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Woohoo! More Fur-Piled! (But what of the mysterious page 131? Will we ever know?)

patch_bunny noticed this hilarious article on Bunny Burgers, seeking advice from PR agencies for their initial launch.

As kindly pointed out by thewerewolf, Eric Idle penned a response to his $5000 FCC fine for uttering "fuck" on Howard Stern's show. OH NOES!

Presenting: Elvis the RoboCat (5MB). Following a road accident, he lost the use of his hind legs; so, his human made up a robotic platform controlled by his front paws, in order to get around. It has a bit of a hoax feel to it, but it's a curious clip in any event.

Downhill Battle's just released the beta of their internet TV application, DTV, using RSS to publish channels, and BitTorrent to provide the necessary bandwidth. It's not the full launch, but OS X folks can enjoy the first version now, with Windows users to be supported shortly. It's all GPL code, so if you're using another OS and fancy wiring it up to use Mplayer or VLC for decoding, it's right there.

Reportedly, swan tastes something like pheasant. (It's legal in the UK in only certain circumstances, apparently including certain Oxbridge collegiate events, and more or less, Orkney and the Shetlands, on the basis of old Norse-derived law, and to members of the Royal Family)

Raymondo Person is a simply drawn, reasonably warped strip - it's liable to appeal if you've enjoyed Don Hertzfeldt's work. (Not always work-safe, as in the first one the link takes you to.

Reading up a little on Ernie Kovacs' career, I was tickled to notice "Kovacs' epitaph reads Nothing in moderation.".

I've long enjoyed Red Meat. As with most strips, it's something of a hit-and-miss affair, sometimes memorable, sometimes just vaguely amusing.. this one shows the spark's still there. ^_^

Hm! So the third Balto movie actually came out, presumably OAV. Sounds like a reasonable production, too.

On the global warming front, another fun indicator's been discovered, in the form of a million square kilometer peat bog melting into lakes. "The sudden melting of a bog the size of France and Germany combined could unleash billions of tonnes of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. [...] Western Siberia has warmed faster than almost anywhere else on the planet, with an increase in average temperatures of some 3°C in the last 40 years."
Yeah that was a bit of an oddity. On the DAY it came out on DVD they had broadcast it on Cartoon network. heavily pushing the DVD sale DURING the showing of the actuall movie. Really wierd way to promote a DVD i think.

As far as it being any good... i give it a great big --EH-- --soso-- Its moderatly entertaining. Certainly a long way off from the original's charm. The art production is pretty above average tho this time around. Far better than Balto 2 i think. Musical numbers are still there, which kinda is teh suxxor since they really arent memorable or catchy tunes.

Memorable moments: The new lady goose. If there was never before an avian sex symbol, there is now! Its bordering on soft core porn, the way they present her. Shes pretty 'hawt' tho so... eh you be the judge there ;)
Heh! That is a fairly novel strategy.. ^_^ It's pretty common for anime to be aired one week and available on DVD within a month (often only one or two episodes per disc, and at Japanese prices - but it seems to work!), but simultaneous? I wonder how that worked out? With the rise of the net, and home theater systems becoming pretty high quality, I'd like to see more immediate availability - it'd make sense for a lot of people, being able to gather together in someone's home and enjoy a new film there, rather than have to go to the local megaplex. Of course, going out's part of the fun of it for many, but if you're, say, having to take care of a baby or toddler, it'd be far easier that way than having to sort out a sitter for the night. All up to the studios, of course, who keep wanting to exploit DRM to its full (non-)worth, expiring the files within some short amount of time, locking it to the same system it was downloaded on, and so forth. (Meanwhile, of course, the same movies make their way around the world for free, gaining the studios nothing in the process)

I'm fine with musical numbers in animated features, needless to say - just look at The Lion King. ^_^ (Oh, gods.. first time I saw that opening sequence running at one of the Disney Stores, I was enthralled. Still the film I've seen most times theatrically, by far - about eight times. Of course, it didn't hurt I was close to a real TLK fan at the time :) But when the numbers just aren't particularly memorable, as with Home on the Range (not a bad flick, just a bit lacking. Jack the Rabbit, animated by Shawn Keller, was a highlight).. ah well.

The new lady goose.

