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Peek at these TV spots (500 & 900K, Flash video) that rabitguy spotted! It's heartening to see a telco courting the lapine market. (The "Texas Hold 'Em" one is perhaps the best, but they're all adorable)

If you're interested in dead trees, the San Francisco Public Library's holding the biggest book sale on the West Coast shortly, from Sep 29 - Oct 2, at the Festival Pavilion in Fort Mason, with 200,000 books on sale; and on Sunday, all at $1 or less.

Photo for the day probably has to be this one on the front page of the Red Vic's site, for The Art and Crimes of Ron English. I really don't know whether to call that work-safe or not.. ^_^

More Watership Down goodness.

Heh! A friend from a previous professional incarnation notes the redoubtable Jeff Minter's responsible for the music visuals on the Xbox 360. Probably not quite enough to get me especially interested in the console - for that, there's the nummy Cell architecture within the PS3, though it'll probably take the code monkeys a while to figure it out, and the possibility of some pukkah game design innovation with the Revolution, beyond mere specification dick size wars.

Pic for the day, though, must be Popeye the Sailor Moon. A curtsey to tgeller for that. ^_^ (And then there's this craigslist ad that he just pointed out.. be warned, it's in the "adult gigs" section :)

Ahhh. Finally, I got to enjoy one of my minor consumerist indulgences - a healthy run to Ranch 99 and Trader Joe's. We returned laden with variously interesting (carrot, yam) noodles, sauce staples such as oyster and fish, a 2lb bag of raw headless tiger prawns for $9, bay scallops, Taiwanese shrimp balls, a tray of woodear mushrooms for $1, nuclear peppers, Chinese long beans, shiro miso, and the necessaries for my special chicken preparation (as stego_s_aurus may recall), which I'll be attempting to reprise on Wednesday evening. And, of course, the holy tube of wasabi.
Is it Shaved Yak Day already?

Weellll.. bear in mind some of the newer phones have relatively large screens, on the order of 3" or so. Still not something you'd want to use as a secondary monitor for a laptop, but surprisingly good for watching TV resolution material, especially if the dot pitch is small enough.

The catch, of course, is the telcos generally charge some combination of limbs for material sent over their network, and then wonder why there's not greater takeup of 3G phones. The slimier ones will then attempt to make it as difficult as possible to simply upload stuff from your computer - their way or the highway. :-P Meanwhile, the pocket video player market begins to blossom.. ^_^