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I thought a certain someone might enjoy this one minute clip (5.6MB) of a rather cool ratty, as in a recent episode of "Yes, Dear". Unusually, it's a realistic looking one, rather than toony or mascot style - but the maker and performer really pulled it off.

As you've doubtless noticed elsewhere, FurAffinity is back. ^_^ Hopefully without incident this time, given there will always be those who find pleasure in destruction. (I could do without the 40 min limit on logins, though)

This DailyKos entry is quite a detailed look into the possibility that Fitzgerald is getting his ducks in a row for indictments under the Espionage Act. It's a lengthy piece, but worthwhile. Video of the recent press conference with Scott McClellan wishing to make clear he will not comment on an ongoing criminal investigation can be found here (5.6MB, 6 mins; the audio level's quite low, but clear).

Good to see the Welsh Assembly's pushing ahead with wind power, even if the current total is a fairly nominal 30MW, the target being a more useful 1GW. I used to live with a wind farm on the near horizon, and miss it.. quite tall, each of the three propellers rotating gently in the sunset, offering such beauty and utility at the same time.

If you have an iPod mini, Newer Technology's just added a replacement battery for that family too - $25, and at 600mAh, 50% greater capacity than the one supplied.

Sadly, it seems as if Enter the Cow-orker is no more - through a certain irony, just after said individual left his department, he's also moved on elsewhere. Still, if you'd like to sample a real life Dilbert - unless you're already living the adventure - it's worth perusing. I'd suggest starting with the 2002 archives, once he'd fully gained appreciation for his situation.

Monday's Astronomy Picture of the Day was actually quite terrestrial - have a look at this impressive picture of sunrise above Mount Kilimanjaro, with the lava lighting the clouds from below.
I went to FA, and tried logging on.

And it won't let me in.

Glad to see that the site is working like it used to.
There you go - normal service has been resumed. :)

Seriously, I wonder what could be up? Have you tried with a different browser? (Now and then, Firefox does seem to push up some odd results, possibly through an errant plugin) If you can help narrow it down, I'd imagine a bug report would be appreciated by the folks involved.
This DailyKos entry is quite a detailed look into the possibility that Fitzgerald is getting his ducks in a row for indictments under the Espionage Act.

I'm so hoping that's the case, and that he'll get a conviction. Judy Miller has worked tirelessly to undermine the security of the United States, all in the name of 'journalism'. Either way, it will prove an interesting summer.
impressive picture of sunrise above Mount Kilimanjaro, with the lava lighting the clouds from below

It's not erupting! ;-)
Actually, I don't like the explanation that goes along with that picture - it emphasises too much on why sunsets are red in general and not on what is actually happening in that specific picture. What's probably happening is that the cloud bank ends many km away in the distance and that is allowing the Sun to illuminate the nearby clouds red from below. From the base of the mountain you'd see a mostly overcast sky with a clear band of sky right at the horizon where the Sun is, and some bands of cloud would stick down a little lower than others and catch a bit of reddened sunlight. I've seen this happen quite a few times, but never from above (yet). If I was organised enough, I could even show a recent picture I took of just such a thing.
Sunset colours always look more striking when viewed against an inky black background:

Heavy cloud cover illuminated from below at sunset (or just after sunset, in this case) where the sky is clear 200-300km away in the direction of the Sun. No biggie. Now just imagine what this would look like if there was a mountain there and you were viewing the clouds from above (and it were sunrise instead of sunset).

It is actually raining from some of the clouds in this picture - you can see some red wisps left of centre. Red rain. :-)
No biggie indeed! If you aren't toasting such a view on a regular basis, you count as jaded. :)


(Doesn't work as well, no. Got to watch that again, though.. I've got it on laserdisc. I know Mr King doesn't think that highly of it, but, I feel free to regard it as one of Kubrick's best)

Do you have a view that'd be suitable for a weather webcam? If you're able to rig something like that up, it'd be easily worth visiting now and then.
Do you have a view that'd be suitable for a weather webcam?

Unfortunately not. I had to drive out beyond the north end of the city and brave the mosquitoes to take that shot. :-) They are ferocious this year!
Hm. Maybe you could deliver a bucket of them to D.C., and hope they multiply fruitfully. ^_^

Definitely, when I can, I want to pick up a digicam. I've got a steam-powered Hi-8 camcorder, but obviously, even with a good capture card, the resolution's nowhere near even the cheapest digicam. Still, maybe I should go wandering around the hillsides with it sometime, and post a few clips.. I've only got the CapSure (320x240 resolution), but it'd be okay for little video postcards.
Hmm, if I had an iPod, that battery might be useful. Unfortunately I don't. :)

Speaking of batteries though, if you happen to stumble across a place selling those cool 3000mAh rechargeable AA batteries (Besides this place, which I have no clue how to order from), feel free to let me know. I'd prefer they not be NiCd, NiMH are good, and I'd have no complaints if they were Li-ion or LiPo, especially if they were even higher mAh. They'd still need to be AA batteries, though.

And yes, wind power is a good thing. So are solar, hydro, bio-methane (which also produces fertilizer), etc. :)
Good grief.. 3Ah in an AA cell? Ow! Still, I suppose energy density's been creeping up, even if not nearly as much as any laptop maker (or user) might like.

It's really quite odd, with all this brouhaha over oil going on - it's no surprise, after all, that we'd come over the global peak oil point sooner or later. The US went over it locally decades ago, shifting from a massive exporter, to the current situation. Globally, it's still not clear, but it does seem to be impending, whether in the next five or twenty years.

