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From the Mad Scientist (well, pyrotechnician, but then..) department, this rather nifty experiment to produce a gunshot effect. Be sure to let the animated GIF load fully. ^_^

Words from the wise on Dating an Apple Developer, though the same holds true for all programmers. "The nice thing about most computer boys is that they don't typically check out other women. The downside of this is that they don't notice the other women because they are too busy checking out people's cell phones and iPods. When it comes to boys and their toys your short mini skirt just can't compare."

Interesting job posting I noticed recently: "Apple is at a point where we need to strengthen our compiler/tools team with more embedded experience." Why the emphasis on embedded deployment?

Have you seen this Dalek? And there's an update, in the form of a ransom demand. Sort of. ^_^;

I thought ysengrin in particular might enjoy this glorious Soviet-style Watch, Ride, Report poster, courtesy of the MARC train service between Baltimore and DC.

From the BBC's two part documentary One World: Rats, downloadable here, "It's been said that in the urban jungle you're rarely more than 12 feet from rats doing what they like best: eating, playing, sleeping and having lots of sex - a bit like humans really."

And, while it's only really of any interest to me, I'll make note of it anyway, as I'm quite pleased - XPostFacto 4.0b3 did indeed manage its job, and permit the CD version of Tiger[1] to install on Bunny, despite being considerably older than the supported range of systems. Spotlight, ho! (Sure, it's no speed demon, but Bunny'll be seven in September :)

[1] Tiger ships on a DVD; the CD version's a separate item. Bunny has a DVD drive, but it's old enough that it doesn't see DVD-Rs, only pressed DVDs.

Things not to do when snuggling with one's SO: nibble adoringly on their ear, and let out a hearty burp. I swear, it came without any warning.. ^_^;; (Thankfully, no offense was taken, though I recall I dissolved into an embarrassed giggling fit..)
The Dalek story is great.... though it was stolen from a place called Wookey Hole?

Don't know how good an idea it was to steal it. Its unwise to upset a wookie. :)
There's an obvious corollary there, but I'm not going to touch it. :)

I loved the note within the BBC story that "The arm has been removed quite carefully, it hasn't been ripped off, there's no torture involved". ^_^ (Have you been keeping up with the new series? Someone writing that story has to have seen episode six :)

And next season.. we get to see the Cybermen again. Yay! (But in the meantime, it seems this one will be ending with a cliffhanger. Eep!) I've been walking that line between spoilers and trailers - I don't really want to find out what's going to happen, but clues - like all the Bad Wolf speculation - are fun.

I wonder if the season box set will include the leaked version of Rose? *grin*
Ahem... =;)

Well if a wookie had a dalek inserted into his hole i would have thought like removing a thorn from a lions paw it may prove a very good idea!
... Watch, Ride, Report poster ...

Yep, somebody pointed it out to me earlier this week - just been too busy to post about it :) It creeps me out that it's a *real* poster, and that MARC management either didn't click to it, or thought it was appropriate ...
It's quite deliciously bizarre. Did some playful designer think it up in a satirical mood, only to have it approved? Was this the image the company was originally intending to put forth? It does seem awkward sometimes to discern the difference between parody and reality.. *sigh*

Plainly, people do need to keep an eye out for unattended packages and suchlike. That's been the mantra of airport security for many years now, especially in countries accustomed to terrorist attacks (viz IRA, ETA, etc), and quite sensible; it fits in with my basic feelings - if you can carry on your daily routine and be unafraid, they've failed. I can't possibly deviate from that, whatever organisations we're talking of.

I suppose I regret the attention it's received, else we may have seen further in the series. Still, we can hope. :)
Burping isn't so bad.

Of course, how many of us have let a fart rip right at orgasm?