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Just a quickie for the moment, as I've been catching up on some anime and movies - so I'm also rather behind with LJ (as in, well over a week). Gomen. ^_^; I will, of course, be catching up with everything everyone's written, though that'll probably put me a few days behind too..

First off, some new little tidbits about the next season of Doctor Who. ^_^ Cybermen, yay! (Larger, uncropped version of the photo here)

And spidermouse sent me this link to National Geographic's mention of Futa, the standing red panda. The photo isn't the same as the one most other reports used, and is dangerously adorable. Of course. ^_^

I ♥ this car. ^_^

Pics for the day are two from Uaykan: this and this, both featuring a red panda and a polecat. Not at all safe for work, but so very cute. ^_^ (Originally linked to their FurAffinity appearances, but locally served for the moment) And "Bullhorn", by pac, for those preferring a darker, surrealistic tone.

Here's a very handy service for those times when some site insists on an email address just for a download, or accepting an online coupon: It's completely insecure, as you simply provide a username - that's it. It'll then show you the last few days of email for that username. So, just supply the nosy company with something like, wait for whatever validation code to be sent, then check that email address on their site.

A rather cool Flash short: How the Jones' 23rd Goldfish Narrowly Escaped Death (2.5MB). There's not much of a story (it's only a minute or so long), but just look at that gorgeous animation! And from a newly minted Flash graduate, too.

Wired takes a look at one movie I've been looking forward to for some time: Terry Giliam's The Brothers Grimm, opening on Aug 26. The trailer can be found here, or, for those with a suitably beefy system, here in high definition (up to 1080p).

And, Chicken Little's trailer is also up. ^_^ I'm going to be wanting to see this, purely because it's the latest from Mark Dindal, who previously brought us Cats Don't Dance, and The Emperor's New Groove.

When cutting lasers are discussed, all too often, discussion turns to matters of plate metals, especially steel (poor iron!). Personally, I'm more interested in the penetration power of a laser into beef. After all, if sliced at an appropriate thickness, couldn't the cutting serve to sear the meat into a deliciously medium-rare condition in the process?

Quite a special screening of Donnie Darko in London, on Aug 6: "Set in London's beautiful Royal Kensington Gardens, the film will be accompanied by a specially-commissioned live performance of the soundtrack by the National Symphony Orchestra (for which a new instrument, christened "the darkophone", has been created), and a finale performance of Mad World by the soundtrack's composer, Michael Andrews."

Laço Tayfa's Hicaz Dolap is a remarkable album, presenting traditional Turkish gypsy melodies with a modern jazz angle. Here's a sample track: Puskullu (1.8MB).

I found this story quite fascinating, about the Dalai Lama offering a talk at the Society for Neuroscience's annual meeting in November, which is stirring up some minor controversy between philosophy, religion, and science.

Here's an enjoyable examination of the workings of Costco, not a Wall Street darling, apparently.

At long last, I have a new favorite RSS reader. ^_^ Meet Feed, for OS X. It's a simple app, reminiscent in appearance of pre-Tiger Mail - open source, too, under the BSD license (ie take it and do whatever you want with it, providing you retain acknowledgement of its origins). It's stable, seems to work reliably, handles RSS and Atom (unlike MiNews, unfortunately, which is otherwise a good app, but RSS-only), and the author's highly responsive to bug reports and feature requests. What's not to love? (Hint: get the latest beta, which includes the highly useful "mark all items in this feed as read" button, and doesn't quit the app when the window's closed)
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