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An excellent definition of schadenfreude, courtesy of avon_deer.

Some might recall the recent art stunt of a stuffed rat being smuggled into the Natural History museum, and placed as an "exhibit" for several hours - here's a good photo. The sunglasses are quite becoming. ^_^

rubberskunk amongst others might like DRM's Sci-Fi artwork, suggestive - sometimes explicitly - of transformations.

Okay, hell's officially frozen over. Michael Dell says "If Apple decides to open the Mac OS to others, we would be happy to offer it to our customers." Forget the processors - Dell and Jobs have been legendarily disdainful of each other's companies.

Should be interesting.. Errol Morris, who directed the Switch series of ads for Apple (and films including The Thin Blue Line, and The Fog of War), is in the process of creating another set for said fruitiers - this time, including the use of an Ames room.

It's nothing revolutionary, in the tech used, but still, this captioning system for cinemas struck me as quite neat.

I think akira114 will join with me in affirming the sentiments in this Over the Hedge.

Coming to the end of season 27 of Doctor Who, the BBC have committed to two more. Yay! And, next season's directors will include "James Hawes (The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances), Euros Lyn (End of the World/The Unquiet Dead) and classic series director Graeme Harper."

Ye gods, but the OS X devtools take up some space.. still, I did go the whole hog, installing everything possible - WebObjects, SDKs from 10.2.8 to 10.4 (PPC/Intel), documentation (865MB!), gcc 3.3 & 4.0, examples, and more. In all, about 2.6GB.. which meant some hoop-jumping, with the disk space available, but a quart does indeed fit into a pint pot. Just mop up behind the connectors at the rear periodically.
Ohh, yes! An 8' screen would have to seriously rock with the good Doctor. ^_^ I really want a front projector when I can swing it - I'd like a good sized display for the odd film or TV show, and it's got the pleasant benefit of being a good deal easier to heft into and out of storage. ^_^ (Or even to friends' places, though I suppose you'd probably have to be gentle with it, to avoid wrecking the ferociously expensive bulb)

The suspense, the suspense! I'm waiting to start downloading the finale.. soon, soon.. breathe in, breathe out.. ^_^

So, will the real story of "bad wolf" be revealed? What/who is it? It sounds, from the hidden text on the Bad Wolf site's disclaimer, as if it's the Doctor behind these messages, but why? There's plenty of Rose/Red Riding Hood symbolism.. but why? I can't help but feel Captain Jack's at the core - there's still this missing two years unaccounted for, and we've seen RTD's been good at tying together hitherto unrelated episodes. And what of Adam's little secret? That surely wouldn't go undiscovered very long.

No question, I'll be pleading with the family for the box set as a birthday present. ^_^