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(This entry's music selection (2.8MB) comes to you courtesy of neonbunny)

As you've probably gathered, I have something of a fondness for cinema. What movies really mean something to you? Why? Any characters or movies in particular - maybe Dr Strangelove, or Babe?

Courtesy of the inimitable Fafblog: How to tell how gay your son is. (Be sure to read the comments too. "According to Mr. Dobson's criteria, I'm gay as a bush full of bunnies. My wife will be so surprised...")

This sounds like it could be fun.. "Clinton: His Struggle with Dirt": "The Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky affair seen from the viewpoint of the year 2028, by which time the Americans have developed their own strange language (the fragments of it you hear after the end of each dubbed 'translation' are a real treat) and Tony Blair has become a woman." - and it's one of Armando Iannucci's productions. (Familiar to some as writer and producer of The Day Today)

rustyfox has some thoughts on diesel, and replacements for it.

Robert Dreyfuss, writing in the American Prospect, outlines some methods for withdrawal from Iraq.

Interesting.. LJ's just launched an automatic payment option. To mark its debut, paid account folks can sign up on the yearly cycle and receive a bonus three months. It'll pro-rate the first payment to as little as you need to make up a full year.

Over the Hedge - I admit, I actually chose the apartment back in Oregon on the basis of the carpet. (I had a choice of two in the complex) It was a bizarre mash of hues only ever seen in the 70s - beige and olive. I knew I had to be there. ^_^

Come on, with a headline like this, how could I not look? Pee-powered battery smaller than a credit card: "The first urine-powered paper battery has been created by physicists in Singapore. The credit-card sized unit could be a useful power source for cheap healthcare test kits for diseases like diabetes, and could even be used in emergency situations to power a cellphone, they say."

Mmmm, I could just use some VitaMalz..

A new study suggests the cause of epilepsy is somewhat different to the current school of thought, triggered by an abnormal type of brain cell; this could lead to entirely new strategies in treatment.

Aha! The mystery of Fur-Piled page 131 is solved. ^_^ (It's the title page for the new chapter, "Roxane")

Got Hakuna Matata in other languages? In this posting on linguaphiles, someone's looking for just that: "I have now downloaded the song "hakuna matata" from Disney's the Lion King in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish and even Japanese! (already got the swedish version on CD) [...] I am trying to get hold of the Danish, Finnish, Russian, Mandarin and other versions"

And with impeccable timing, akira114 just let me know of some small stills from Guy Maddin's next production, Brand Upon the Brain. Yay!
used in emergency situations to power a cellphone

Gee, I don't know if I really want my cellphone to drip and smell like piss, since I have to hold it up to my ear to use it! Better get one with a headset, and put the phone in a baggy. :-)
Why no, ossifer, I'm not drunk - I'm just recharging my cellphone!
"As you've probably gathered, I have something of a fondness for cinema. What movies really mean something to you? Why? Any characters or movies in particular - maybe Dr Strangelove, or Babe?"

One of my favorite movie characters (if not my most favorite) is The Crow. Well, I know it's not just a movie character, but the first (and by far the best) movie is what interested me. I've since gotten the original comic (all in English and parts of it in Italian when I was in the Navy, heheh).

But I think the reason I like The Crow so much is that it's a story of someone in a hopeless victim type situation getting another chance to make things right, usually very violently and poetically at the same time.
Oooh, good answer! Yes, I saw and immensely enjoyed (well, perhaps "enjoy" paints too rosy a picture - but took to it very easily) the film, which was my introduction to the character, as well as the work of director Alex Proyas, who also acquitted himself in admirable fashion with Dark City. (Although I'm not sure why Sega chose to lift the logo for the Dreamcast from said film :)

A very emotional film, of course, albeit with its own tragic ending in RL. Needless to say, when I later picked up a laserdisc player, an LD of said title joined the happy family later on as well.

I've not seen any of the later films, though - my vague understanding is City of Angels suffered from sequelitis, though. But the first.. I'm not generally a huge one for violent and bloody films, but the underlying beauty of his need to remain easily countered that. And certainly, the combat scenes were excellently composed, very well shot (so to speak). It's one thing to film a gunfight, but another to show it intelligibly, not just a mass of action. (Similarly, the first Matrix was very cleanly composed, visual processing aside - which of course made the second and third films somewhat disappointing by comparison, as the first had such precise editing as you only find now and then, from folks like the Coen Brothers, eg The Big Lebowski)

Mmm. I could quite go for another viewing of The Crow.. unfortunately, said LD's with all the others, many miles hence. Still, I've one or two other films I can divert myself with. ^_^ (As much as anything, that's one of the wonderful things about DVD - it's easy to just slip a couple 48-disc holders into a carry-on bag. 96 laserdiscs.. not so much)