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Well, the cat's out of the bag - Jobs has confirmed in his WWDC keynote speech that the first Intel-based Mac will be shipping next June, with the lineup transitioned by June 2007. The demos on stage have been on OS X running on a 3.6GHz P4.

And 10.5 will be known as "Leopard".
It's a lovely OS. ^_^ Very low irritation factor indeed - it was company policy back at Trilobyte for everyone to have a NeXT on their desk, even if just for email and faxes, plus others as necessary for development. And FurToonia ran on a NeXTstation Turbo - red_panda.tbyte.com - from about June 1994 to December 1996. ^_^ (With, needless to say, a little red panda plushie sat atop the monitor)

OS X can be thought of as an updated NextStep (now forming the Cocoa API), plus an updated, de-crufted set of APIs from old Mac OS in the form of Carbon. At the heart, as with NextStep/OpenStep, is a Mach microkernel with a FreeBSD personality (though the way it's composed makes it more of a monolithic kernel, but without the need to compile extensions into it), with all of FreeBSD too. The display model's Quartz, with a lot owed to PDF internally, with a fairly transparent X11 interface available as an optional install. Full international support, including all fonts, are supplied, as are the (rather nice) developer tools, for Cocoa, Carbon, and Java work, with Python, Ruby, and Perl supplied as standard.