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(Today's soundtrack comes via rabitguy, and can be found here - 8.1MB)

Wired recently ran a very good interview with Jon Stewart and co-conspirator Ben Karlin.

"Wired: The Daily Show really exemplifies that sort of new model. It's on a cable network, not broadcast. It's among the most popular shows traded online. People download and watch the whole thing, every day. Were you guys aware of that?

Karlin: Not only am I not aware of that, I don't want to be aware of that.

Wired: Well, don't go shutting it down.

Stewart: We're not going to shut it down - we don't even know what it is. I'm having enough trouble just getting porn."

The forthcoming Bond movie, Casino Royale, is due next year, and will be directed by Martin Campbell, who helmed GoldenEye. I noticed that his car this time around will be a 4x4 Fiat Panda. (No word yet on who'll be playing Bond, but Pierce Brosnan's confirmed he's no longer being considered)

So, say you want to dispose of a light bulb, using an axe. This is what it would look like.

Outpost Gallifrey has some one-line synopses for the next season, with some highlights including "a race of evil cat women" in episode 2, the return of the Cybermen in eps. 5 & 6, and ep.11 to be written by Stephen Fry. As for the Christmas special, nothing's fixed yet, but Boxing Day is being considered. A little way down, there's also a list of who'll be on the commentaries for each episode in the forthcoming box set. And K9 returns in one episode of the next season!

On which note, reading through this thread in doctorwho, I couldn't help but wonder if momentrabbit might be duly inspired. I do want to see pics upon completion, needless to say.

Well, that was nice.. my downlink just went from 512kbps to 2Mbps. ^_^

Ye gods. Through the miracle of BitTorrent, I've discovered something I never thought I'd see again: two episodes of the original series of Max Headroom. No, not the Lorimar adventure series (which also recast Bryce as a good guy), but Max as a VJ, introducing neat videos, occasionally with a guest tossed in. (Needless to say, there's absolutely no commercial availability of this series, only the movie and the Lorimar series) Leads me to wonder - why isn't there any release? No interest from distributors, price demanded too high, or - as I'm vaguely suspecting - rights issues in clearing all the videos used?

Joel Spolsky once wrote an amusing column on hiring programmers: 'It reminded me of a visit I made to EDS once when I was working for Microsoft. EDS had modern, clean, well lit offices, but they were just seas of cubicles. Any kind of personalization of the workspace was forbidden. Fluorescent lights everywhere. Windows were strictly for managers. If you've seen the movie Office Space, you know what I mean. As I left the building with my Microsoft colleagues, I remember saying, "you know, if I had to work in a place like that, I'd cry for two hours when I got to work in the morning."'

Great Moments in Science #4599: the hamster-powered cellphone recharger.

New Scientist's article on Kliper notes that it's in fact a three-way cooperative venture: Russia, the EU, and Japan. Inasmuch as one can rely on time estimates for a project of such magnitude, it's interesting to note that they're hoping for the first unmanned flight in 2010, the first manned in 2011, just as the Shuttles are finally retired. 'NASA is developing a shuttle replacement called the Crew Exploration Vehicle, which it hopes to launch by 2014, but has said it does not want international governmental cooperation on the project. That has "shoved" Europe into searching for an alternative spacecraft to ensure "we'd always have access to space", says Thirkettle.' Woohoo! Space race!

Well, Wednesday wasn't a prime day.. I'd been sneezing a lot on Tuesday, and wound up feeling very uncomfortably bloated, with a flu-like lack of energy thrown in for good measure. I thought some good sleep might fix things.. so, I enjoyed a day of broken sleep, with dreams of the quality of a version of Rubber Johnny as if Turbine Divinity had produced it. Followed by several more hours of intermittent napping. Thursday was more gently spaced out. ^_^;

The surprisingly entertaining origins of the 1040 tax return form.

While randomly looking at the current state of Cuba and North Korea, I noticed this rather curious tidbit: "North Korea has some exquisite national parks, and the country is almost completely unexploited by commercial tourism. From the ultra-clean showcase capital, from which old people and pregnant women are excluded [...]" So, it's the anti-Florida?

kaputotter recently reminded us of the news of "US Blowjobless Rate At All-Time High".

