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ibneko noted a particularly intriguing Flash creation, the Grow Cube. Click on things, and let them develop as far as they will, given what else is around and has happened.. and see how far you can get.

Beware the perils of waxing.

If you're looking to downgrade your PSP firmware, beware a trojan masquerading as such. Once installed, you're pretty much SOL.

Rabbits are banned from Portland, in Dorset, but bunnies are fine.

Wednesday was a fairly well-occupied day, leaving no time for daylight rambling. Still, it was a happy moment to fire up the espresso maker again, yielding as delicious a mug of cappuccino as I could've wished for, courtesy of the Castro Cheesery, which also offers a fine line in well-priced good coffee beans; always a good place to pick up coffee reserves, or even interesting infusions like twig tea or genmaicha.

Whatever it's like, I need a can of this drink if only for the label. ^_^

Blame kaputotter for pointing out (aha!) this baby hedgehog oekaki. Safe for work, but hazardously cute.

Wednesday's dinner: feeling somewhat exhausted, I didn't really want to get deep into cooking, but those tiger prawns, they tempted me so.. headless, peeled, and raw, ideal for my nefarious purposes. Muahahahaa! So, I boiled up a quick base of some glutinous rice vinegar, fish sauce, and oyster sauce (hi sodium!), then added a generous heaping of said hapless crustaceans, some sliced spicy bean cake, and the remainder of the woodears, leaving it all to get down and funky. Then, towards the end, a few baby bok choi, a large handful of snow peas, and a l-o-o-o-o-ng ribbon of wasabi, as I was feeling in a tangy mood. Finally, as it seemed to need something more, a minor dollop of shiro miso. Mmm. Happy panda.

(Whereas Thursday's was a pair of pork tamales, with rice and beans, and a credit to their breed)

In geek news, I found the Cjip CPU interesting - it's an 8-bit device that executes Java bytecode directly.

An article in The Tennesseean notes, astonishingly, that Country music ranks low on digital music player playlists.

Check out this posting for three nighttime pictures, two of them featuring a young rabbit. ^_^
Yikes, PSP virii already? Holy cow those people are quick.
*sigh* And probably not the last one to appear.. sad how the mindset of some people compels them to wreak havoc upon people they've never met, and have no disagreement with, merely out of some twisted notion of fun. :-P The really nasty aspect of this one, as the article notes, is it hoses your PSP's firmware - and without that in functional condition, AFAIK, there's no ROM-based bootloader to permit restoring the firmware, so you're fairly much screwed, short of getting Sony to get into the board and work magic from there.

Presumably the firmware update has to be cryptographically signed to prove its authenticity, but the cracks must prove that's been circumvented. (Anyone know for sure?)
Well, I know you can make DESIRED unauthorized changes to your PSP, so there must be a way for sad losers with nothing better to do to introduce undesired ones to it as well. Probably disguised as a disired one to boot.

But I have no real intricate knowledge of it, since I don't have a PSP.
(Deleted comment)
Ack! There's a shortage of really good comics emporia as it is. Stop closing, dammit! Mercifully, when I got to the location of Comic Relief, adjacent to the University Avenue entrance to the main UC Berkeley campus, and found them missing, it was only because they'd moved to more spacious premises. Though they still didn't have any Spooo Presents, sadly - seems for now, Rabbit Valley titles are only available from them directly, while they work on getting into Diamond. Pity, as I've seen Coyote River electronically, and wanted to pick up a paper copy.. such a cute little tale. ^_^

I also miss Orbitz, that range of drinks with little edible beads floating in it. I used to have a couple bottles sitting on top of the monitor at work, as a sort of cold lava lamp.
That baby hedgehog may not be work safe, but im not sure as i'm not straight.

ideal for my nefarious purposes

Now thats something i haven't heard for um 15 years :)

Hi NaCl :)

Is the salt of the earth :)

Sliced Spiced Bean cake? ala Tempeh or Tofu?

(Deleted comment)
I may have to put up a poll on the matter, just for fun. ^_^

(But I think we can agree it is very cute :)
Yup. Waxing is bad, alright. That's why I tweeze! ^_^
Seems to work well, too. ^_^ Lasering seems like a good option, but gods, so expensive! I suppose I could try the CO2 tube I have, once I get a power supply designed, but the testing might be a little awkward, given it's good for up to 10W continuous beam. :)
CO2...? tube...? *puzzled look*
Mine's fairly similar in appearance to this one. ^_^

Who cares how long it takes to solve? It's just so much fun to play with! ^_^ (I love the reaction the person gives to the water gushing up :)

There was just something so fascinating about that game. I sat there for like an hour until I beat it, and almost missed dinner in the process.
Hot Topic used to sell a number of humerous cans like those. I grabbed a couple of Invader Zim "Doom Juice" cans there around May. Dunno if they still do.

I waxed my chest this spring. OMG that hurt. And a week later, it started growing back. Not worth the pain.
Oh, yes! I remember seeing Doom Juice advertised. It's a fair bet cans of it are still available on eBay, along with Jesus' face in the cross-section of a mango.

And a week later, it started growing back.

Aack! Well, you know what they say - you can't keep a good hare down.

ISTR follicles follow a dormancy cycle, such that laser treatment places say the procedure needs to be carried out two or three times, in order to catch all the hairs outside that stage. Was the new growth as busy as it had ever been?

Shaving, of course, works, but gods, it's a tedious affair. Probably easier with someone else to help in the shower, but even when that's an option, then you run into the problem of only one person at a time really getting any of that lovely hot water. (Though I do recall Graeme's house, back in yon Trilobyte days, having a shower that could've come off a ST:TNG set, with something like three jets on each side, and a suitably impressive black console controlling it all)
You've got hairs in various stages of growth. Some are full, some are just starting, some are close to the surface. Waxing gets those that are grown, and the hairs that are just below the surface sprout into being a few days later. The hair was thinner, but there was no way I was going to wax everything all over again.

I'm toying with buying an epilator which should be a more controlled form of torture, but the lack of funds (and knowledge of pain) is keeping me from the stores. :)
Safe for work, but hazardously cute.

The first half of that sentence is arguable: I could see it causing trouble if people want to look for it - which rather a lot do, I'm afraid. I'd be inclined to be a little less certain about its SFW status.
I'm plainly far too innocent. (No snickering at the back!)

But, yes, there are those who'll go to remarkable lengths to be offended, as with one scene from The Lion King, where Simba flops down by a cliff edge, sending a cloud of pollen drifting away with the wind; someone happened to notice that, if you look at it the right way in a couple frames, it spells "SEX". (Of course, that wouldn't have anything to do with the Circle of Life :)

And then there was that recent kerfuffle over the "Hot Coffee" GTA patch.. but I think I'm all boggled out on that count.