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Lost strip, white with black inky markings, please call..

Might anyone know what webcomic I'm thinking of? It centered around a boy and his mother, recently exiled (or did they escape?) from their homeworld, as the mother had proven to be a little too loose with her ways for that planet, such as voluntarily swimming in the sea. Most of the action revolved around the boy and his school life - one classmate in particular was a member of the Greys, who, having given rise to many of the species in the galaxy, were uniformly disdainful of any of them. Another carried a plant around with him at all times, as a symbol of his race's connection with their homeworld. (Inevitably, said plant becomes a focus of attention more than once)

Ooh, iLife '04 is out. Excellent.

My VCL pic of the day - not a new one, but a favorite, from BA: ba_nightout.jpg. Got to love that top..
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