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rabitguy pointed out this noteworthy site, outlining "the language of lagomorphs", going into detail about the many signals of behavior, body posture, ear movement, and suchlike, and how to interpret them. Fascinating stuff. And don't miss the brief clip of happy rabbits. ^_^

"Of course, if the problem behavior is something really bad, you should first shout "No" and make it stop before demonstrating that you are offended. In this case, you may end up back to back, in an insult contest. If so, try wiping your face and hair a bit (i.e. grooming yourself), to show that you're willing to stand there forever until an apology is forthcoming. If none is given, walk away, flicking your feet backwards. Make sure the rest of your family understands what you're doing so they don't drag you to the psychiatrist. Warning: they might do so anyway."

Where Fox fumbles, the Independent Film Channel (finally) picks up again - behold the Greg the Bunny 2005 Reunion Special, and, new episodes starting this month! And on their site, as well. ^_^

Time Canada reports on the early assessment in the wake of the recent dramatic escape of all passengers from an Air France flight that ran off the runway while landing in bad weather.

Oh, this could be good - amongst Disney's forthcoming projects is "American Dog", the topmost on that page. Some more pics here, too: "From the creator of Lilo & Stitch comes the charmingly twisted story of a canine TV star who finds himself stranded in the most forsaken hundred miles of Nevada with an oversized bunny and a testy cat."

An interesting report in The Reg notes that Intel, one of the major backers of the forthcoming standard, is assisting local authorities in the technical preparations for offering municipal WiMAX net.access. This might tie in well with the FCC's recent decision to no longer require other companies be offered access to the Baby Bells' lines, potentially enforcing a DSL monopoly within their respective regions.

Mmm. Nothing like a good burger as a midnight snack. ^_^ Just some lean ground beef from the freezer, a little garlic salt, pepper, and teriyaki marinade, shaping, and finishing off for a minute or two in the microwave.

A classic tale of suburban come-uppance, via toraneko.

This is an odd little anecdote, of a girl simply wanting to buy a toy elephant, apparently not a species sanctioned by her mother. Was this really just some exceptionally zealous enforcement of gender stereotypes? In any case, the comments are worth reading too: "Since I couldn't have GI Joes I just turned every toy I had into a ninja or soldier or whatever ^^ I don't think any adults ever realized my friends and I were doing things like playing "Temple of Doom" "Highlander" and "the Conquering of the New World" instead of happy pony tea parties.

I *know* they never noticed the gallows or cardboard guillotines."

BoingBoing does turn up the occasional gem of a curiosity - in this case, a company making fish sausages has decided to try appealing to the children's market, by adding strawberry milk flavoring. '"It's an unexpected combination, but a taste that children will like," a Nissui official said. "Strawberries go well with minced fish."'

Dammit. Now I'm going to have to try that. ^_^

Finally, street art.. the power of perspective. Hee!
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