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If you know a Star Wars geek, point them towards I Harth Darth. The Dark Side has never been so cute. ^_^ (There's also this Vader, from Korea)

A rather special show on NASA TV shortly: live coverage of Deep Impact's cometary collision, planned for about 1.52am EDT on July 4 (ie Monday 6.52am in the UK, Sunday 10.52pm in California). The channel's available on better cable networks, or on the net here, as a RealVideo stream. As space.com puts it, "NASA's Deep Impact mission is slated to crash an 820-pound (371-kilogram) Impactor probe into Comet Tempel 1 and record the event via a Flyby mothership, orbital observatories like the Hubble and Spitzer space telescope, and a myriad of ground-based telescopes from around the world."

torrle took this spiffy stereogram. Works surprisingly well!

An observation on Dalek and The Parting of the Ways, from the perspicacious momentrabbit. (Spoilery) And, Bob the Angry Flower makes friends with a Dalek.

Dragon fanciers might like this excellent piece. And for raccoon/snake sorts, this surrealistic creation.

Behold the power of duct tape - in prom clothing!

Taurin's got a new animation out: Taurin and the Water Tentacles (43MB). Possibly not work-safe.

Now, if mycroftb could only find an orange version of The Purple Store.. dedicated, as its name suggests, to selling only purple things.

TDK's showing off a quad-layer recordable Blu-Ray disc, with a capacity of 100GB, using a prototype Pioneer drive writing at 2x. That'll require the host to deliver 9MB/s - which means a little over three hours for a full disc. ^_^;

Ah, peace.. the horde's away for the weekend, so I've a day or two to myself. To celebrate, I took advantage of a much-less-busy-than-usual kitchen to brew up a vaguely Thai curry, starting with a packet of dried cream of broccoli soup, adding three small bird's eye peppers, a little smoked hot paprika, a good bit of basil, plenty of garlic powder, a small bunch of freshly chopped cilantro, around fifteen tiny mushrooms, and a couple teaspoons of coconut cream. For the meat, a packet of diced chicken thigh, and just before serving, five small crabsticks, cut into 1cm segments. (No fish sauce in the house, unfortunately, though there might still be some shrimp paste lurking somewhere) Left all that to simmer for an hour or so, letting the sauce reduce right down.. not bad at all. ^_^

Maybe I'll take advantage of the quietness to enjoy a movie or two, such as Body Jumper. But I think more Zettai Shounen first - it's proving to be an engaging series.

Meanwhile, Saturday saw the preparation of quite a fine pizza, starting with an "antipasti" pizza from the supermarket. <Gravelly movie trailer voice>But that.. was only the beginning.</Gravelly movie trailer voice> Herbs! Dried garlic (and plenty of it), a little smoked hot paprika, and a good bit of rosemary. Then, meat - some chopped up German cured ham, to add to the Italian sliced sausages already present, and a few thickly sliced mushrooms. And, because it was there, the rest of the curry above. ^_^ (Only about two tablespoons, thankfully including several chunks of chicken)
Behold the power of duct tape - in prom clothing!

*g* One of my friends was considering going for that scholarship!

But then he didn't.
Awww. Well, nothing to stop him from embarking on the project anyway.. fancy joining in? ^_^ And of course, it's even possible to make animal masks using said universal wonder, as a particular burro can confirm.

It's quite impressive just how good a lot of those entries looked! Durable, too. And just think of the great-grandchildren coming across such an outfit in seventy years' time. ^_^
Taurin's got a new animation out: Taurin and the Water Tentacles (43MB). Possibly not work-safe.

Make that difinately not work safe!


vaguely Thai curry, starting with a packet of dried cream of broccoli soup,

I think that's called confusion cooking!

Still most of us do it, i find Campbells condensed cream of soups useful as sauce bases!
Such a pity Google Video wouldn't accept that.. but I suppose the Internet Archive would. ^_^ (I need to go exploring there much more often - there are some real gems, from a few Merrie Melodies, to classic bits of paranoid Americana, like Boys Beware, warning teens of the 60s of the perils of The Homosexual) If you've not seen it yet, be sure to check out his subtly titled "Taurin and the Yiffing Machine". No soundtrack to it, but I suppose it would've been difficult to add one without having to spend months editing all the giggling out. ^_^

Mm, soups make a very handy starting point! And much cheaper than jars sold as cooking sauces, let alone the fun and satisfaction of creating a dish more or less from scratch, without the fuss of making up a white sauce. (Though, I've found rice flour's more amenable to being stirred in during cooking, whereas cornflour seems more prone to just clumping into miniature dumplings if added that way, rather than making up a thin paste of it first. Haven't tried arrowroot, though)

