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Deep Impact - by all accounts, a spectacular success, though tempered slightly by the exuberance of the outburst - reminded me of one of my favorite Siggraph entrants, from their 2001 bash, Horses on Mars.

A query towards artistic sorts: when you play on oekaki boards, do you use a tablet, or a trackpad? I'd like to see some results using just the latter, by way of encouragement.

Heh. Could be fun.. a Kevin & Kell RPG's due out shortly, from Double Exposure. And from the vaults of Spectrum games of old, Head over Heels, now freely available for OS X, Linux, Windows, and BeOS. As absolutely not mentioned by enteirah or eliki. ^_^

Interesting. Cartoon Network's announced their acquisition of Neon Genesis Evangelion. I'd recommend it highly, except it's likely to have the same, original English dub - and it's.. not one of the better ones. :-P

The iTMS is approaching 500,000,000 tracks sold - so, they're giving an iPod mini & fifty tracks to the buyer of every 100,000th, with the milestone purchaser getting "ten iPods of their choice to share with family and friends, an iTunes gift card for 10,000 songs and an all-expenses paid trip for four to see Coldplay on their world tour". You can also enter at no cost, by "sending an e-mail to Apple at itunes500@apple.com via the iTunes 'Tell a Friend' feature". It's open to "a legal resident of one of the 50 United States, including Washington, D.C., Austria, Belgium, Canada (excluding the Province of Quebec), Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland or the United Kingdom".

savak might enjoy this tale of one man, and his face, apparently an irresistible target for bats, as noted by kurtmrufa.

Witness the tragic fate of Polly Petalpants.

And winner of sending the 5000th message to my current inbox (which includes all the LJ notifications too) goes to loganberrybunny. No iPods, I'm afraid.. closest I can offer is the modem from a rev.A iBook. ^_^;
Cartoon Network gets to air NGE? I wonder if they'll tone anything down. As far as the dub...*shudders* It only took me about 5 minutes to become so thoroughly annoyed at it that I couldn't switch the audio over fast enough.
Hee! Same here. Kusanagi's English voice was so gratingly petulant, and in a style that'd be more at home in a class of nervous ten year olds reading out loud in class.. I think I've managed to block out the memory of Shinji's voice.

Gods, but dubs have improved since then. Mercifully. I still only listen to the Japanese tracks, out of preference, but I've heard some of the Cowboy Bebop ones, for instance, where the actors really seemed to be playing the part, as well as sounding "right". Mm.. I need to watch that series again sometime. And pick up the third disc - I think I missed it at the time, and never got around to it. (Neat cover designs, too)

Perversely, I actually enjoyed one dub that's infamous and rare - a particular fandub from England, of one Nuku Nuku episode, with a plethora of regional accents involved. I wish I had a copy. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
"Good Heavens!" said Small Mister Rabbit.

*giggle* Why, yes, sometimes my sense of humor does tend towards the dark. :)

The Matrix: Resolutions looks like it might be worth a read, too. Reminds me, I should have a look at The Matrix: Dezionized - if it's still around - and see if the mystery editor managed to trim off the fat from the second and third. Still not bad films, but a world apart from the first, with its tight editing - no thirty minute chase sequences, limp "love" scenes, or interminable shooting against equally infinite robot invaders. Not that I'd mind seeing them all again - beyond the surplus, there was a lot to enjoy with them, though I can't help but feel they somewhat defeated themselves by building up so much possibility, then releasing it all rather simply.
The Matrix: Dezionized? Is that anything like The Phantom Edit?
I'm not entirely clear, actually. The title suggests that strongly, but I've not seen it yet; there's been very little discussion of it that I've noticed. Time to see if it's still around..
Here we go:

"Matrix Dezionized - a special fanmade edition of Matrix - Reloaded and Matrix - Revolutions.
We got the idea, when we finally watched Matrix Revolutions and couldn't believe, how bad it was, pathetic, without purpose.

The most important thing is, to realize wht is wrong, why is this movie not working, what makes it so bad. We decided that the complete plot string about Zion and Zion's battle against the machines was rather distracting from the main Matrix plot than improving it in any way. So we edited both DVDs, took out plenty of scenes, wherever needed and made a new edition, about 90 minutes smaller (the length of an entire moive, yes) and combined them to one final Matrix chapter.

What you get is a complete story, the story of Neo and his being the one. Plenty of people already watched this and the feedback was nothing but great. Still w had to redo the thing over and over again, just to get rid of possible flaws, bad cuts or whatever seemed unnecessary to us."
Damn. I wanted to do that to those films.

