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Inflatable bed love. ^_^ (Am I alone in thinking the proud owner resembles arakinuk?) notes an Animation World interview with former Disney figure Tad Stones - the first couple pages are spent talking about Universal's forthcoming Brer Rabbit direct-to-video animated feature.

Peter is the Wolf looks like a promising weekly werewolf strip, use of zipatone on the web notwithstanding. (Caution: some gratuitous female nudity involved)

"A BBC spokesman said its film division was thinking about a film adaptation but there were no further details." (The story's filled with spoilers for Parting of the Ways, it should be noted) And there are a few tidbits in a Newsround interview on future happenings; and - at no extra charge - the best review of Parting of the Ways.

Sometimes, children really aren't so bad.

Slow Wave's dream of the week looked at dogs and relaxation. ^_^

Pic for the day: I Dream of Bunnies, an entirely work-safe piece by Doug Winger, inspired by a certain 60s TV show.

Pixar's latest short just debuted at Annecy: One Man Band.

Toonlets is the website of a CG animator, Chris Romano, with a variety of short shorts available to download, such as Timebomb (5 or 20MB), a minute-long animated promo for KCRW, a noteworthy Santa Monica-based college/NPR station.

My little anime discovery for the day is Zettai Shounen, which opens in a very gentle manner, reminiscent of a lazy day in a Ghibli production. For all the countryside tranquility, our protagonist is, understandably, itching to return to Yokohama, but the arrival of his mountain bike gives him new freedom to explore the surrounding area, and encounter some more of the locals, including the resident/owner of a miniature observatory, and his straw hat-wearing dog. We're told this seems to be an odd year, with an unusual number of fireflies around.. except there's more to those than meets the eye. And just who is the boy he meets, revealing those to him? This could be a promising series, providing it doesn't merely segue into something formulaic.

While trying to discover why Toronto's main airport has the cryptic codename "YYZ" (cf London Heathrow = LHR, San Francisco = SFO, etc), I noticed this in its Wikipedia entry: "Rush, a popular rock trio based in Toronto, included an instrumental track on their 1981 album Moving Pictures entitled "YYZ" in honor of their city. The main theme of the tune contains a repeated rhythmic motif in 5/4 that is equivalent to the Morse code sequence for the letters Y-Y-Z (– • – –   – • – –   – – • •)" How many other airports have had tunes dedicated to them? I could suggest Luton, but that tune only just about qualifies as music..

The WSJ's reporting that Google's intending to offer a rival service to PayPal. Given how soon PayPal turned evil after acquiring, I'd be happy to see a more responsible player in a market that's rather under-served. The same site also notes that Kodak's to discontinue monochrome photo paper at the end of the year, though they'll continue supplying the development chemicals.

These reformed "chicken breasts" are curious.. the texture's almost like an omelette, yet they're made of (to some degree) meat. Still, that's done no harm to Arby's sales; as I've noted in the past, roast beef should not have bubbles in it.
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