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In positively thrilling news (w00t!), I'm currently to be found in downtown Berkeley - the hotel's about two blocks from the BART, Comic Relief, and Jupiter. Darn. And there are two sushi bars almost adjacent, plus two Tibetan restaurants, one Ghanaian, and a few Thai. Though, it's fair to say I prefer cooking to eating out, unless there's company involved - and even there, I take considerable pleasure in inflicting my concoctions on others. ^_^

Okay, I'm not actually there any more - now I'm back in the City, conveniently right by the L, some dozen or so blocks from the ocean. (Even for me, moving more often than I post is something novel :)

And I'll try to catch up on comments and recent posts this weekend. I'm so terribly behind! ^_^;;

You might well enjoy neonbunny's latest set, "A Bunny Named Starfox", over in this room (85.2MB). Be warned, the track commencing around 7m45 - probably La Bionda's "I Wanna Be Your Lover" - is especially catchy, but it's all good.

An article on the growing popularity of competitive rabbit jumping notes that "a Danish rabbit is the current world record holder for both the long jump, at 9.8 feet (3 meters), and the high jump, at 3.4 feet (one meter)".

Last night at the Magnolia Cafe was pretty cool - wound up having a long chat with a third-generation Chicano, who'd been mistaken for an Aborigine when visiting Sydney. An easy mistake in his case, certainly; which opened up new barriers of prejudice, he found. Cool guy, and not just because he bought me a pint of the Magnolia's excellent Proving Ground IPA on cask. ^_^ Still, all that wound up leaving it a little late to move in on Friday - as it was, I caught the final BART back into Berkeley, and dozed peacefully back at the hotel instead. Miraculously, I actually woke up in good time for the 11am checkout. But even with a good mocha and a thoroughly decadent chocolate muffin, I still needed time to actually attain sufficient consciousness to venture down into the City, so I just whiled away an hour or two in the lobby, availing myself of their convenient power and ethernet. (No cable TV, but ethernet in every room. I like that priority)

So, the Captain Jack spinoff Torchwood does indeed seem to be for real. I'm quite looking forward to it, provided, as loganberrybunny fears, it doesn't mark a shift of the mature elements of Doctor Who exclusively into Torchwood, kiddyfying the original. I'd be surprised if that happened, though - the Powers That Be know that the show is a winner as it is, with no need for diddling around. Hopefully RTD will have a hand in the show, and lend it the playfulness of QAF.

I considered huskyteer and kaysho might appreciate this piece of artwork.

Courtesy of dronon, the Japanese Gallery of Psychiatric Art. And, apparently from Esquire, an incisive piece of writing on the current disdain for science and reason in the US. (Abridged, as the actual article is paid access only)

Quite a nifty Guinness commercial - "noitulovE".

Is there a way to map alt-T to function as ctrl-T in XP Pro? Using OmniWeb, I'm used to using my left hand's thumb on Command (beneath X), index finger on T, but that's a bit awkward with Control instead. What do yon seasoned Windows users do?

Ye gods, but there's too much good stuff at the Castro Theatre - Sat, Nov 5, f'rex, second night of their Latino Film Festival:

In Viaggio con Che Guevara - "during the filming of The Motorcycle Diaries, Minà directed the behind-the-scenes Travelling with Che Guevara, where, fifty years after the original adventure, Che's actual companion, Alberto Granado, relives their fascinating journey. The result is a passionate chronicle of Granado's memories interspersed with unique footage, and vivid memorable moments with the actors Gael Garcia Bernal (Che) and De la Serna (Granado)."

Historias del Desecanto - "In a limbo between centuries, the world is devastated by the Disenchantment. In this fantastical context, three characters meet in the labyrinths of their dreams: Ainda, a bat-winged artist; Diego, a filmmaker whose innocence resides in his belly button; and Ximena, an adolescent in full sexual awakening. Together, they experience a postmodern, gender-bending loss of sexual innocence in this mythical love story."

Un Buda - "Torn apart my the disappearance of his father at the hands of the military in Argentina's Dirty War, Tomàs takes refuge in the Buddhist doctrines his father practiced. Leaving his previous life behind, he travels to a Zen temple in search of a spiritual master. Un Buda is an original treatment of opposing concepts such as the earthly and the divine, and East and West."

.. and then there's Nov 9/10's double bill of Barbarella and Danger: Diabolik. How can I possibly miss that?

You don't have to have opposable thumbs to know the comfort of company - "An equal-opportunity mother, Giselle encourages Finnegan, an orphaned squirrel, to nurse with her two-day-old litter of five in Seattle. Finnegan mostly uses a bottle but still snuggles with his litter mates."
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