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Slightly weird.. Muddy Waters is a good (my favorite mocha) coffee house, and they've become very laptop-friendly, pointing out power sockets and their free WiFi.

There are currently five laptops in the room. All of them PowerBooks. ^_^ (Aha! No, there's what might be a Dell too)
I'm just picturing the Dell user looking up from time to time, and getting steadily more nervous as the Powerbooks keep appearing. He senses them flocking closer and closer, ominously silent...
*grin* Reminds me of a British public service announcement from the 70s, showing a litterbug who's approached by this group of white-uniformed folks picking up litter.. next thing we know, he's wearing white too. :)

(Gods, it's so nice having real battery life again! And not bad, at that, though I'm toying with the idea of picking up a spare battery for long flights. I could also just get a large card for the Zvue, but with a 1GB SD for $60 or so, and a battery for $130.. still, that's a fairly low priority. Memory's going to be the next thing, as I'll be wanting to run XP Pro under Virtual PC, for the development environment. It's no speed demon, but perfectly adequate for my purposes, and the convenience of having the virtual machine on the very same machine as everything else will prove most helpful. And a lot more portable than the Dull I currently use :)
Of course I was thinking of the classic Alfred Hitchcock "The Birds" moment, but that certainly works as well. Assimilation is almost as good as annihilation.

I've had pretty... mixed luck with Powerbooks lately, myself. Only a few months ago my colleagues at work insisted I get upgraded from my "trusty" old Titanium 867 to a 1.5 Ghz Aluminum. (I make a point out of holding onto ancient equipment for as long as I possibly can.) To be honest, in most respects I ended up regretting the swap. The new one "out of the box" managed about teh same battery life as the worn-out Ti, and power management problems galore haunted me for months. Bleah.

Just last week I was given one of the new 1440x960 high-res 15" models after the "sleep of death" simply became intolerable and apparently incurable, and so far that one seems to be working well enough. Toes crossed, of course.