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Okay, tell me these balloons don't look like fun. ^_^

Honda's done it again, this time with their superbly nifty Grr Game, in which you guide a hoppity bunny around.. (distinct negative: its Flash seems to be written to be playable online only = 3MB download. Not so nice for dialup. But very cute!)

This posting in animaloptica caught my eye.. I'll have to see what the full production's like. "My brother's studio just released an hour-long nature documentary about Siberian wildlife, and it's available for free download under a Creative Commons license (including a DVD image). In the film, the crew travels with a group of Russian ornithologists as they cross the West-Siberian Plain from the South to the North. Lots of very nice wildlife shots in the film, plus it's just generally entertaining."

.. John Woo's going to direct a live-action He-Man movie?

Michael Grade, who cancelled Doctor Who in his term as Controller of BBC 1, and later gloated over it as guest on Room 101, now apologises. Fantastic. :) And, following in the Doctor's footsteps, Sapphire & Steel return on CD, now played by Susannah Harker and (yay!) David Warner. (Anyone fancy explaining S&S to those unfamiliar with the series? :)

Cool little drawing at The Digital Bits at the moment - a copy of the RotS soundtrack, signed by John Williams. (And three regular copies for other winners) It's just a "send us an email" thing, no brain required; probably best to use a disposable email address with them.

Another Flash version from the series: Ultimate Flash Sonic (1471k), which lets you play as all the usual characters, plus Cream the Rabbit.

I'm with Pig, needless to say. (And I've always been a fan of Ratbert)

On sale now, for a September release: The Complete New Yorker. Coming on eight DVDs, the set holds every page of every issue, for $100.

Not the same short I posted mention of some time ago, but Deere John is a lovely, brief ballet excerpt with a difference. ^_^

All you could ever hope (or fear) knowing about the Doctor Who theme's creation and evolution.

Zettai Shounen continues its relaxed pace through episode three. I'm enjoying this quite a bit; the theme continues to be gently mysterious, rather than any sudden departure.

Non-sequitur of the day must belong here: "My local bike shop is now half bike half WIG STORE O_o it apparently went from the 4 extreme sports guys to little old asian family Bike & Wigs XD" Bikes and wigs, together at last! YES!

Did anyone make it through all of Texhnolyze? I was initially following the fansub releases, on the strength of its pedigree (Haibane Renmei and Serial Experiments Lain not being exactly bad series), but wound up wandering away around episode six.

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Hee! I admit, I'm surprised to hear just about anyone knows of S&S.. not the most well-known of shows! But such a lot of fun, ne?

Oh, S&S is great fun :-) I first read about S&S in some encyclopedia of science fiction back in the early 1980s when I was in high school, and it was high on my list of shows to watch if I ever got the opportunity. Well, I finally got the chance earlier this year when, quite unexpectedly, I was at a local electronics/audio/video store and found a DVD box set of the complete series :-) So, it only took me 20 years or so to finally get to see and enjoy S&S *grin*.

Rather a pity - checking up on David McCallum indicates he's been relaxing lately.. hopefully out of not needing to do more, rather than being unable to do so. But I'll miss his impish charms nonetheless.. ^_^

Well, he's not quite as relaxed as you might think ;-) He's still a regular character on NCIS, playing a slightly mysterious Medical Examiner with a wry, impish sense of humor :-) His character also has a lot of unusual information in his head on lots of strange subjects. While watching him, I get the distinct mental picture that he could very well be Illya Kuryakin who, having retired after many years of service as an UNCLE agent, pulled some strings and faked up some paperwork to get a new job in the U.S. Navy's Naval Criminal Investigation Service ;-)

If you're interested, I recently happened upon a bumper fun pack of British cinema ads from the 60s and 70s, ranging from products no longer made, to pleas on behalf of a takeaway mere yards from that very auditorium.

Oh, those sound like great fun, too :-) The closest I've seen to true British cinema ads have been the assorted ones that showed up on Monty Python's Flying Circus, but I imagine that the real ones could be just as fun as the Pythonesque ones ;-)