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What's life like in Calcutta? Give some kids some cameras, and find out.

Thanks to avon_deer, I now have a reason to visit Cambridge.

Once in a while, customers_suck tosses up a gem. This is a saga in three parts: wherein we meet the dog, after which brains become unhinged, and finally, the joy is shared.

If you apply glitchy power to an original iBook (or at least, this one), it delivers a rapid series of DTMF bleeps. Does anyone know what these mean? Do they decode to some sort of easter egg? I'll have to try reproducing the problem sometime, and capture its song..

I think I must make this.

And no, I haven't seen Bad Wolf yet - still about 1h30 away from completing. ^_^; No spoilers, please! Spoil away! Oh, it's going to be a long week. ^_^
I can't wait to see Who tomorrow. Before 4pm, I'm hoping, though that's depending on a certain someone >:)
Hee! Well, I'll definitely be sending it along overnight to a certain long-eared fur of mutual acquaintance.. ^_^ Agh, I've even had to add ?S=P to my Friends view for now, to avoid all the hurried, enthusiastic reviews on doctorwho.

Reminds me - I should check Outpost Gallifrey sometime, and see if there's any news on what the box set will contain by way of extras. I'm hoping they'll be proud enough of the season to really go to town on that side of things. (But whyyyy did Eccleston have to sign for only one season? Ah well. He's certainly set people's sights high for the next Doctor, though!)
(Deleted comment)
Capital idea. ^_^ I just wish there'd been a photo of the star of the story. :)
I'm thinking doorbell-battery-solenoid triggering the release on a line-powered nailgun, where the air out from the gun is funneled out through loose-packed mud. The nailgun repressurizes in time for the next 'tester', the battery should run the solenoid for thousands of cycles..

The only problem is replenishing the dirt.
Who knows? This could be the next big sport - like paintball, but with blunderbusses instead. ^_^
Thats some funny funny sh*t there! *snugs*
It's got to be true - it's just too bizarre to have been made up. ^_^ (And like mycroftb, I've added "walnut the robodog" to my LJ interests :)
DTMF, yum. through a speaker? Will it do o through headphones?? If so, try using a set of headphones as a ghetto accoustic-coupler and see who/what picks up. Inquiring minds want to know!! :P

I _/so/_ need to take a piccy of my Automatic Electric AE-80 and make a userpic from it...
Ah, good point! If I can find my male-male 3.5mm cable, I could hook Dormouse's headphone output to Bunny's line input. Otherwise, I think I have a suitable microphone buried away.

Would it be safe to assume AE-80 refers to this rather than this? ^_^ Though I suppose both could be used in conjunction, for a very effective ringing signal.
Well, by accoustic coupler I was thinking a substitute for this...

Walnut The Robodog...

You know, there was an episode of some generic law firm TV series where a woman sued
someone because he accidentally backed his car over her AIBO robodoggy and squished it,
thereby "killing" her precious little doggy (lady, get a real freakin' dog!!!).
Anyway, someone at the law firm resolves the matter by transplanting the dead AIBO's
learning chip into a new AIBO body. The new one behaves just like the old one.
The lady is satisfied, end of story.

I think the most significant thing about Bad Wolf is that fact that so many LJ's are talking about it! BTW I wonder if RTD is on LJ?