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It's been confirmed:

"Billy West (Fry, Zoidberg, the Professor, and many more voices for many more shows) revealed to us that a brand-new direct-to-video Futurama movie has been greenlit. Not only that, but there is also an option for a second movie as well."

And lo, there was much w00tness.
Hooray! I love that show!
Definitely, as soon as I'm able, I'd love to lay my paws on one of the complete box sets. I've got pretty much all of the episodes as is, from their original broadcasts - in no small part due to roohbear - but I'd like to have perfect quality copies, as the series has had such great rewatchability with me. Some of the commentaries are pretty good, too, going by the volume I enjoyed while over at savak's lair. (Accidentally, given I'd originally been visiting stego_s_aurus.. arrived Friday night, only to be woken up by him on Saturday morning. He had this idea that, with the mountain to the west on fire, maybe we should leave.. just in time, as it turned out, as the town was evacuated at 5pm. And that, of course, was a trip where I didn't bring along the camcorder..)

Wonder how long production will take, if it's only about to get underway? In any event, excellent news. ^_^ Now, if Fox could only announce a resumption of the TV show too, complete with a stable time slot. Who knows? Stranger things have happened..
Billy West = Stimpy ! [Thats his best role IMO] Did you see the link to the computer case modded into an exact model of Bender a few posts back on my LJ
When I first realised West was also responsible for Ren, it took me a little while to believe it.. ^_^ But, yes, you can see the basic nature there.. Zoidberg's rather further away, but then, that's what makes good voice actors who they are. I want to see an episode of Futurama voiced by them all live.. ^_^

Ah, yes! Saw that case design - hell of a piece of work! Turned out perfectly. But did they include Realistic Burping Action with Flames™? (Now there's an action figure feature people would pay for)
John K was originally the voice of Ren, but Billy West took over when John K got kicked out for being 'too wierd' etc [Get the Season 1 + 2 Ren and Stimpy DVD box set if you haven't already, Don't bother with the 3 onwards one as that'll be the NON John K/Nickelodon CRAP !]

Dunno if you've ever seen any RL pictures/footage of Billy West, but he looks SO like 'Fry', it's kind of freaky...
Heh! Now I'll have to see if I can find a publicity shot or two of Fry Billy West. ^_^ I always thought they did such a great job with casting on the show..

If you're a collector of John K's works, you might be interested in the video he produced for one of Bjork's tracks - mostly fairly restrained, but a neat short regardless. I'll try to remember to extract and compress it sometime.

Thinking of the Log song, have you seen The Dildo Song? It's bound to be easily found with some googling..
See the Billy west interviews on the Futurama DVDs [BTW I'm on Yahoo IM now as kumamotors ]
Holy CRAP you have Ну Погоди! listed as an interest!


We used to watch that practically every Friday in Russian, and I tell you, if watching a bunny kick a wolf's ass after five days of early-morning Russian classes doesn't cheer me up, then nothing will. =:D
Hee! It's brilliant stuff. ^_^ A friend introduced me to the series a couple years ago, and as soon as we got back home, I had to find the shorts somewhere on the net.. it took three days, but I finally found a Russian ftp site with eighteen (I think there've been a couple more) of them.

It's also fun noticing the little things they'd slip in past the censors, too, like around the second one, with the particular arrangement of the bunny's balloons..

ISTR they're even available on DVD now - no question, one I'll have to pick up when I can. (And, for that matter, some of the golden age of Soyuzmultfilm's work, with furry animation easily on a par, if not beyond, with Disney works like Bambi)
Excellent! About time. Stupid Fox.
I was amazed they'd cancel the show, but, self-fulfilling prophecy time.. low ratings, which of course had nothing whatsoever to do with endlessly shuffling its timeslot around. :-P Still, if there's at least this coming out, I wonder if there's any prospect of the series itself being brought back, à la Family Guy? Maybe I should snuffle around one or two of the Futurama fan sites, and see if there's any vague rumblings to that effect..