Want to see some of the voices behind all those movie trailers? Here you go. ^_^ (7.8MB)

Bit of a nuisance.. seems the DVD-ROM drive in Bunny is old enough (ca.1999) that it won't read DVD-Rs, only printed DVDs. Still, I've read of people opening up the module casing and replacing the drive with a suitable slimline DVD-R. Then again, it's not really worth going to much trouble - about the only cause I'd have to read any DVD-R data on Bunny is music backups, and that's fine over 10Base-T. But more memory would seem like a good idea - it'll only address a maximum of 512MB, but that'd probably see a decent performance improvement from its current 320MB, given the processor's off the lower end of the supported range.

As you've probably seen, Google Talk is now live. Just set up an entry in your chat app's server list for a Jabber server at talk.google.com, and your gmail address and password, and you're set. Apps like Fire, Adium, iChat, and Trillian can all talk Jabber.

And, shamelessly yoinked from thewhiteotter, because it's simply too good not to pass on:

o/~ Tsukurimashou, tsukurimashou, sate sate nani ga dekiru kana o/~
So the kid got a D grade overall, despite inventing the hamster charger? I got a B, without any aid from rodents ;)
I noticed that! Bah. Next time round, just watch if he hasn't graduated to having them power miniature self-powered lasers. That'll teach them!
Next time round *snerk*
Hamsters II: This Time.. It's Personal.

No, that really doesn't sound right. ^_^;
Not really :P
That should be

So the kid got a D grade overall, because inventing the hamster charger? I invented a temperature controlled energy saving soldering Iron in my Technology O level and I only got a B!
I got a B on the strength of dangerous experiments involving chemicals :P
I wasn't alone, I think, in feeling quite disappointed in one chemistry class when the tutor outlined the steps necessary in producing trinitrotoluene, yet failed to set it as a lab practical. Still, I suppose there's only so much insurance a local authority can afford. (The key being, as I recall, bumping the temperature up to 110C, taking about two hours or so)

Fascinating subject, chemistry. ^_^


Is this a wolf version of a smack to the face? :)
I definitely get the feeling the comedian on the left needs to find new material. ^_^
Panda what now???
Well, given the low numbers in the wild, CITES has recently taken to manufacturing additional pandas in Italy, you see.
You forgot GAIM! ;)

Also, shouldn't DVD-ROMs be super cheap now? I know you can get dual layer DVD burners for ~$50US now.
Weellll.. Adium's based on Gaim. ^_^

Ah, but I'm pondering replacing the drive module in Bunny, so it's got to be a very thin drive - always rather more expensive than regular height drives. But certainly, the time's ripe for anyone looking at DVD-R - even the best drives, like the Pioneer DVR-109 and friends, are only around the $50/£30 mark now. I've got a DVR-108 in a no-name Firewire/USB case, and gods.. it's a world apart from the 4x CD-R it replaced. *grin* (Pleasingly, Toast 5.2.3 even recognised the drive fine, despite that version being from about two years before the drive's release)
The slimline ones are a bit of a pain to fit! I replaced a CD-ROM with a CD-RW/DVD combo drive in my Toshiba Laptop I don't think I would do another
Egh, I can imagine.. I've toyed with replacing Ocelot's DVD-ROM with a writer (but, even aside from finances, it'd be a bit redundant, given the external DVR-108, which works absolutely flawlessly. And with Ocelot's backlight not working (wish I knew why, but it's very difficult to diagnose without any test equipment at all. Doesn't feel like the inverter board's dead, as it will come on every month or two, as if to prove its comparative immortality), there wouldn't be all that much benefit.

Bunny'd be much easier, as the PowerBook G3 family (Wallstreet, Lombard, Pismo - sadly, not the names used as their official designators, just their development codenames, but that's how they're known colloquially) all had two removable expansion bays - so upgrading Bunny's drive would be a matter of opening up the thin module casing of the DVD-ROM and replacing the drive, no need to tinker around with the 'book's innards. Nice system, but it inevitably made for a thicker laptop as a result, and then the shape changed very slightly when the Lombard came out, so manufacturers had yet another module shape to make and stock. Bays bowed out with the debut of the TiBook, a fairly impressive 1" thick as a consequence.

Still, would be nice if Bunny could read DVD-R. Mouse too, which has only a CD-ROM drive. (Again, not a huge matter - just a matter of transferring over the network rather than directly from the disc)

I wonder what became of that nifty LV-R we had at Trilobyte? Gods, the quality on that device was absolutely fantastic.. ISTR the technology was similar to laserdisc, but not compatible, with the discs permanently mounted inside suitably monstrous caddies. That was used as the master source for all T7G/11H's video.

Not much good for laptop use, though.
Hamster power...yeah...that's what I'm talkin' 'bout.