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My Barbarian's video for "Unicorns L.A." is worth seeing. Camp, geeky, and plenty of fun. And there's "Squirrel Action Radio", too.

Apparently, the California legislature's delaying sending AB 849 to the Governor, in order to give him time to be persuaded to sign rather than veto the bill. It must be presented by Sep 23. '"He cannot veto the bill until it gets to his desk," Leno said. "It may not get there for a couple more weeks and in that time period, we're doing everything we can to communicate with him."'

I was impressed to notice that Al Gore helped to arrange and finance the airlifting of 270 hospital evacuees on two charter flights out of New Orleans, and flew them.

Oh, now this is a beautiful casemod.. entirely in redwood. More pics of the display here.

Well, that was worth watching: "Holidays in the Danger Zone: Meet the Stans", looking at four Central Asian countries - in this episode, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The tour began with a visit to a biological weapons repository (bubonic plague, anthrax, etc), then to a new Canadian/British oilfield, then what had been the Ural Sea, a visit to the Kazakhstan Beatles, an American base in Kyrgyzstan, followed by a Russian base, making it perhaps unique. Then there was a sortie to one of the main valley conurbations (such as it is), where there's something of a hotbed of Islamic hotheads, putting up inciteful flyers, possession of which will gain you a ten year stay in the country, whilst putting them up can be lethal. This being followed by a brief interview with a member of one of those groups was a little unexpected. (Nothing revelatory - utter hatred of the US and the UK, and vitriol against inferiors such as the homeless, drug users, and gays) Also a brief visit to the quite international American University in Kyrgyzstan, courtesy of the State Department.

All that in about 1h30.. and some would say television is a waste of time? (Then again, there are those who dismiss the entirety of anime, so that's hardly a unique phenomenon)

Ars Technica's iPod nano review is a pretty thorough look over the device. And having reviewed it, they proceed to establish "how easily can this thing be destroyed?", followed, of course, by a dissection. And on that note, an examination of Apple's product life cycle. ^_^

And here's another favorite takeapart: the PSP, from when Lik-Sang received their first shipments.

Hm. Handy reminder to make a fresh mail backup.. Bunny's drive just gave a few seconds of a miniature bandsaw noise. It's done that before, on a few occasions, so it's not a sign of imminent failure, thankfully; but the drive is over six years old, and has seen more than a little use, plus a couple nasty falls. (With no effect to said PowerBook! It may be long in the tooth now, but the Wallstreet remains one of Apple's best designs, imho, with the sole exception of the formulation of the display hinges' alloy)

I like keeping my passports (I've held one since before I could walk :). The visas are momentos unavailable any other way; small pieces of modern history, such as in Yugoslavia's case. Not that I have any especially elaborate ones, though the old Hungarian one was nicely Soviet styled, as I recall.

A couple fun cat cartoons, courtesy of linguaphiles.

Finally! Mugabe says he'll step down.. in three years.

Here's a novel suggestion for couples wishing to conceive: follow the jiggle dance with a rollercoaster ride. "The end result of this happy tale is Leandro Elias, now the proud owner of a free lifelong ticket for all the theme park's rollercoasters."

tirran, the softie who'll never admit to anything of the kind.. come back to LJ? (And then there's brigus, also missing, last seen extolling the virtues of Weekapaug Gruit. And thunderhoof, who simply trotted away into the sunset last summer, never to be heard from again)

Oooh. This'll be a series to follow.. Madhur Jaffrey's Flavours of India. (Apparently produced by the BBC in 1995, and sold to India, amongst other countries :) First Kerala, then Gujurat and Punjab.
I'm still not sure about the nano, Perhaps I'll wait till the zepto!

That revew is pretty good though, if it survived being driven over by a SUV.... Perhaps I'll sell my body or not buy a gallon of unleaded to buy one :)
I suppose they'd have to skip the "atto", given there's already a company by that name. And there might be some who'd mistake "femto" for an odd fruity drink. Wonder if that still exists?

I think if I were in the market for an iPod, I'd likely still wind up with the full-size 60GB, to have everything on it. But for more casual use, the nano really does look rather good. And as far as Flash-based players go, quite cheap, too; one analyst was quoted as saying he estimated the price in volume around $45/GB, which would make the memory a very large part of the cost. Curiously, whilst there's been rumoring of Apple tying up a large Flash deal with Samsung, that Ars review noted their 2GB was using Toshiba memory. Still, if you're buying in that sort of volume - they were talking around half of Samsung's production capacity - there's probably better discounts than a free pair of batteries involved. ^_^

And isn't it high time "Two Jags" reviewed biodiesel taxation? This isn't the point in history where we can simply blindly wander along as if petra oleum is going to gush out of the ground endlessly. Besides, being such a magnificent hydrocarbon soup, it's so fantastically versatile in polymer production, amongst other uses - just burning the stuff seems so wasteful.
I thought a femto was a girly hygiene product?
there's probably better discounts than a free pair of batteries involved
Id say a battery a free lcd screen and some sound chips!

I think i'm going to develop a politician fueled car!
tirran, the softie who'll never admit to anything of the kind.. come back to LJ?

I'd like to see him back as well.