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A practical demonstration of RFC1149.
Can pigeons be safely overclocked? Perhaps if liquid nitrogen were involved...
RFC1149 is neat concept, but it only really carries UDP packet due to it's tendancy to drop packet or intermingle, and is considerably less reliable in some parts of the midwest.
Indeed, it does work! The problem arises, however, that whilst the outbound delay is markedly reduced, it also compels the peer to implement UDP-style error correction, as this method intrinsically resets the TTL of said packet to zero.

True, though a distributed file sharing network based on this standard could get quite messy! \^.^/
A ballistic network! Rarely has the need for a bit bucket been more literal.. and missed packets would lead to gradual degradation of the message, by means of "bit rot".
::reads the other comments:: lol, that's hilarious.