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Pic for the day: Ultraviolet's Gimme a shot. (Not work safe.. and speaking of which, these furs, of lupine and lapine interest, appear to be from a new comic - did anyone catch it at AC?)

Not that I was able to go along, but these photos from the AC2005 Morimoto dinner, posted by kaputotter, suggest the food was orgasmically good.

And elsewhere at AC2005, a rocking fox. Every home should have one.

As you know, Roy Disney and friends have been crusading against the Disney company's mismanagement in recent years. It seems that's now at an end, with Roy Disney announcing the closure of SaveDisney. Too late to save the 2-D animation teams, at least as they were, but maybe they and the company can rise again. Speaking of whom, they'll be handling the US release of the animated avian feature Valiant on August 19th.

A new furry adventure, gorgeously illustrated (and with lemurs too): The Katurran Odyssey. Be sure to check out the full-size sample pages.

Another source of military news: the Moscow Defense Brief. An example of the stories featured is a look at Russian cooperation in India's nascent independent space industry.

Dino folks might like to know there's a CG feature film version of GON coming in 2007. Surprisingly, very little I found noteworthy was announced at the recent Anime Expo, though I did notice The Fuccons being picked up - the everyday tale of a family of three American mannequins who've moved to Japan. I think I'll want to see this.

For anyone stuck on dialup at the moment, there is quite an intriguing Inmarsat-based option, offering 144kbps in a tiny portable unit. There is a small catch in the airtime pricing, however.

A new study concludes that organic farms produce the same yields as conventional farms: '"First and foremost, we found that corn and soybean yields were the same across the three systems," said Pimentel, who noted that although organic corn yields were about one-third lower during the first four years of the study, over time the organic systems produced higher yields, especially under drought conditions. The reason was that wind and water erosion degraded the soil on the conventional farm while the soil on the organic farms steadily improved in organic matter, moisture, microbial activity and other soil quality indicators.'

Via rabitguy:

  • Copy and paste your LJ Friends List into an update and leave behind an LJ Cut.

  • If you've met them in person or otherwise know them from the offline world, bold their screenname. If you've only talked to them on the phone, italicize their name. If you've only talked to them online, leave their name alone. If you have someone on your Friends List who has multiple LJ's, only use one and get rid of the rest from the list.

    aethwolf, akira114, amelitatwinstar, arakinuk, arbutus, arokh, austin_dern, avon_deer, balor, bayshore, befrafa, bosn, brigus, butterscotchvix, cashewlou, coongt, coyo, dagoski, dakhun, danur, digeri, discosnorlax, dronon, ducktapeddonkey, eliki, enteirah, ethethlay, fairbear, fairybear, fangwolf, foofers, foxcoon, foxxfire, foxymoonheart, freakylynx, funos, gatcat, giro_batol, growlcoon, huskyteer, ibneko, jainasia, jharish, jirris_midvale, kaputotter, kaysho, keithikins, kiinasscribbles, kiroo, kuma_chan, kurtmrufa, kyhwana, loganberrybunny, marko_the_rat, masem, mejeep, merik, mirawais, momentrabbit, morganbatness, mycroftb, mythos_amante, n, nagisa_kaworu, neonbunny, nibblescoon, omega256, orona_red, paka, pandaguy, patch_bunny, plushlover, pocket_entropy, porsupah, princebambi, purplecat, pyesetz, qj_productions, quentincoyote, rabbitswift, rabitguy, radjin, raz_raccoon, rcking, rcoony, rigelkitty, ristin, rose_quoll, rubberskunk, rummy_raccoon, runtt, rustyfox, savak, shadowolf, shep_shepherd, silvertomcat, skylerbunny, sloblock, slycat, sockscatt, spaceroo, sphelx, spidermouse, stego_s_aurus, terminotaur, tgeller, thewerewolf, thunderhoof, tigerwiccan, tilton, tirran, titanwolf, toraneko, tuskyn, vandringar, vincent_x, windmist, wolff_slaven, xolo, xydexx, yagfox, ysengrin, zrath

    I've been a bit on the conservative side, as I know I've met more at cons, but I wanted to keep the bold type for folks I've met more generally. (And yes, there's no italics.. maybe I'll revisit that poll with italics for anyone you speak with on a matter of routine, whatever the means)

    Oh dear. I think my parody meter just blew.. Snopes actually has an entry documenting Rubber Johnny - Mutant?

    I was saddened to read of BoingBoing's note that Bob Moog is currently undergoing treatment for brain cancer.

    Finally, please enjoy a couple covers of Teen Spirit, by Paul Anka, and the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain.

