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There's not much to say of Thursday, but it was quietly satisfying nonetheless. After a late start, I hopped on a random Muni line down to Ocean, and happened to (just) catch a 29 coming in the right direction, which wound its way up through the park, and eventually into the mysterious lands of the fabled Presidio, the bus wending its way past all but hidden picnic nooks and unicorns, finally pausing at the southern base of the Golden Gate Bridge. And yet more tucked away pathways, though by this time twilight was well launched, reducing the exploration time somewhat; which hardly hurt the wonder of the moment, once more enjoying the view of the GG Bridge, the Bay Bridge, Alcatraz, Sausalito, Tiburon, and more, traced out in fluorescent sparkles.

So, dinner. ^_^ Glutinous rice vinegar, oyster sauce, water, some dried Sichuan peppers, and a handful of woodears for the base, plus a dozen or so Taiwanese shrimp balls. Once the latter had defrosted, a sliced chicken breast went in. Close to the end, a handful of snow peas and a couple small bok choi, plus a handful or two of already cooked vermicelli from the other day.

Fiery, but tasty. ^_^;

Oh, these internally illuminated serpents and electric frogs are rather spiffy. ^_^

patch_bunny pointed out the trailer for a heartwarming family movie (9.8MB). (And yay! We finally got to meet on Saturday, despite the best efforts of Muni to thwart our rendezvous. Running late, I thought I'd save time by catching the 24 down to 24th.. naturally, I saw three heading in the other direction before one arrived southbound. Perhaps Muni's successfully testing cloaking devices)

Or, via mythos_amante, there are these folks - click on the thumbnails for a much better view of each.

I think ysengrin and thewerewolf should track down a full-size copy of this poster. ^_^

Does anyone have an opinion which is better for their 'coasters - Great America, or Six Flags (formerly Marine World)? Neither's going to be any Cedar Point (which I shall get to someday.. do they close for the winter, xolo? I feel a roadtrip coming on, next year..), but for now, one of them should be in the offing. Especially if I can make up a decent bunny tail beforehand.

Fancy some black toilet paper?

Ever wondered just what The Avengers were avenging? The first reel of its pilot, newly rediscovered, reveals the story.

In GOP news, Judith Miller agrees to testify, and DeLay's court appearance is set for Oct 21.

BTW, with the release of Serenity - is it necessary to have seen the series first? (I've not seen anything of Firefly) The Onion's review suggests it'd help, but not strictly necessary. I'm certainly up for Mirrormask, though, and it's playing at the Lumiere. ^_^ And Friday sees the release of the top film to see of the year: Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

Dinner tonight, though - a simpler affair, as I'm in a pizza mood (or, was). Just a Freschetta pepperoni & roasted vegetables frozen slab, with a chicken breast chopped up and tossed in garlic and oyster sauce, and some woodears, plus a dash of chili powder and wasabi. And it was delicious. :-9

And by way of aethwolf, have a baby Eastern Grey squirrel.
(Deleted comment)
Ah, come to think of it, I believe the neighbor (whom I'd seen in Friends of Friends pages, but had never known via whom) currently has the series for the same reason - maybe I can see if she can sub-lend the set. ^_^

Oof.. indeed, that's not the most spectacular opening performance. Possibly it'll have a slower start than some, with people busily catching up on the series first - and it might still be a relatively small release. Nope, fairly fully-sized - BoxOfficeMojo says 2,188 screens. (Amazingly, it claims a whole eighteen for Mirrormask. And one of them is a mile or so away from me :)

Still, their story on Serenity's opening is more one of a mild opening, rather than anything calamitous. Would be nice to see more good sci-fi on the big screen, though, beyond action flicks with futuristic settings, like the screen "version" of Total Recall. (Fun as it was!)
Ride for ride, Great America has more coasters (Invertigo, Demon, Grizzly, Vortex & Top Gun). However, the quality of these rides are pretty low and not really whole heckuva lotta fun. Top Gun has the best bang for the buck (or wait if you will), however it is entirely too short, with the ride being done in about 30 seconds.

Six Flags Marine World has fewer coasters, however they're MUCH better rides. Roar is an incredible "twister" woody, V2 is a Linear Induction Motor "launched" coaster, Medusa is a very tall "floor-less" coaster where your feet dangle with nothing between them and the track but air :). My personal favorite here would be Medusa, as its much much taller than Top Gun, extremely smooth, and has a runtime of almost 2 minutes :). (Just be sure to ride it at LEAST twice, once in the front row for the view, and once in the back row for the intensity :)). V2 is also an incredible ride as well as Roar :).
Ahh! Well, I think my first inclination would probably be for SF/MW, in that case - nothing like leaping in at the deep end. ^_^ (Okay, I suppose that would be Cedar Point :)

And a wooden one too? Very cool! I'm far from experienced in the field, but there's plainly something special about the feel there, even just one like the Santa Cruz boardwalk's. (Are there any wooden rides surviving at Coney Island? Never been there, so far - my time on the East Coast's been limited to getting into NYC and straight out, plus a couple forays further down, including Busch Gardens)

Medusa does sound very neat, removing that feeling of riding on something. Any idea how busy SF/MW are around this time of year?
Well, I don't think anything could -ever- top the Giant Dipper at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.. however Roar is probably right up there with being one of my favorites :). As far as east coast coasters.. I've only ridden the ones at Islands of Adventure in Orlando as well as all the coasters in Kennywood in Pennsylvania. One of these days I MUST make it to Cedar Point *grins*.

