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Just two rarebits for the moment, which may well be unfamiliar to.. just about everyone reading this. ^_^

First off, an episode (27.1MB) of an old British children's show, Animal Kwackers. By some accounts, this is the only episode surviving. (I've used H.264 for the video, so if you're using VLC, you'll probably need to get the current version, 0.8.2. On the QuickTime front, you'll need QT7, as that's where support for H.264 was introduced - it's a relatively recent codec, the latest in the MPEG-4 family. Slightly more processor demanding, but able to squeeze even more tightly)

And, the Tiswas performance (4.8MB) of the seminal lapine tune, Bright Eyes. (As for what Tiswas was, that's another matter entirely :)

Does this sound slightly familiar to anyone? A restaurant owning family in Santa Cruz is set to have their land taken away and handed over for condo development.

As murries notes - "the coolest thing I've ever seen". Yes. Yes, it is.

I see Germany's striking that cute little ß from the language, to be replaced by what it's always stood for, double "s".

Via ducktapeddonkey, Safety Tips from Anubis. Now there's a con skit calling out to be performed.. ^_^

Coming up in the movies queue for the coming week: the Hungarian humorous thriller Kontroll, and the Thai fantasy Tropical Malady.
Tags: animal kwackers, bright eyes, eminent domain, tiswas
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