    No, I couldn't end an entry like that. ^_^ Here's the best in show, best comedy, and fan favorite, of the Anime Expo 2005 anime music video contest: The Wizard of Ozaka (16.6MB). (The full-size 82MB version's available from animemusicvideos.org, but you need to have had your (free) registration for two weeks, IIRC, before downloads are available) Knowledge of the series used isn't required - just think of a 3m36 version of The Wizard of Oz, as an RPG..
    (Deleted comment)
    Take it from me: Alcohol on the head of the penis is a REALLY BAD IDEA.

    Flashback: Around 1989, I was dating a woman with genital warts. The condom broke, and I freaked out. The local (Chicago) sex-information phone line didn't know jack about the transmissability of genital warts, and didn't know what sort of aftercare I could do to avoid infection. So washed my penis in rubbing alcohol. OMFG did that hurt! Bad idea. Bad bad BAD idea.
    In that spirit, I feel I should pass on word that toothpaste is similarly inadvisable.

    Though probably less so than preparing bird's eye peppers and then going for a pee, as the roomie did back in Medford.
    (Deleted comment)
    Oooh. I'm going to have to see if Rabbit Valley could be persuaded into making digital editions of their own titles available.. it does look like Spooo is their answer to Genus Male, indeed. And did you notice issue 1 too? :-9

    The lion, Kon, is apparently from Bleach, a series I've not actually seen for myself, but routinely gathers thousands of downloaders every time a new episode appears. The AMV description made reference to Kon's "segments", so I'm not sure if he's a character in the series itself, or some little offshoot, like the next episode previews. (The ones for Zettai Shounen are done in a slightly different style to the show itself :)
    Are you making a philosophical statement by not bolding your own name? =;)
    o/~ I've been to paradise but I've never been to me o/~

    (Curiously, the setting I remember that from is the opening of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Come now, how can anyone refuse Terence Stamp as an aging queen - or Hugo Weaving as a much peppier one? ^_^)

    I suppose I ought to bold myself, really - I often talk to myself, after all, though not on the phone. Though there was that time en route to a swim meet (my brother was involved in interscholastic meets, way back) when, for some reason, I decided I knew that if I called loudly enough down the sink, it'd channel up to others' sinks, speaking tube fashion. So I spent several minutes broadcasting Radio Plughole, before being gently persuaded of the merits of sleep.
    ferret pants, so many GLORIOUS links to things I've never seen before! THANKS FOR THE PAWZ and other furry fun stuff!
    Now I've got visions of teeny-tiny jeans made for lil' ferret legs. ^_^

    A guy at work had the "Rubber Johnny" book with DVD.
    I didn't look at the book, but I watched the DVD with my QA colleagues.
    It was not as disturbing as I feared it would be, but it was disturbing nonetheless.
    The images were perfectly synchronized with the music, by the way.
    I hope Cunningham decides to make mroe robots though. That's what I like from him.

    It's more.. unsettling than anything else, ne? Very well done, needless to say. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of his threatened feature film venture.. ^_^

    Oh, agreed. All is Full of Love's still a favorite with me.. just such a wonderful design. I've imagined that's a transformation of sorts (of course), say, a result of a corporate spy being caught and neutralised. And Second Bad Vilbel, despite being fairly abstract, also showed his industrial design skills - the field he was originally headed for, IIRC.
    the restaurant looks positively gross. I couldnt eat while the furniture and walls changed color, I would be barfing in my shoes. And were is the food? is that what they serve you? I hate walking out of a restaurant just as hungry as when I come in. I would be like (dude, Fuck this place, lets go to Claimjumpers!)

    I thought we met before. I'm sure of it. Why isn't my name bolded...I wanna be bolded....bold me! bold bold bold!
    That fox is among one of the coolest things I've seen at AC; pity I failed to get a picture with him. The Katurran Odyssey looks promising as well. All the rest are pretty interesting as well. :)
    It's such a neat idea! And really rather well done, too.. notice the little knee supports? Of course, as is the way with these things, I've no way of finding out who that was.

    Wonder if he appeared in the art show, amongst the NFS items? ^_^

    BTW, if you spot any video footage of the con around, give a shout! There are loads of photos to be found, but video's much more scarce, and with fursuits, I'm always keen to see how they move, especially tailwise. ^_^ ISTR Vicky Rabbit's tail bobbed nicely, and Red's of course has a gentle sway by itself, though that can be something to take into account at a furdance.. not that I'd hurt anyone with it, but it might come as a bit of a surprise. :)
    After a bit of searching, I believe the fox in question is indeed fayfox, per her pictures at http://www.carouselfox.com, including detailed information on creation of her fursuit.

