, too - that was a particularly cute design.
Sure, I'd be up for going out! Actually, I have no choice: I've loaned my place to a friend for a booty call, 8-11pm. I was thinking of heading down the peninsula for Crack Chicken (of course) and maybe a pass by Fry's for entertainment, but as it happens...

My new iBook arrived! And I need to get my stuff off of Hyzenthlay. I'll bring a FireWire cable... just say where and when. You have a better idea than I as to how long the transfer would take. It might be nice to do in some place with 'net access and power outlets (such as Muddy's), but certainly not necessary. Nu?

As for furry t-shirts... the cons are a good bet. If you leave me sufficient money and a basic shopping list, I'll send you a note from FurCon to say what they have on your list (and other shirts that might interest you).
Aha! That could work. How large is the new drive? (I recall 40GB being mentioned) In that case, it'd be probably quickest to just hook the two up again with the iBook in target mode, and move the big image file over to the iBook that way. From there, it'd be easy to pull out the files of interest, particularly ~/Library/Mail, of course. For a flat file transfer, I'd expect at least 20MB/s, probably more, so it'd only take around 10-15 mins to get the image transferred.

I'll continue by email. ^_^

The shirts - good idea! Though, I'm hoping for one or two within the next week or two. Lycra as well, given how well-worn some of it's become (amazingly).. ah, the joys of eBay. ^_^