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I'll tap out a more useful summary of the past few days another time; but, when I got home tonight (I'll use the "h" word even though I'm merely a guest; it's a complex word in my context), I just began giggling, laughing out of sheer joie de vivre, so happy just to be alive, and right here. ^_^

It wasn't caused by anything in particular. I'd simply rounded off the evening with a good, hot shower with Dr Bronner's 18-in-1, and then off to see a film I'd only known by its soundtrack beforehand - and it happened to be the second of the films in the opening night of the Ninth Arab Film Festival - Exils, by Tony Gatlif (perhaps known to some of you via his Romany trilogy, including Latcho Drom and Gadjo Dilo). It's a simple story, but a superb travelogue through from Paris to Algiers, full of music, from the mournful passion of the flamenco, to hot Algerian-inspired techno.

And then, out into the night, 11.30pm, with people still crowding the sidewalks, Osaka Sushi happily serving away just across the road, and La Luna Piena still where I left it. About the only tiny spot on the night was finding my Tower rental account had expired, so I couldn't pick up Warp Records: The Videos 1989-2004, with some two dozen of their finest offerings, featuring Aphex Twin, Autechre, Squarepusher, and all that juicy marrowbone goodness dogs love.

And besides, who can feel sad with hot, fresh, positively delicious pizza in their paw? (A slice of Marcello's with Canadian bacon, pepperoni, and onion is Really Quite Good)

With the past few days being fairly busy, I'm afraid I've not had time to keep up with LJ; I'll be trying to remedy that.
8th and Folsom, Sunday at 2:00pm. We can do lunch. I kinda wanna meet ya sweets.
So glad you're back home at last. ^_^
Well, temporarily, at least. ^_^
If you come down to the LA/Orange County area sometime soon, tell me! As that is where I am currently schooling.
It's certainly not impossible, as there's a stego_s_aurus well overdue for a pouncing in that area. If Monday goes well, I'd love to trundle down on the Coast Starlight again - not a rapid train by any means, but some magnificent views along the way, once you're south of Monterey. (Last time, one highlight was seeing a couple dolphins frolicking, just as we reached Oxnard - by that point, the track's running quite close to the shoreline)
I've been meaning to take that train up to the Bay Area for Thanksgiving or something. Thanks for re-reminding me to look into it! And I'll be crossing my fingers wishing you luck today!
Mm, definitely worthwhile! Obviously, it's not an express route, and that's a very good thing in this case. ^_^ Just snag a seat in the observation car (the windows in the rest of the train, weirdly, were just the old enlongated porthole style things), make sure your batteries are all fully charged, and enjoy! (Newer carriages seem to offer plenty of tabletop 110V power, but not on that journey. Still, if it's a choice between needing power on the journey through some of the most wonderful scenery California has to offer, or through the Central Valley, I suppose one route's more in need than the other :)