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(The flare is simply the brightness of the sun ahead of it, in this instance)

(From the impactor itself)


(I wonder if it'll be friends with me?)

Final image from the flyby prior to "shield mode":

We'll see more images in the coming hours, from the mothership as it passes behind, and leaves "shield mode", once it passes the danger zone created by the impact area. Meanwhile, time for pandas to snooze.
You're better than the national & local new and the NASA website!

THanks :)
*giggle* Ah, I couldn't help it.. to see this wonder in front of me - I had to help share it. ^_^
I stole your images and bent them to my will!....mahhhhhhaahhahaa!
Oh, good grief.. that's warped. I love it. ^_^
I usually follow stuff like this really closely, but this time I completely missed it because I just came back from a trip yesterday and I feel all confused and fuzzy-headed like I have a hangover even though I didn't drink!
So, which websites have the best info on this? (aside from your journal :-)
(like the "wonder if it'll be friends with me" comment, BTW!)
I guess I answered my own question, as soon as I had my wits about me:
Heh. ^_^;; I'm afraid the current seclusion wears on me sometimes, leading to later or absent replies on occasion.

Indeed, NASA's doing a sterling job of presenting the immediate results, and New Scientist's had some handy potted summaries too, as I believe have Scientific American. It's going to be a story to follow for some time to come, I expect, even if it seems they're going to have to fathom the size of the impact crater indirectly, due to that unexpectedly magnificent impact obscuring the view.

Oh, what a time that was. ^_^ And their webcast worked pretty much perfectly, coming in on their 150kbps RealVideo stream, giving those memorable images.. I couldn't help but make a few captures to include in an as-it-happened entry. Wonderful!
I heard that a lady is suing NASA because this comet has changed course now and they just screwed up her horoscope. I am reminded of a store in San Rafael that decided to sue the city because they planted a tree in front of their door (a Feng Shui no-no).

Wouldn't it be fun if the court heard the case? The evidence submitted would be worth people fighting for spots on the jury. :)

Erf. I think this house (and this room) would be considered the feng shui equivalents of 1945 Nagasaki. But, with rather limited space, and walls that don't lend themselves to shelving, options are a little restricted. Ah well. Something I'll change, as soon as I'm again able..