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There's been confirmation that there will be a Region 1 release of the recent season of Doctor Who, only marginally less feature-packed than the British R2 box. Still, given one comes out in February next year, and the other next month, there's still incentive for Canadians to go region-liberating their players. ^_^

Quite a cool piece of oils-on-canvas artwork: "Illuminated Lagomorphics".

I saw my first wild skunk on Saturday night, in yon Elysian fields of San Leandro! Just getting off the road, onto the sidewalk, ambling happily along. I hadn't realised they were so successful in urban areas (other than incidents with cars).. so good to see wildlife in the midst of miles of human construction!

George Takei comes out, yay!

And here's the current office view, though I'm usually facing away from it..

<td>One showing the Bay Bridge.. Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us</td> <td>Looking downwards onto Mission.. Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us</td> <td>And what I slave away on? Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us</td>

Yes, that's Hyzenthlay on the right. ^_^ I'm very, very happy indeed with it. Fast, elegant, durable.. certainly, I can recommend it. (The drive's named "Leveret", huskyteer :) For the geekily inclined: 1.67GHz MPC7447A, Radeon Mobility 9700 with 128MB VRAM running a 17" 1680x1050 LCD, 120GB drive, 512MB (expandable to 2GB in two slots on the underside), dual-layer DVD-R, 802.11g with internal antennae, Firewire 400 and 800, two USB 2, gigabit ethernet, line level and S/PDIF audio in and out, underlit key legends (adjusting to ambient lighting), modem, PC Card slot, S-video/composite out, dual channel DVI out, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR (faster than usual, at 3Mbps). 6.9lb, and 1" thick. And judging by last night, their claim of around five hours on a battery seems to be about right.

Oddly, Apple only bundles games with the iBooks, not the PowerBooks, but it does of course come with Garageband 2 (worth buying by itself), iDVD, iMovie, OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, and a licensed copy of GraphicConverter. No sign of MacTheRipper or HandBrake, oddly enough.

Now to try tracking down some RPC1 firmware for a Matsushita UJ-846.. or maybe I can have a go at hacking it myself. ^_^ As far as I can tell, there doesn't seem to be a region-free version yet at all.
So it seems that you're working just a few blocks from my workplace! I'm right at the corner of Market / Montgomery / New Montgomery :)
Hee! We should meet up sometime. ^_^ Gods, there's not exactly a shortage of places to try at lunchtime thereabouts, is there? I've been to Lee's a couple times, but Ming's over on 2nd seems much better value, and perhaps somewhat better food, too. Buckhorn Grill over in the Metreon's a good bet when you're in a carnivorous mood - much better than Quizno's, with their thin, edible latex meat.

(And my commute's a breeze, too - the L runs right outside home!)
And what I slave away on?

I like the green-coated PCB in the middle, with its cute little LCD.  Is your glass completely empty or not at all full?  That PowerBook sure is wide!
Ah, that's the eval/reference board I toil away on.. the hardware's fine, but the OS layer I have to try working with.. well, let's just say the documentation doesn't always match reality. ^_^;;

The glass is, unfortunately, particularly empty, as it never seems to contain Diet Coke, only water. (I was raised on Coke, you see. Not exclusively, I should add) But someone else pointed out the tubs of hot chocolate powder he picks up, so I can make up a sort of mocha very readily in the break room - it's not quite a quad-shot from Muddy Waters, but much cheaper than availing myself of the dozens of bean emporia down on the ground.

I'm absolutely loving Hyzenthlay. (*cough*) The screen's fairly astonishing to use - just so big, and the resolution means I really have a desktop, rather than a bit of screen to try arranging windows such that a little of each peeks out. OS X's font handling's very nice anyway, but at this resolution, it's even better.. and all in such an elegant, slender package. Apple did a very nice job indeed with this. (Very nice timing of Mr Jobs, too. I'd just decided to go for a 17", and he comes out with a revision with a higher res and brighter display, for $200 less)
I live there! What brought you out East Bay side?

Yes, there are a LOT of skunks here. I had to remove a yoplait yogurt container from the head of a youngin that got tangled up in one. I used to see the whole family using the storm drains for transportation.
Oh, I was just hooking up with a friend from a previous gig - it's part of my job in life to tempt him out from family business to go for sushi, of which there's no terrible shortage in the area, including Tomodachi, Ray's (down in Hayward), Sushi Avenue, Musashi Sushi, and some place over in Castro Valley that we've not managed to get along to yet (we often wind up at Musashi; look carefully, and you'll see my sake bento there :), one of whose specialties includes tempura basil leaves.. !

We then zoomed off down 880, 280, and 85 to Los Altos Hills, where a friend was waiting with Hyzenthlay. (Apple employee discounts, yay!) Then up 280 to the City, completing my nighttime circumnavigation of the Bay. ^_^ Slightly unfortunate timing, though - we got back home around 11.30am, and of course, the first thing to do was bring over all my mail, preferences, keychain, bookmarks, and suchlike, and begin playing with it.. with an 8am conference call to look forward to. *sigh* Still, I managed to be passably coherent for that, even if I was on partial auto-pilot for the rest of the day. An evening at the Magnolia Cafe seemed like a good way to round off the week, even if they won't have Proving Ground on cask for another week or so.

