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This auction, for a Stylophone (1970s stylus-operated toy "synth", as featured on "Style", one track of Orbital's "Middle of Nowhere". If you've heard one, you'll know why the quotation marks are there), is moderately amusing, in a geeky way. Be sure to follow the link given early in the item's description, then proceed with the rest. ^_^

(Can't you just feel the quality in the other website's design. btw?)

My VCL pick-of-the-random-interval: a nifty transformation into rubber husky, by KrossBreeder, with a definite tip of the hat to Kemono Inukai.

Gods! Unearthed Films say they're preparing for a release of Rock & Rule. Well, I suppose anything can happen - after all, Buckaroo Banzai finally made its way through the morass of licensing and buyouts. Would that the World Crime League could finally make their big screen debut..
Thanks for the plug, Mr. Panda!

I hope all is well!

Oh, my pleasure! It's really rather a good image - not just in the technical sense, but the emotions conveyed. And after all, that's what artwork strives to attain, whether written or drawn. (And, occasionally, on the small and big screens as well.. who'd have thought Hollywood could manage to release something as touching as Babe? As soon as I came to the end of my rental thereof, I resolved to pick up the laserdisc post haste. But then, antipodean film is freed of some of the usual shackles, as The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert also showed. Another immediate purchase :)

Not doing so badly - whether anything will come of it or not remains to be seen, but I just had a quick interview tonight. Nothing exotic, but it would be an income, and purely Mac-based, in an office attached to the Chapter, of which I've recently written. Could be worse. ^_^