Ah, well. Now to download a copy and get the popcorn ready.
Heh! They definitely were clear candidates for the treatment. The sheer contrast in editing style between those two and the first was fairly stark.. not that the first was perfect, but the pace was kept moving very well throughout, everything contributing in some way. Then.. that rave/love scene. ~wince~ The chase down "101" (I still wonder why they called it that, when it was clearly 880.. several times :) didn't bother me too much, as it was at least neat eye candy. But the best cinematic use of CGI, for my money, remains The Last Starfighter - simply gorgeous design. Though The Incredibles was rather good, too. :) (Much better than I was expecting, to be honest, due to Brad Bird. I'll be interested to see if Mark Dindal can make something of Chicken Little - not the most promising sounding project, but as you know, I enjoyed Cats Don't Dance greatly, and liked his style in The Emperor's New Groove)

Sounds like an excellent project. I'm looking forward to watching it. ^_^
Canada (excluding the Province of Quebec)

Why, I wonder? I can only guess at something to do with language laws, though maybe that sort of competition isn't allowed in Quebec. *shrug*

And winner of sending the 5000th message to my current inbox (which includes all the LJ notifications too) goes to loganberrybunny

Yay! *pings* I think I'll pass on the modem, though. =:P
It is a slightly puzzling exclusion - presumably, the labels have separate contracts with Quebec, compared to the rest of the country. That's been the reason the iTMS has been so slow in expanding (Australia and New Zealand are still unserved, as is Japan. The latter, of course, is famous for astoundingly expensive CDs - which nonetheless sell hugely - so it's easy to imagine the labels being especially cautious) - all the different divisions to negotiate with in almost every individual country, local laws, and the iTMS outright insistence on consistent pricing and no expansion of the DRM beyond the existing ties. Still a daft idea, but I'd reluctantly consider them necessary for the labels to come on board - so every track can be played by any of five registered systems, and burned to CD)

Hm. A little googling suggests iTMS Canada isn't available within Quebec, so that'd explain the competition, if not the situation..

I still need to get that disc off to you, though. ^_^;;

"And because the ejected plume casts a very clear shadow on the comet’s nucleus in optical images, it should be possible to determine the size of the plume's base - and that should correspond exactly to the size of the crater."

I was thinking the same thing. There's very clearly defined edges to the shadow in 3 consecutive frames before things fan out. Also, you can actually see the base of the shadow growing noticeably between the first frame where you see the shadow and the next frame. Too bad we will not see what things look like after things settle.
See, if they'd been thinking, they'd have had the probe equipped with a fifty foot pole behind it, with millimetric gradations for accurate measurements once it'd "landed". :) (I wonder how deep inside it wound up? Did the flyby craft have any radar?)

I wonder if they might want to try any secondary observations? Probably not, but checking up, it seems Tempel 1 has an orbital period of about 5.5 years.. by which time they might have finally extracted the last juice out of the current bones. :)
Maybe they should have simultaneously sent a second probe to orbit instead of crash? Ah well, next time. I am sure they will get more funding and popular support to crash more things, because that's so cool. ;-)

One thing I was thinking is that Tempel 1 already had a crater approximately where the impactor seemed to be heading. And by coincidence it seemed to be almost as wide as the shadow - so we may have bullseyed the existing crater rather than creating a new one. That would explain why the plume of ejecta was bigger than expected because the crust, if any, would have been somewhat thinner there and we got to the creamy centre a lot more easily than we thought. :-)
I rather liked the message header on one forum:

NASA Disaster! Comet collides with space probe

Oh, I wish someone could have "leaked" the story to someplace like CNN in such terms. ^_^
Interesting. Cartoon Network's announced their acquisition of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

And me without even a television. I've been trying to get my paws on that for a long time now. Ah well. Wonder how badly they'll mangle it.
Oh, I've not let the lack of a TV hinder me.. ^_^ Well, technically, it's a TV, but it only has a composite cable plugged in, for Ocelot's use as a low-res monitor.

I might be able to lend you a copy, actually - I have all the LDs and VHS, but they're over in boxes. But the stack of 13 not-terribly-authorised VCDs might be around somewhere. It's certainly a series I can recommend, as it's one of those that shows how clearly animation can indeed be cinematic art, lest Westerners forget the Golden Age of the Looney Tunes was created primarily with adults in mind.. animation doesn't mean "for children".

I'd say more of the series, but, if you've escaped description of it, I think it'd be more fun to go into it unaware.
(Deleted comment)