As far as the business of the park, Six Flags is only open on weekends/Fridays (being as its near the end of the season). I don't imagine that the crowds would be too busy on a Friday or Sunday afternoon. Working at Great America for a few years has taught me the most idea time to visit would be either of those times (by this time of year at least).

If you haven't already noticed.. I'm quite the coaster / park freak :P. I could happily talk about this stuff all day long *grins*. Enjoy and let me know if you have any other questions :).
Grizzly in G.A. is also wooden, and you feel the shaking in your bones at every turn. Also, Drop Zone is pretty enjoyable if I remember correctly... the fact that people died on it just adds to the spice of riding it. And G.A. in general can be quite fun if you let it, particularly with a bunch of friends. BTW, I also wish to get to Cedar Point some day. And Tokyo Peaks in Japan, which is supposed to be the best amusement park in Asia. And some of the Japanese coasters that I did go on were kind of like American coasters on speed.
I used to work at OP1 in Great America.. so I was responsible for the day-to-day operation of Drop
Zone / Centrifuge for several years :). I actually was on an airplane back home from Florida at the time of the accident in 1999, so I wasn't there for the huge mess that happened.

I firmly believe that the Grizzly is one of the -worst- wooden coasters on the planet, as it seems as if it has square wheels ;).

Perhaps I'm slightly biased against PGA from working there for so long.. but from all the stuff I've seen while working there.. I really don't see any great value for the money. *shrugs*
I actually knew a person who was part of the engineering team that designed Drop Zone. She was really shocked by the sheer stupidity of someone doing what they did on it.

And yes, definately ditto on the square wheels of Grizzly. I guess I'm sorta biased toward PGA cause I lived like 20 minutes away, and it was something of a local landmark attraction.
I've been to Great America numerous times but had I known that Six Flags was in the area and actually had better coasters, I'd be going there instead. Learn something new every day. :)
Well, I've never been on Roar, is it anything like Viper? Because I know I like Viper... :)
It -is- similar, in that it is the same type of woody.. but the helixes are far more intense on Roar and a bit more extremely banked :)
What the...? Where'd this post come from???
Well, I've never been on Roar, is it anything like Viper? Because I know I like Viper... :)

Some day I need to try Son of Beast. On the list of operating wood coasters, it's the fastest, has the biggest drop, and is the second longest. (The longest on the list is Beast, which happens to be at the same park even...
Son of Beast is also the first wooden coaster ever with a vertical loop :). I remember during the first few seasons they were having serious trouble with the wood cracking from stress in certain parts of the ride due to higher speeds than anticipated :). Not sure if they've worked out the problems yet or not, still sounds like fun though :).
Glad we finally hooked up. Had a lot of fun with ya, so we'll have to try and hook up again when I'm back in the area. :)
Likewise! I'm really pleased the opportunity cropped up. ^_^ (How are you with 'coasters? Maybe we could hook up at Marine World sometime, given the recommendation above. Sounds like rabitguy might be up for it.. and I would like to go along to Bonfante Gardens, whose season finishes at the end of the month. There, the focus is more on the botanical aspects of the park, rather than the rides. He's got quite a good collection of photos from the place, tucked away in his journal)

Maybe you could shift sideways into 'coaster design - very special roadways meant to be twisty and distorted, where having the passengers wind up dazed and confused would be vindication of one's work. ^_^
Glad to hear you're using the bounty from Ranch 99. :)

BTW, could you do a fridge cleaning-out before I get back? You know, getting rid of stuff that we're clearly not going to eat (like the potatoes and spaghetti). I like to regularly purge the fridge of trash... that way I feel confident about eating anything in there. Better feng shui. :)
Ooh, that's given me an idea - bubble & squeak, but using bok choi instead of regular cabbage. It's the San Francisco treat! Maybe I'll fry the potatoes thoroughly first, in traditional style, and then add the bok choi just before serving, keeping it deliberately nice and crunchy, against the substantial softness of the potato. (Some baby corn would go nicely, too, but maybe a few Chinese long beans instead.. then topped with some tiger prawns)

No worries - I've lived with unpleasant fridges, and I've no desire to inflict one on anyone else.
Cedar Point does indeed close for the winter - the shores of Lake Erie is an evil place to be in the winter. If you get over here quick, they're still open on weekends until Halloween, though.
Heh! Yes, I was just thinking that after I made the entry.. ^_^;

Pity - even if all goes well, I doubt I'd be in a position to make any real trips in the next three months. Whenabouts do they shoo away the yaks and dismantle the staff igloos?

I can imagine Halloween there being a fun time, if probably fairly packed.. !
Haven't seen the Serenity film yet but I'd really, really recommend watching the series, if only because it will make your life a nicer place ^.^ It really is amazing- Joss Whedon was just practicing with Buffy and Angel xD
I would love to see the "Missing Believed Wiped" films. I love The Avengers.
So.. considering your current proximity, if I don't get asked over to sample one of these dinner fares of yours, I'm gonna, ooOOOoooOO!! *Shakes fist*

Just sayin'. ^_^ :D
Elégant, sophistiqué, rebelle et éternellement à la mode-- when being used to snootily describe toilet paper, at least, this is a phrase that can only be said in French. =:D