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Michel Gagné's 3m36 short, Prelude to Eden, is now online. Easily the most professional more-or-less individually produced short I've seen, animated at a full 24 fps - but you can read all about it there. The large version can be found here (28MB).

(And this entry's music can be found here (1.5MB) for a little while. It's the full length version of the track used for Haibane Renmei's opening theme; the TV edit fades at the release to the piano around 1m20)

Fifty states, fifty slogans.

Ooooh.. bunny teapot! Sadly, it's one of a limited number of hand-made pots, so it's not available to buy.. would be rather cool to see something like that in a con art show or dealer's table, though.

w00t! I can see again. ^_^ Went into the optician in the local supermarket, as they're running a promo trial on contacts. And as a result of taxation, the test was covered too, as was a pair of glasses. Wow. Life in high-def! The resolution's remarkable.

Via masem, the quite excellent news of Steve Purcell teaming up with Telltale Games, for new Sam & Max games. ^_^ (LucasArts' rights to the duo expired recently, though the aborted Freelance Police title remains in cryogenic storage, along with George Lucas' sense of artistic integrity)

Now, I'm not really one given to enthuse over cars.. but kurtmrufa noticed this Mercedes. It's rather special. Getting two, or just one, roohbear? ^_^

The story of two cartoonists getting engaged.

I thoroughly enjoyed neonbunny's quick summary of Burning Man this year. I've not been, as yet, but if the rest of the month goes nicely, perhaps that'll change next year. Bunny Jam for sure, though. ^_^ (And quite possibly How Berkeley Can You Be, too, if I can somehow whip up a bunny tail and ears in time)

Via n: U2's Sunday, Bloody Sunday, performed by George Bush. ^_^

Here's a neat little article on beating fairground games.

A novel fundraising strategy for Planned Parenthood Southeastern Pennsylvania: you pledge an amount per protestor outside their HQ, between Oct 1 - Nov 30.

Macworld reports on the.. slight similarity between Quark's new logo, and that belonging to the Scottish Arts Council.

Superman landing. ^_^

Some amusing "rejected" print ads for Sun's new x64 server range..

Mm. iTunes 5's UI changes look quite nice to me - enlarging the "display" in miniaturised form is a welcome tweak. Hardly a major version's worth of changes, but that's almost archaic at this point. (One project I worked on launched at version 2.. marketing, yay! :)

Need a recommendation for a lobotomy?
you pledge an amount per protestor outside their HQ,

Holy christ crackers, that's brillant! :D
It's quite inspired.. ^_^ Speaking of which:

Holy christ crackers

Transubstantiation guaranteed*! Free disciple in every box - collect the set!
*For best results, use Holy Christ® brand wine.

If I had l337 Potatoshop skillz, I'd so be making that wrapper design. ^_^
Have I ever mentioned how much I approve of the fact that you have Ну Погоди! on your interests list? I think I have at some point.
It's such a wonderful little series! I really should try transcoding an episode or two for a future journal entry - if you saw it, that Kittinger clip showed well how H.264 can compress nigh-DVD level quality into a veritable paucity of bits. And there's little enough dialogue that subtitles are virtually redundant, though we could try hitting up balor for some. ^_^

I've got to try finding out more about Soyuzmultfilm's golden age - the works I saw (and whose names I barely even noticed, let alone remember) were easily the equal of Disney's peak, if not better, with such expressivity in the rabbits' ears in one forest scene. (I recall my host noting what did seem to be a golden rule with their furry characters - if they were on two legs, they would be wearing clothes; on four, they wouldn't) Just such gorgeous attention to detail.. and yet, tragically, all but unseen in the West!

(And that's again part of the wonder of the net - every now and then, it's possible to stumble across a true cinematic gem, either utterly unavailable conventionally, or merely something you wouldn't have stood a chance of discovering otherwise)

I think I may have to come up with a new icon.. ^_^
I'll be getting zero of those E55 Mercedes... it's just not my style. I'm currently saving up for either an SLK55 or an SL500. What really bums me out is that I'm blowing most of my savings to get a Pontiac Solstice while I'm here in the US. This job in the US seems to be going very well so I'm considering dumping my Canadian car (the SLK230) and keeping the Solstice while I'm here. Decisions.... ugh!