Hee! I suppose I've got to see this sometime. *giggle*
ask and you shall recieve... this is the nearly pornographic lady goose i was refering too. i laugh just looking at these pics. She singlehandedly coule bring the show form a G to a PG-13... or at peast PG... Yes its awfully suggestive in the actuall movie :P



anyways... enjoy the goofy stuff there :) Its definatly worth mentioning having seen the movie and actually finding it realy over the top with this new character. :)
Bunny Burgers - *giggles*
To make them even better, put them on Bunny Bread. :-)
If I ever wind up living in a region where I can find that, I want to look into the mascot prospects. ^_^

Of course, one can only wish it had transformative properties.. but I suppose we'll have to settle for now for "collect ten tokens, receive a free bunny in 8-10 weeks!" offers, or the like.
Better practice bouncing a blue ball around, if so. :-)
And of course winking, winking, winking! ;-)
*giggle* For some reason, that triggered the memory of that Python "nudge, nudge, wink, wink" sketch. ^_^

Mm. Think I'll have a look at what some of Rutland Weekend Television's actually like..
Eric Idle penned a response to his $5000 FCC fine for uttering "fuck" on Howard Stern's show. OH NOES!

Heh. This little gem got pointed out to me sometime last week. I most definitely approve. To hell with the humorless fucks.

On the global warming front, another fun indicator's been discovered, in the form of a million square kilometer peat bog melting into lakes.

Erf. I'd kinda heard about that, but I didn't know it was on that massive a scale. It's a shame. We've really messed up the planet in some ways.
It's a fun little ditty. ^_^ It's quite impressive how they all continued, post-Python, both individually and together - such a tremendously talented bunch. Actually, I did just come across something of a rarity from the hands of Eric Idle and Neil Innes (of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band) recently: the complete Rutland Weekend Television. Don't worry if it's not familiar - I'd never heard of it until the other week. ^_^

Maybe instead of fining the station for that classic "clothing accident", the FCC could just have offered $1 worth of therapy to anyone who wrote in to complain?

It's not heartening reading of such imminently and newly exposed sources of greenhouse gases, to be sure. The trouble is, there's such gigantic momentum involved - if we reach a tipping point, it'd be too late. And even if genuine, concerted action were taken now, might we already be too late? Probably not, yet, but seeing all this political Titanic-grade whistling on the decks doesn't cause one to brim over with hope. Still, we can but try. Those companies and governments that see new opportunities in developing complete replacements for, say, oil used in transport - ideally, methods that don't simply trade one means of CO2 production for another - will see the greatest gains, both environmentally and financially. It's a time of tremendous opportunity, for those willing to seize it.

I've got a Book of Rutland Weekend Television somewhere, I have only seen clips of the show, its the sort of thing that may come out on DVD if the episodes still exist!

About a year or two ago the CBC did a documentary on Methane hydrates in the Canadian north. On the one hand they recognized that the massive stores of methane could be a phenominal reserve of energy if there were a cheap method of extraction. However they also presented the dire situation of global warming which is apparently getting to be easy to notice up there. More released methane = more greenhouse gas = higher temperatures = less ice = more released methane hydrate, and so on. Its a situation which could rapidly jack global temperatures. There's also stores of methane frozen in the seas as well.

Its pretty scary actually.
Erf. Indeed.. such cyclic positive feedback is a recurring theme in such warming mechanisms. And there's quite a store of similarly bound methane in the oceans, too - peculiarly enough, the Slashdot comments when that story was posted there actually yielded some salient points, eg "It seems I missread the estimate of methane at the bottom of the ocean, it is between about 2 and 9 trillion tons, not 27 trillion. Not that it matters much, we're still talking about 60 times as much methane as in all of Siberia." - again, a release contained by higher solubility in colder water.

I've also heard mention of a fresh Exxon study painting a rather gloomy picture of peak oil being reached by the end of the decade - I'll have to see if I can find out more on that. It's a difficult matter to fathom, even when countries and corporations are being honest in their disclosures, let alone the oddly "increasing" reserves of Saudi Arabia.
Hehe, Raymondo Person is amusing. Somewhat. But I think I'll hold back on the sharing it with friends for right now ^^;;

Meeeerf. Don't suppose we could just stick a very, very large tarp over the entire area and suck up the methane to use for something else?