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This is an anime feature I'm going to have to keep an eye out for: Arayoru, telling the tale of a wolf and a young goat. The trailer's not subtitled, but that scarcely matters. It's available in QT and WMV formats, though the QT link seems b0rked - the slightly higher res version can be found here (6.6MB). Thanks to Dronon and Torrle. ^_^

Now, I can find my way around the City very well when it comes to anything in the arts or culinary aspects of life, but I just realised I don't have a clue where specifically to buy a towel locally. Well, a good towel; for now, I settled for something superbly garish from a local corner store. Orange teddy bears on neon pink! It's wonderful. ^_^ At least, it is now - after washing, for all I know, it'll resemble a sepia print of something from the Betty Boop archives.

Rather nice - just had my first Asian pear. It's shaped more like a large apple, and the taste is somewhere between the two. I'd tell you where in Japan it came from, but I seem to have eaten the tiny paper sticker that disclosed that detail.

The winning entry in this year's Wildlife Photographer of the Year is quite a stark piece indeed, and worthy of the prize. (Caution: one of the runners up features a former hare)

mycroftb pointed out this article on the use of podcasts containing entire University lectures, either as a means of catching up with missed lectures, or even outright replacements for traditional lectures. Wonderful idea - I'd have to agree with the essential point made therein, that when you have time for it, you're going to be able to be much more attentive.
Your slightly higher res version can be found here link is borked.
For some reason, my subconscious felt people would rather see the curl command line version than just the URL. ^_^;; Fixed now.
The title may be something like "Arashi no Yoru ni". Apparently it's based on a children's book. I tried running the Japanese web site through an online translator, but with little success. As far as I understand, the goat (Mei?) and the wolf (Gav, Gabu?) meet while taking shelter from a storm and become friends, and eventually try to make their way together to a distant valley. The release date is set for December 10.
Ahh! Yes, that's plausible - Japanese titles are fairly commonly truncated and glued together in that way, producing the diminutive they've used. Unfortunately, Japanese cams seem to be fairly uncommon - but if it plays in China, it's likely to meet the net earlier than the DVD release. :)

I really did enjoy the feel of that trailer - it's possible it may not have the multiply-layered subtleties of a Studio Ghibli production, but I'm certainly very hopeful it'll be genuinely heartwarming. (Come to that, I should try to find out who's behind it. Moonphase might be a good place to start, but for now, sleep feels like a good idea, as it's likely to be a very busy day tomorrow, and when I don't get enough sleep - just think of a red panda on a branch, all four limbs limp towards the ground)
After some more web searching, some places spell it "Arashi no Yoruni", and it's from a series of six(?) children's books by Yuichi Kimura. English translations exist under the titles "One stormy night" and "One sunny day", but I don't know if those translate just the first two original books or combine all six.
That trailer looks cute. Hopefully it'll be possible to find it here someday.
Oh, I'd bet on it. Seems a likely candidate for North American licensing, and in the meantime, there's the fansub community, once the Japanese DVD comes out. (Though, not surprisingly, many groups will flock towards shows like Naruto or Bleach, whilst Kamichu, Zettai Shounen, and Damekko Doubutsu are fortunate to find one group sufficiently enthused thereby. Speaking of DD, you might like to give the show a try - it's 26 5-minute episodes, with 19 translated so far)

Also peek at Dronon's comments above, for some additional information on the feature. I'll have to check if there's any US release scheduled yet - there might be a lucky anime con, perhaps, or an enlightened film festival.
Asian pear are scrummy, the texture is so nice reminds me of a melon!
Ah! That's a good compearison. ^_^

Next, I should see if I can find some good persimmons, though I suppose they're well out of season - think they come around in April or May. Custard apples were something I came across while in Australia - delicious, and aptly named! (I recall they're known differently in the UK)
Oooh, Arayoru looks promising! Hehe, and I'm proud to say I could still read some of the hiragana that popped up, like shikashi, and demo.
Well, you could always switch fields into linguistics.. ^_^

I'm really looking forward to the feature. If only there were another trailer or two! Still, it'll be out soon enough, I suppose.

That reminds me, for some reason.. I should check if Universal's OAV feature of Brer Rabbit is still going ahead.