I had to remove a yoplait yogurt container from the head of a youngin that got tangled up in one

Eek! That's got to be frightening for the poor thing.. with such in mind, I always cut up the plastic that holds can multipacks together, to avoid acting like a small noose.

I used to see the whole family using the storm drains for transportation

Oh, that's so cool! It's the mephit Underground. ^_^ I'm quite fond of skunks - very mellow sorts, not wanting any trouble. And white with black is always so stylish. :)
Yay, new PowerBook at last! You must be quite relieved...
Immensely. ^_^ I always used Bunny a lot, and Ocelot too - but the last couple years were rather unkind on that front, with no money to remedy the situation. And here I am, once more with a 'book that lets me be online anywhere there's WiFi, watch music videos (or entire movies) on the move, and all on battery for a matter of hours at a time.

Maybe I'll actually be able to catch up with some of the bits and pieces I've been accumulating in the DVD-R archive now!

Ye gods, this screen.. !

(And with the discount, $200 less than list, even including sales tax!)
Meh, you really shouldn't have to hack it to region-free. Technically, VLC will do the job in playing region-locked DVDs. (From what I understand, it reads it as data, then decodes it via software yummyness. I'm relatively sure of this... Never did unlock my iBook's DVD drive, since VLC never complained about region issues, and played everything I threw at it.)
Not a bad point, actually. ^_^ I'll see how VLC works on Hyzenthlay - ISTR VLC's menu handling was a bit wonky, but that was probably a good few versions ago, and playback wasn't as smooth as the Apple DVD Player, given the latter had access to some YUV conversion trickery on the GPU. But that was on Ocelot, a 400MHz G4 - there's a mite more processor power available here. ^_^

My gods, this display.. O.o;; I feel the urge to present myself to it on my knees, wailing "I'm not worthy!"


Nice view.

...looks like an interesting desktop. :)
Better view than the last gig, definitely. That used to be the server closet. ^_^

It is nice to be able to get up, stretch, and look out on a good view. How long it'll last, of course, remains to be seen - we're really in need of more space, and there's no more available here at all. There've been rumblings about a place down on Mission, near Van Ness, but that might well not happen for months. Still, the odd Musical Offices arrangement (those out of the office for days at a time routinely have their quarters temporarily seconded :) adds to the quirky charm of the place. ^_^ (That, and us sharing the floor with a legal practice. Indeed, the entire tower is filled with attorneys. So we fit in seamlessly :)

I do like that background pic, yes. *grin*
I saw my first wild skunk on Saturday night

Cool. When I was an undergrad, I saw wild skunks on campus fairly often. Then again, my university was located in the middle of a national forest, so that might have had something to do with it. But skunks seem to have adapted quite comfortably to urban life.
Indeed! It surprised me somewhat, I'll admit. I'd known raccoons and foxes are quite at home in suburbia, but hadn't realised skunks were quite so cozy as well. Maybe they're simply not as populous in California as in, say, the South. Would be fun to leave an IR-sensitive webcam in Golden Gate Park.. ^_^ (Though I suspect we'd be more surprised by the humans :)

Have you gotten any comments about that Skifi picture you use as your backdrop? ;)
I'm afraid not. :) One did wonder if Skifi had wandered into the wrong changing room, but that's another fur, and the same who showed me Data's First Emotion, plus some Cobalt pics, so it's not likely to offend him. ^_^

I am looking for more background candidates, all the same, to have a greater variety. Something that's landscape rather than portrait aspect would be better, of course, as would reasonable resolution, so it doesn't have to be scaled up too far. Trouble is, my own collection's sitting on Ocelot, currently unreachable. (Aha! I do have the DVDs you left with me, though.. and now I can actually read them!)
Hey the first one has tower 5 in it. I was at the top of that tuesday doing some training.
eep! I take it you're okay with heights? ^_^

(The engineering manager notes that most skydivers are terrified of heights. And this is someone who's leapt out of a Russian cargo plane over Antarctica :)
Take it you know about the planned Captain Jack/Dr Who series planned for BBC3 ?

The box set over here might have ripped a few people off as they released the volumes over here individually first [I think with less extras, so you'd buy the box set AS WELL if you're rapid fan enough...taking a cue from George Lucas there]
Oh, indeed. I'll be looking forward to that. ^_^ (I'd imagine it'll show up in the usual nooks and crannies on the net)

And that's why it pays to be a net.head. ^_^ I'd read of the plans for the single-volume releases and the box set later on back around the end of the season - but many probably didn't, of course. Ah well. I'll probably be buying far fewer DVDs now than earlier on, but that box is probably in there - plenty of rewatchability, especially in the second half of the season. (And "Rose" is still a favorite, for being such a cool reintroduction for the Doctor. I was sold on Eccles within the first couple minutes)
(Deleted comment)
*giggle* Okay, now you've got to come up with a definition for that. :)
Hi there. Just writing cuz I've been googling around trying to find some uj-846 rpc-1 firmware of my own. Any luck yet?