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Yay! An animated GIF of Futa, the walking red panda!

Saturday saw a very special treat, with patch_bunny bringing along a VHS copy (indeed, it only appears to've seen a DVD release in France so far, and that only at the start of 2004) of Marquis, a film you're probably not going to see as part of the official Further Confusion video show any time soon. ^_^ Highly recommended.

Today's video joy is one I should've highlighted long ago.. The Real Tuesday Weld's Bathtime in Clerkenwell (5.4MB). Catchy tune, highly nifty silhouette animation. Sort of furry, too. Well, feathery.

Now, not being one for heights, I'm not sure I'd actually go on it without a hefty wager behind me, but this skywalk that amelitatwinstar pointed out should prove to be fairly unique. And terrifying. ^_^;;

Of course, one should bear in mind the source isn't always solidly reliable, but this article from Capitol Hill Blue, as noted by patch_bunny, offers some observations on the condition of the chief occupant of the White House. And rabitguy noticed Muhammad Ali's amusingly forthright appearance in the White House recently.. :)

I thought austin_dern might enjoy this example of broken English. And rosequoll's even making a coati!

pyesetz wonders what sort of folks might be interested in his journal.. you might like to wander along there sometime. ^_^

Currently, it's looking like a July 25 2006 release for the first Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain DVD boxes, with around 22 episodes each set.

So, tgeller's drive needed archiving - first a couple DVDs, before we thought better of it and simply made a compressed image of the entire drive, squishing down to 14GB, prior to reformatting and zeroing. Appropriately enough, while watching the Futurama episode How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back, wherein Bender's entire personality is downloaded and erased. ^_^

Heh. To think I interviewed with the company responsible for Sony's Windows rootkit.. they were quite proud of their close ties to Sony. With luck, the fallout from this wretched episode will be sore enough to dissuade any other potential corporate perpetrator. Perhaps it'll finally clue in some more people that this style of thinking has little to do with preventing "piracy".

And now, off to Muddy Waters for a good, well-caffeinated mocha with caramel syrup, and probably some programming at the same time. And I feel fish will be figuring prominently in tonight's menu.. the raw variety. :-9
You know... I never made that connection re: my hard drive and Bender's! Heh.

I'm just moving some music from my library onto the new Treo 650. I *would* take it straight from my hard drive, but I can't get the work laptop (xP) to see it for some reason. It shows up fine everywhere... except the "My Computer" folder. I'm sure there's something I should be doing to mount it... or maybe it's not seeing the files because the drive's formatted for Mac? Hmm.

I may head down to Muddy Waters in a few minutes to see if you're there... or I'll call. Or something. I'll bring the stuff you left at my place.
*chuckle* It was completely coincidental, too, at least consciously. ^_^

Does the Treo show up as an HFS+ volume, rather than something like FAT32 or NTFS? I'll see what Hyzenthlay thinks.

And there you are! ^_^
What? the skywalk would have safety rails?

I guess it would be cool....sigh.
Maybe you could make a request for the barriers to be lowerable. ^_^;
My post is friends only, but feel free to link to the image if you'd like. =) *goes to start working on that suit now*
D'oh! I completely forgot about that. ^_^; Okies, I'll link to the image instead. Thanks!
Yay! An animated GIF of Futa, the walking red panda!

This is too, too freakin' CUTE!!!!!! Is there a full size screen shot available????
I've got to find out. ^_^ I'm not sure if foxymoonheart composed the GIF himself, or if it's something he found.. but maybe the clip's around on whatever TV channel it originally came from. Maybe the zoo itself has something too? (It goes without question that I'll be visiting Chiba Zoological Garden when I get over to Japan sometime. Maybe next year, if things go well. ^_^
LUCKY YOU! Take tons of pics and send me a zip file loaded with them. >"^_^"
So I'm left to wonder how many people have gone to amazon.fr and ordered Marquis on DVD :) It's a bit pricey at €38.99 (or is that 38.99€? :)

Having just seen Marat/Sade performed by vircoo and friends last night, and having commented to kaysho that lately all the haute-culture we've been exposing oursleves to lately has been involing the French Revolution, this is a perfect next-step.

Let's just hope it gets here in time to show off to folks over Thanksgiving :)
I think I'll be winding up with a copy, for one. ^_^ Definitely quite a.. memorable movie.

Wow, that was the production the innocent 'roo was involved in? Hee! I'm going to have to find out if someone taped a performance.

I'm pretty sure they showed this at either CF7 or CF8. I know I saw it with furries somewhere.


He's a nice fellow, but I finally dropped him off my friends list because I got tired of the constant embedding of 1x1 tracking GIFs so he could tell who'd read behind the cuts, etc.
Goodness! How did you ever find such a thing? Other than digging through the page source. It's not something I would have suspected to look for. I guess he could get IP addresses and hit-counts that way, but most people don't have a static IP address. It would be hard to link one address to a specific person.
How did you ever find such a thing?

Actually, it was 2×2 and bright red—he could hardly miss it.

most people don't have a static IP address

Most ISP's hand out addresses from small localized pools (AOL, British Telecom, and Sprint being notable exceptions).  If I know you live in Podunk, and none of my other friends do, any IP address from your ISP's pool for Podunk is probably you coming to visit me.
Ah, CF's certainly a possibility, yes. ^_^ (Come to that, I wonder if I can track down a copy of the CF4 cabaret act with Hilda and Red? Don't suppose you have a copy somewhere.. ?)
I'll look, but I don't think so. Robert King almost certainly will have a copy. He'll probably be at CF.
Come to think of it, assuming it was given the all-clear by the CF folks, it might be fun to digitise some of that "early" footage and post it on the net..

Very good idea about contacting Robert - I'll drop him a line, and see if I might be in luck.
Thanks for noticing me!
Oh, I read every entry (except for the last week or so - I've just not been able to keep up with LJ), even if my replies are scarce, especially lately. ^_^;
Yay! An animated GIF of Futa, the walking red panda!

It's aliiiiive... ALIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!

Now, why aren't there any films about vampire red pandas, turning unwary humans into more of themselves? I say we remedy the matter.
Wow, that Bathtime in Clerkenwell video was really cool!
I'd had it sitting on the drive for a long while, but being in WMV sort of hampered my ability to actually watch it - but Hyzenthlay is much better equipped for such purposes. ^_^

I've got to try finding a high quality version of it! Definitely a classic.
I found a 15MB QuickTime file of it that seems quite perfect at http://www.figlimigliproductions.com plus 4 other movies.
Oh, finestkind! Thanks! ^_^ I scurried over immediately to fetch all the videos linked there, save for the first listed, which seems to be on vacation at the moment. I'll be sure to link to said animator's site in my next entry.