I was surprised just how much of the peppers' heat was dissipated during the simmering - it wound up quite hot, but more of an energetic medium than hot as such. Not to worry - it was very tasty anyhow, and I've still got about eight left in the packet for a return match. ^_^ Now and then, I adore a really fiery dish (and it can sometimes be difficult, even in California, to convince cooks that you do mean "hot". One of my favorite haunts in Fremont was My Thai, where they offered four grades: mild, medium, hot, and fire. If you completed all of a fire dish, they'd come around with a Polaroid and put your photo on the wall - so, yes, there's a small wall of very red faced folks there :), but with no-one else to cook for here, let alone anything like that, I don't really have much incentive. You're welcome to subject yourself to my cooking someday, if you so choose. ^_^ (There really ought to be more furry cookouts in the UK, whether potluck or barbecue. And this is, after all, the height of summer. *cough* :)
(Deleted comment)
And surprisingly enough, all Torrle used was a normal camera, just shifting the viewpoint, and a little potatoshop, presumably to trim and scale. Once you see it, the result's almost holographically convincing. (Would be fun to get into making holograms, but I'd need not only money, but space - as I recall, one crucial part is a work surface that's stable to within a quarter of a wavelength during use. On the other paw, there are systems like those from Actuality Systems, amusingly reminiscent of Baird's mechanical television)

Hmm. Could always approach the Purple Store and see if they'd be interested in expanding their realm.. perhaps you could be persuaded to helm the new division. ^_^

Should be fascinating to watch that cometary impact - ISTR there'll be a camera on board the portion of the mission that won't be colliding, so we'll get to see the event from a pretty good viewpoint. (I submitted the story to boingboing, but they didn't bite)
(Deleted comment)
Yipe! You'd have to be a serious toast fan for that.. then again, there's no shortage of people willing to spend the odd $100+ on burr grinders for espresso. Mmm, espresso.. got to see if I can find a cheap machine around sometime. Good instant can be surprisingly decent, but it's not the same as choosing the right bean for the day, grinding it to dust, and extracting that vital essence. ^_^ (Though I never could manage to be consistently successful with the milk frothing. Most of the time, it'd work pretty well, but sometimes, just wasn't having any of it - usually the same brand/variety, that'd been in the fridge a day or two. But it always did the trick regardless)

Reminds me - I need to look up further details on the construction of a PSU for a CO2 laser, for my toaster project. That, I'm feeling, won't be too much of a problem, so much as the gas supply required - good lab grade stuff, and that's apparently rather distinctly uncheap. Even assuming the tube's good, of course. (10W continuous beam, from one of the various electronics surplus emporia of the Bay)
Taurin's video just rocks out loud. I know I saw others of his. Does anyone know were I can find them?
This seems to be his main repository - I've not seen the proto-tentacle short yet, but the Yiffing Machine is plenty of fun, albeit regrettably silent.

BTW, you're particularly worldly - heard of "Sir Henry at Rawlinson's End"? I've come across a movie of said work, one of Vivian Stanshall's creations - he of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. (Don't worry if you don't know what I'm talking about. I'm used to that :)
I think the movie your talking about is some brittish horror movie. Like a "B" movie or something. kind of an absurd comedy/horror. but I dont think I ever saw it
And who could forget THIS Star Wars masterpiece... http://www.thewavemag.com/pagegen.php?pagename=article&articleid=22948

P.S don't forget Manimal start 5.30 tonight on Bravo !
I was going to reply, and then I just started giggling at the icon. ^_^

Ohhh! I want to find that film. ^_^ I do have the Turkish variant it mentions (it's fairly painful :), and even the Geordie dub, but not that..

I'd watch, except I don't have any means of receiving TV from anywhere. ^_^ Everything I watch comes over DSL, streaming or progressive - well, aside from DVDs. Don't suppose you're going to be recording/capturing Manimal.. ? (Preferably the latter, as I can only currently watch 8mm/Hi-8 NTSC as far as tapes go :)

Still, even those "versions" of Star Wars are masterpieces compared to The Lion and the King, from a gloriously hopeless Playstation title of the same name.. still not sure where it really came from, as it gives the impression of being a hacked around version of an early Tezuka production, but with minimal animation, a storyline that barely makes sense, and voice actors not even bad anime importers or porn merchants would put up with.
And who could forget... http://www.i-mockery.com/minimocks/3devadam/

[Both the links for this and Brazillain Star Wars where 'hidden' in the 'You are a furry' quiz posted on my LJ 1 or 2 posts back, I always put spoof links as I hate people blindly copying polls, so I always tweak/reword them a bit to make them funnier]

I won't be DVD'ing off Manimal as I'm not THAT huge a fan of it... Hoping my Doctor Snuggles DVD turns up today....
The Purple Store.. dedicated, as its name suggests, to selling only purple things.

The Purple Store? Now there's a dangerous place to point me at. It's probably a good thing I don't have any money, or I'd soon be up to my ears in debt to this place.