    And sorry, I seriously doubt she's for sale, but if she were I'm sure she'd be a serious collector's item. ^.^

    As for video footage of Anthrocon, I'm afraid I haven't seen anything, yet. As for my own tail, it's so huge, I ended up finding some innocent victim to carry it for me much of the time. They certainly didn't seem to mind. ^.^
    Oh, finestkind! I'll have to let the procyonid know. ^_^ (Are we procyonids too today? I can never keep track..) That does look like a nifty gallery - I'll have to try remembering to link to it in the next entry, I think. Hmm. Carousel Panda, I wonder? ^_^

    I ended up finding some innocent victim to carry it for me much of the time

    Hee! Ah, it's a tough life being a panda.. so much grooming required, to stay in properly floofy shape. I think if I saw that, I might have to start humming "Here comes the bride".. ~ducks~

    (Would red panda protocol require one bridesmaid to hold the tail, and one either side to guard the train, as it were?)

    I'm glad you like the idea and how the carousel fox was implemented. I'm really quite flattered. Thank you!

    Now, a carousel Red Panda would be a fine addition, and motivation for me to go past the rocker and build a mini carousel to pose on. Hmm.. ;)

    Oh, it was such a neat idea! As soon as I saw the pic in reveille_d's journal - I wander through Friends of Friends now and then - I knew I had to point it out in mine. ^_^

    Naturally, I'd have to consider a red panda a fine addition to the nascent carousel. ^_^ And of course, there's the obvious addition, too.. bunnies!

    A miniature carousel? Now that'd be a positively wonderful idea.. difficult, certainly, but potentially so very rewarding.

    Is that rocking fox fayfox? I know her from online, but alas, not in person.

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure - I spotted the pic in reveille_d's journal, but he knows nothing more of said fox. I'll have to do some more trawling through the AC photo archives, and see if anyone's annotated a picture - or maybe someone on the Fursuit list or LJ community knows. (About time I joined the latter anyway, even if I'm ill positioned to get into construction at the moment)
    Indeed! foxymoonheart just pointed out her site to me, whose gallery includes confirmatory photography. ^_^
    (Deleted comment)
    Well, at least the world's being gently prepared for such - after all, to look at Reagan or Bush Jr, you'd almost swear they were real. A bit of work needed on the AI, but pretty good work nonetheless.
    Oh, that's a gorgeous piece of photography.. ah, you can see every hair so clearly. No question, if I can finally get out to Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet sometime, I'd have to be sure of bringing along a decent camera of some kind - I want to be able to see red pandas out in the wild. Not an easy task, of course, but one I'd be more than willing to exhibit all due patience, even if that sounds more active than it should. It'll happen, sooner or later. ^_^
    I actually think that while the wizard of ozaka was a great AMV, either Bride of Beserk or The Purpose of Persocoms (if only cause this AMV got around 3000 people to simultaneously sing 'the internet is for porn') should have taken the prize. Also, anime expo didn't really leave as much of an impression on me as I imagined it would have three years ago when I was deep in my anime addiction.
    if only cause this AMV got around 3000 people to simultaneously sing 'the internet is for porn'

    Oh, good grief.. I've got to see if I can find footage of that. ^_^ Don't suppose you had a camcorder handy? At least the video's maybe up on amv.org..

    Mind, I'd still love to've been there for the reaction to that Lain "A Complete Waste of 6'11"" one. Still one of my favorites, actually - it only makes sense if you've seen the series, of course, but it's then quietly hilarious.

    Did you get along for the whole event, or just go for a one day membership? I'd like to go for the whole thing sometime, but that'd have to wait until I could casually toss several hundred, given the cumulative costs of accommodation (yipe!), food and drink, and the odd purchase. On the other paw, it's so easy to keep abreast of anime news on the web, let alone new fansubs. Amidst the formulaic, there continue to be odd gems here and there, like Zettai Shounen, and having read various positive sentiments thereon, I finally downloaded the first episode of Kamichu, supposedly another particularly atmospheric series.
    I was there for the whole thing, I dunno how it happened, but I just ended up there and that was that. As for membership, I did buy a badge, but it was not necessary, they were never checked, and I had mine under a sweater for most of the con (the over air conditioned the whole area).

    Hmm, I shall check out those two animes you mention, I definately am in need of someone to tell me what to watch, as I am way too lazy to actually try to screen even a tenth of what comes out these days.
    Woohoo! There it is. ^_^ How was BoB? Does it require familiarity with the series? I never got into Berserk, if we're thinking of the same thing.

    PoP downloading now, on the AV system. Ah, the joys of ssh and 802.11b..
    Yeah, I never watched Beserk either, but the video makes this irrelevant. If you watch it, you'll know. As for watching a total waste of 6mins and 11 seconds, I too wish to have been there for that. Or perhaps for Kevin Caldwells final appearance at AX, cause seeing the god of amvs at least once in person would have been worth it.