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It's been confirmed:

"Billy West (Fry, Zoidberg, the Professor, and many more voices for many more shows) revealed to us that a brand-new direct-to-video Futurama movie has been greenlit. Not only that, but there is also an option for a second movie as well."

And lo, there was much w00tness.
Excellent! About time. Stupid Fox.
I was amazed they'd cancel the show, but, self-fulfilling prophecy time.. low ratings, which of course had nothing whatsoever to do with endlessly shuffling its timeslot around. :-P Still, if there's at least this coming out, I wonder if there's any prospect of the series itself being brought back, à la Family Guy? Maybe I should snuffle around one or two of the Futurama fan sites, and see if there's any vague rumblings to that effect..