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This auction, for a Stylophone (1970s stylus-operated toy "synth", as featured on "Style", one track of Orbital's "Middle of Nowhere". If you've heard one, you'll know why the quotation marks are there), is moderately amusing, in a geeky way. Be sure to follow the link given early in the item's description, then proceed with the rest. ^_^

(Can't you just feel the quality in the other website's design. btw?)

My VCL pick-of-the-random-interval: a nifty transformation into rubber husky, by KrossBreeder, with a definite tip of the hat to Kemono Inukai.

Gods! Unearthed Films say they're preparing for a release of Rock & Rule. Well, I suppose anything can happen - after all, Buckaroo Banzai finally made its way through the morass of licensing and buyouts. Would that the World Crime League could finally make their big screen debut..
Ye gods.. how neat is that?

I've never really been one for actually collecting autographs, but there's an undeniable thrill in meeting someone noteworthy. I couldn't afford the book at the time, but I was very pleased to go along to a Patrick Moore lecture a few years ago, and obtain his autograph afterwards. (Ah, spot the geek)

And receiving a personal reply from Steve Wozniak (co-founder of a computer company) rather brightened one day. (We'd been talking of old electronics, including the funky Philips N1700 format, which had one tape reel atop the other, on a single spindle, with the head in the VCR flat, and the angle achieved by the tape's own angle, going from the lower to the upper spool of the cartridge)

Hmm. Wonder what he's up to? And Tony Hart's still doing his thing, apparently..
there's an undeniable thrill in meeting someone noteworthy

Oh, indeed so. Stirling Moss once trod on my foot, you know. =;) (This is true!)