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Agh! Now I'm going to be wondering just who that was I met in the Montgomery station on Halloween. While playing around on Hyzenthlay, with a little of that Inuki/Skifi background exposed, someone sat down next to me and asked if I was interested in furries, and whether I drew them. (Yes, and yes, although not in quite a while) At the same time, a Chinese couple were quite taken by its display, so I played a couple trailers and music videos.. ^_^ Eventually, I enquired the same of him, and was handed a stuffed sketchpad with stacks of very good furry artwork - just as my train rolled in. ^_^;; If I'd been less frazzled, I'd have thought of just waiting for the next one (being Halloween, service frequency was a bit screwed up :).. ah well. I am but a panda of very little brain.

From mycroftb, news of a Flickr community, Bunny Lovers Unite, with more adorable bunny photos than you can shake several deciduous forests at.

Ahh, great to see more Creature Comforts.. a new series of said shorts is now airing on ITV in the UK; I've just enjoyed the latest, "Beast in Show", with voices from the Wessex County Fair.

I thought shep_shepherd might like to lay his paws on one or two geegaws from this CafePress store, as noted by thewerewolf..

From the world of science comes news of singing mice: "Mice are rarely the source of romantic inspiration, but it now appears that male mice may serenade potential mates with melodies approaching the complexity of bird song." (Wow, this even made Slashdot. Rodents and geeks do go together!)

I felt it incumbent upon me to forewarn anyone considering entering into professional philosophy, upon seeing this excerpt presented by arbutus: "In fact, it so undoubtedly exists that it cannot be thought of as not existing. For one can think there exists something that cannot be thought of as not existing, and that would be greater than something which can be thought of as not existing. For if that greater than which cannot be thought can be thought of as not existing, then that greater than which cannot be thought is not that greater than which cannot be thought, which does not makes sense. Thus that greater than which nothing can be thought so undoubtedly exists that it cannot even be thought of as not existing."

The author has since been reincarnated and was responsible for large portions of the US tax code.

rabitguy found this rather special subwoofer. It goes.. low.

Rather nice to see Fiesta's producing good plush still/again - wolff_slaven justifiably enthused over this cute skunk. Ah, got to love that tail.. and how about this river otter by Hansa? Remarkably good for the price.
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