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I'm thinking about what to call the next computer. So far, I've had Raccoon (PB5300c; compact, yet formidable. Well, it was at the time :), Bunny (Wallstreet; much faster, graceful curves), and Ocelot (TiBook; again with the speed theme, yet compact), not forgetting red_panda (NeXTstation Turbo, NextStep 3.3 Developer), of course.

Suggestions? I'm hoping for something lapine-themed, perhaps expressing leaping or bounding, and the joy of being. "Hyzenthlay" seems promising..
Ooh! Yes, that's a definite contender. ^_^
"Ping"? =;)
The feel is definitely right, but I'd always be getting people confused with the networking "ping". ^_^
hummmm .... How about "the all-mighty digital masterbator"!!
I like that one, though you could go with 'Thumper' for short. :)

This suggests a "Disney After Dark" special.. ^_^

(Dammit. Now I'm wondering what slashfic there is featuring Timon)
I tend to go with scientific names of animals that interest me. For instance my old scrounged pair of Dell laptops ended up as "Thylogale" and "Stigmatica". (The genus and species of the Red-Legged Pademelon.) Latin makes *everything* better.

There's usually a vague connection between the animal chosen and some attribute of the computer. For example, laptops are "compact" so I tend to name them after wallabies. Until recently I've always named Macintoshes after extinct animals: Eryops, Gorgonops, etc. (Draw what you will from that, although it puts it in slightly better light when I note UNIX machines often end up as dinosaurs.) I finally gave in and called my resurrected G4 Powerbook "Tragulus", however, after the Malaysian mouse deer. Based of course on its cuteness combined with diminutive size and extreme fragility. ;^>
A NeXT, huh? Cool. What processor is that anyways, an m68k?

I've been thinking of getting something with a passable Alpha processor, but those things are all so /expensive/... :( Well, at least I've got an NT4 disc, although 2K/RC1 would be even better... :)
Yep, 68030 or 68040, 25 or 33MHz. Nothing radical by themselves - it's the OS that was the magical part. (Hence my pleasure upon hearing Apple was being taken over by NeXT :) Of course, for a nice OpenStep box, you could do much worse than an HP Gecko, with their ill-fated PA-RISC at the core - very good hardware indeed, albeit fearsomely expensive at the time.

For now, though, I'm still very partial to a nice MPC74xx PowerBook. ^_^ Altivec's a lovely SIMD ISA, and despite clock speeds that don't sound impressive in Intel or AMD terms, the tasks still get completed in very short order. The G5's a relatively modest improvement - faster clock, but with a couple modest constraints, offset by a somewhat more powerful integer processing pair of execution units. (Go to the PowerMacs, though, and the bus speed begins to really shine. That's long been Freescale's weak point, at least in a spec contest)
Oh yum, I've been kicking myself since 1999 for getting rid of my NeXTstation Turbo Color :( I miss it! But, obviously, not enough to just go get another one (one could be had fully loaded for something like $250 if I just couldn't scratch that itch any other way!)
Bounding Bob the Bubbly Bunny!
My human name is "Greg" so I tend to name external hard drives with "greg" in the name like gregabyte or gregnog. Maybe you can call your new machine "bigabyte" or "kegabyte" or "pandabyte".