Frankly, I'm puzzled at the current attitude towards oil. It's a fantastically rich chemical resource, of plainly finite availability, yet the best most of the world can think to do with it is burn it?

Solar power I'd love to see much more widely adopted - not just photovoltaic, but thermal too. Even in the UK, it's feasible to produce one's water and air heating needs through roof panels, letting that area go towards capturing free solar energy, rather than just deflecting rain. When it comes to locations like California, I'm just awestruck that there's virtually no adoption of even basic thermal technologies, let alone electricity generation. It seems such an enormous waste.

Ah well. It seems the ice might be cracking with regards to Bush's refusal to acknowledge global warming, so perhaps there's some distant hope there. I'd desperately love to see the EU, or ASEAN, get stuck into the problem meanwhile, and help avert the potential problems, as well as be amongst those subsequently positioned to benefit from the development of such techologies to other areas.
Yeah, thermal solar is good too. And that's one that can easily be do-it-yourself on the cheap, too. :)

Odd little thing most people don't know: air conditioners can be run on heat. Like a propane burner even. :P
Indeed! An old camper van we had came with a little propane-powered fridge. Worked quite well, though its capacity was fairly low - still, ideal for keeping picnic stuff like meats and cheeses cool, or Diet Coke. I suppose those got displaced by Peltier-effect units, once those sandwiches became cheap to fabricate.. I should have a play with some sometime. Would be handy to have a small fridge in the bedroom, perhaps with multiple compartments for keeping different beers and lagers at their optimal temperatures. Could make it furry, too.. ^_^
Welsh Assembly's pushing ahead with wind power
Yes fitting politicians with a turbine may solve the energy crisis.

##giggles## I would say Bush, but i will probably get clobbered!

One of my co-workers is suffering the loss of his ipod. That means that everyone i know that has had a non-flash memory based ipod has had to send it back under warranty!
I don't know.. I think solar panels around the rear might do more good, given the apparent location of sunshine. :)

Hard drives don't really work, anyway. They're merely illusory - come on, could you really expect anyone to believe billions to bits stuffed onto some tiddly disc spinning at thousands of rpm? Silly. ^_^ Now, Blair publically accepting he'd been led into Iraq by a Northeasterner nosering, that's plausible.
It's Day 3 of the "MSM Siege of the Whitehouse".  Today Bush refused to reiterate that he will fire Rove (as his father once did) if it ends up being proved that Rove has actually committed treason.

Many have compared Rove to Spiro Agnew.  If the Iran-codebreak leak mentioned in that dK article gets traced back to Cheney, it could politically neutralize him.
It has been perversely enjoyable, I'll admit, to watch poor McClellan twist in the wind like this. (I'd feel sorry, but, this is his choice, then and now)

I've noticed some weblog sorts contemplate that Iran may be involved, by way of our esteemed colleague Mr Bolton. It's a bit of a twisty trail, as one might imagine, but Mr Chalabi did seem to make an oddly peaceful exit from the stage, descending from grace with such rapidity.

Even as things go, it's not much of a stretch to consider that others within the inner circle were quite well aware of the Plame matter - this isn't an administration that strictly delineates functional boundaries of duties, after all. (As an aside, is it just me wondering not just about defending Rove, but dismissing the matter? Even if one could wipe away her cover, there's the whole front company to consider, and all those it afforded plausibility to, let alone anyone Plame was associated with in the countries in question)

Mm. I need to dig up some of the better postings I've come across on the matter.

Meanwhile, if you're interested in new political weblogs to examine, Mark Kleiman's is quite a literate example, and I finally discovered Moon of Alabama is essentially a mirror of Billmon's postings, but with comments enabled.

Ah! Here's a good one, by Justin Raimondo on antiwar.com.. not brief, but that's pretty much unavoidable if one's to be comprehensive in this matter.

Isn't this odd to behold of late, though? As Jon Stewart put it, "We've secretly replaced the White House Press Corps with actual journalists."
Mark Kleiman
Moon of Alabama

Yup, they're already on my blog-list.  Also Bull Moose, Joe Gandelman, Jack Grant (co-blogger with Gandelman), and Bitch, PhD (my M4D SK1LLZ detected her Undisclosed Location, but she's asked me not to tell anyone).  I recently added Michael Zoldak and Ms. Idealistic Pragmatist.

Justin Raimondo

Yeow!  And just minutes ago I finished a dK post on substantially the same topic.  Justin is lightyears ahead of me, of course.
That was supposed to be dK post.
That picutre of sunrise above Mount Kilimanjaro is absolutley wonderful! Thanks for sharing! ^^
It really is something. We can only imagine what it must've been like in person.. ^_^ Photography's reached some wonderful levels (and imagine, all that in only a century or so, from magnesium flashes and monochromatic glass plates, to high-res digital cameras capable of snapping dozens of top-quality natural color prints in a few seconds), but there's nothing to compare to that sensation of such panoramic vistas before one. (I had to chuckle at the mention of this being at the end of a six day hike to the top. Ye gods.. that's a hell of a journey, but what a reward! Not that the rest of the climb was without sights, I'm sure.. feel like going up there sometime? :)

It is somewhat fundamentally reassuring that such beauty is possible purely through nature, whether on the ground, at such grand scales, or even microscopically, or in the further reaches of space. It's a beautiful universe. ^_^