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Heh! That was fun.. waiting for the BART back into the City on Saturday night, I could've sworn I saw a former roomie on the opposite platform, looking very much as he did seven years ago. Of course, with the furry density in the Bay, meeting other furs isn't all that improbable - go to magnets like Fry's, and it's virtually guaranteed. ^_^

From the tender paws of momentrabbit comes word of this site, with plenty of info of Soviet/Eastern Bloc home computers of the 80s and early 90s. Some clones (including several based off the Spectrum!), and some originals.. geekily fascinating stuff.

Feeling that I needed to catch up on some cinematic goodness, I went along to Sunday's 4.20pm screening of Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit, over at the Metreon. (Oh, that glorious seating!) I want to be in the BV-6000! ^_^ Yes, it's every bit as good as they've been saying - all the meticulous attention to visual detail and script are there, making for their best adventure yet; and it's also something of a treat for TF fans. ^_^ (And there's a tiny nod to Watership Down, too :)

From there, I hopped over to the Lumiere, and caught the 7pm screening of Mirrormask, as visually lush a movie as I've seen, akin to a cross between Alice in Wonderland and Labyrinth, by way of The City of Lost Children.. just much more so. If you've seen Dave McKean's artwork, you'll know what to expect.. it's a little much to take in in only one viewing.

Needless to say, I'd strongly recommend both.

Curiously, when I got back, and felt like re-crispening last night's pizza, I also launched into the vegetable assortment, with an emphasis on the baby carrots.

Well, you never know..
Ah, synchonicity. I saw the 4:20 screening up here today, too. :)

Loved the bunnies whirling around inside the vac truck. So... surreal.
I'm going to have to study their expressions next time I see it (as I know I've got to watch it again at least once) - they seemed pretty content with it all. (And I loved them in the background, as the machine was doing its work, the suction gaining traction on some part of them, then being pulled into a nearby warren entrance, all without anyone paying attention to them in the background.. *giggle*)

Of course, being something of a transformation fan, it wasn't without joy in that department, either. ^_^

Brilliant stuff. It's been a while in coming, and worth every minute.
Ah cool! You are in the Bay area now! I'm in Sunnyvale. ^.^
Or maybe Santa Clara? Always so difficult to tell the two apart.. :)

Yep, up in the City! Now comes the challenge of finding somewhere to live. Eep! Still, there's plenty to try for on craigslist (or, for that matter, housingmaps) - including one place I sent off an enquiring note for, giving the same cross streets as my host's apartment. ^_^

I could've sworn I saw a former roomie on the opposite platform, looking very much as he did seven years ago.

Jeremy? He's in Vancouver BC the last I heard. I do need to go see Wallace and Gromit. I went to the zoo today instead.
Oh, this is digging back to my Oregonian days. ^_^ Some happy times, even if we both couldn't wait to flee the area for somewhere like San Diego.. which we promptly did, when said salt mine eventually began to implode. (Such a pity - some very good talent there, but so it goes)

Definitely, W&G's quite brilliant stuff. As cracking an adventure as they've ever been embroiled in. ^_^
I remember wearing my first fursuit (that Sheep) to CF8, and being completely lost when someone (it may have been you) started enthusiastically chatting me up about Wallace and Gromit, since the Sheep did look something like Shaun.

I need to make another Sheep. He was fun, and you just don't see many Sheep.
I've been to the Metreon many times but have yet to see a movie there. It's at the top of my very large things-to-do-when-i'm-in-san-francisco list, just above going on a Eat Your Way Through San Francisco tour.
Hehee! It's definitely one of the good places - comfortable cushioning and armrests, with seatbacks that yield backwards tilt if you're so inclined. So to speak. And everything well up to par on the image and sound quality, perhaps needless to say. 'Course, you do pay for it, with normal admission being $10.50.

Hmm! Could be fun making up a homebrewed list of places that must be tried in the Bay.. I'd have to include the Magnolia Cafe, and on the taqueria front, El Farolito's super burritos are about as good as they come. And, if they're still around, Zante's Indian Pizza was always good stuff.. ^_^ (And there's an overgrown roadside stall opposite Comic Relief's old location, formerly a felafel stand, now a Brazilian house of meat.. it gave me good vibes, so I'd like to check it out sometime) And for sushi, I'm quite inclined to follow amelitatwinstar's recommendation of Izumi, a little down Church St - the variety looked interesting, with (for sushi) relatively modest prices, along the lines of We Be Sushi. (Despite the name, a good little place :)

Hey, you're the local here! *giggle*
the Metreon. (Oh, that glorious seating!)

Ah, "Metreon", guilded temple of the Great God Consumerism. "All kneel before Lord Metreon: Prince of Purchasing, King of Credit, Devourer of Debit! Praise be to the All Mighty Consumption! Etc, etc, etc.."

(Just kidding. It's not that there's anything intrinsically wrong with the place, of course. I just seem to have this violent allergic reaction to "Sony Style" kiosks.) ;^>
*grin* I'll admit, I feel rather more of an attraction to venues like the Castro Theatre or the Red Vic, and away from anything containing a Food Court™.. but, I'll certainly grant they spent money where it counts in their auditoria. Cozy seats that angle back gently.. very comfy, even close to the front, where I'm always to be found. (I like the big screen :)

I wonder if 1000 Van Ness might be showing W&G on one of their DLP boxen? Rather nice. Meanwhile, ISTR the Parkway's showing The Aristocrats on Tuesday or thereabouts.. I might have to try luring a former co-worker up for that, if he can get a late-night permission slip. :) (The pitfalls of fatherhood..)

Mind you, it would be rather fun to see a nice high-end Vaio laptop running OS X. ^_^ (Or maybe Rhapsody DR2? Then again, I suppose one might as well plump for vanilla OpenStep 4.2, in that case)
(Deleted comment)
Having just checked their printed programme, I'm not actually sure! That claims Sept 30 for one week, but I saw it on Sunday, Oct 9. ^_^; I've sent off a quick note to their customer service address, though. According to boxofficemojo's weekend charts, it seems to be drawing people in, albeit on a terribly small 24 screens, so perhaps there's hope it'll be around next weekend. Certainly, I'll be happy to see it again.. such an envelopingly visually lush production, but still with story enough underlying its wonders.
Straight from the horse's mouth: "The film will continue until next Thursday, October 20th."