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For the musically inclined, a question, if I may: what should I look for in a simple USB keyboard? Low cost would be a good thing, ideally, but portability's perhaps a stronger concern - nothing too big or heavy, so it can fit into airline checked baggage. This eKeys unit seems like a good starter model. My main use, to begin with, is just getting a feel for music again, using Garageband to play around and see what I can do.

There are many rabbit photos on the web, but I'd have to say Firefox is a particularly adorable example. ^_^

It's probably been in existence for years, but I've only just noticed it: Arj & Poopy have their own site now. (If the series name isn't familiar, it's a Flash series by the same creator as the video for Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me) jharish might particularly appreciate episode 4, "Brutally Ambushed".

Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis is a catchy ditty. (Streaming Real or WMV only, unfortunately. Or, if you've been really bad, streaming Flash video)

Hm! Think I'm going to have to run some transcoding tests to see how Hyzenthlay compares against Ocelot, per MHz. A Popcorn 1.0.3 run on a particular DVD, which it claimed to be a total of about three hours, completed in about half an hour, saving the result to a 4.4GB disk image. Pity the app's not cheaper, but it does do its job very well indeed. (Actually, the new price isn't so bad)

Mmmm, sushi.. and the owner there knows Bill and I fairly well. So we got two little "specials" thrown in. ^_^ Now, I'm not generally one for clams- the flavor's fine, but that texture just doesn't agree with me. But this lightly grilled king clam was something uncommonly good, so very soft, almost scallop-like.. moreso, even! Then, later on, grilled salmon wrapped in nori, encased in thin, well-scored halibut. And finally, even as we were heading towards Very Full, a handroll for both of us, with his special spicy tuna - a far cry from the usual spiciness I've tasted in sushi, almost Thai in nature. Not actually hot, although Bill might disagree. ^_^
Ah, I finally remembered the brand of keyboard I was thinking of: M-Audio. Their Oxygen and O2 keyboards are VERY portable, and not too expensive. (They're basically just two octaves... which is enough for note-by-note composing, if not live performance.) And their cheapest (3-octave) keyboard is only $60.

Actually, thrift stores often end up with 'toy' keyboards with MIDI capability. I recently picked up a silly little red Yamaha synth for a few bucks that is very similar to the one that Chick Corea has been known to use on stage, worn with a guitar strap. I also found a Roland PC200 at one for $10 so you never know. :)

Very good point! Maybe Tom or Timberwoof know of good thrift stores in the City. They're often fun places to go rummaging around anyway - a sort of (mostly) non-technical Weird Stuff. :)

$10 for that? Aaaah.. ^_^;; Obviously I need to take you along on the hunt. Lucky rabbit's foot, and all that.
Lucky rabbit's foot, and all that.
Remember, they're only good when detached and on a keychain >:)
And conveniently enough, a friend works over at Digidesign, another Avid division.. I've just sent off a query to see if he might be able to obtain any discount on their goodies. ^_^ For now, assuming it's not utterly horrid, that eKeys unit at the low end seems adequate, but without understanding of what one can pay more for, I'm obviously not in a position to judge.

As for the bunny's idea, any thoughts whereabouts in the City I might find likely thrift stores with gadgety goodness? (All the usedstuff places in the Haight are exclusively clothing) It's been a long time since I went on a good rummage anyway. ^_^
Community Thrift on Valencia between 17th and 18th is one possibility, although I think they eschew used electronics these days. There's also the Salvation Army store at Valencia near Cesar Chavez, and the (newish) Goodwill at Mission and Van Ness. There are probably others, but those are the ones that spring to mind immediately. Good luck!

Oh, and definitely contact amelitatwinstar: There's a strong chance she or her friend Greg will have something to give/sell you. Greg especially.